[mythtv] G400 and TV Out (again)

Russell Hatch mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 10:46:22 -0500

Ray, just as a clarification, did you actually get MythTV running under the
fbdev setup with the mirroring using matroxset?  It would seem to me that
this will not work since myth requires xv, right?  i have a Millenium G400
DH and i managed to clone the monitor using the matrox drivers and
powerdesk, but as i said before, you still cant get video on the tv due to
it being unable to scale the image.  It seems like there are a couple ways
to actually mirror the image and get the desktop on the tv, but i dont think
ive seen one person yet say that they actually managed to get myth fulling
working with the tv out.


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> On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 03:26:20PM -0700, Bernard Johnson wrote:
> > I'm curious... are you guys talking about the Millenium G400 or the
> > G400-TV?  I'm assuming the  Millenium?  I have a Marvel G400-TV and it
> > to have similar problems.
> The OP has AFAIK a Millenium G400 DH, I have a Marvel G200TV.
> >
> > I've gotten X working dual head (head 1: 1024x768 w/ Gnome Desktop, head
> > 640x480 attached to 0:.1).  I can play movies using mplayer using :0.1,
> > I get no scaling support or hardware accelaration.
> Since my G200 isn't a DH card my only choices are:
> 1. Pipe everything through the TV
> 2. Mirror the desktop on the TV
> 3. Have my desktop on the monitor but Pipe video through the Maven
> chip via the Zoran (compression) chip but AFAIK that only works for mjpeg
> compressed video and (so far) can't be done while capturing.
> I'm currently doing #2 (with some minor issues with using the correct
> modeline).  Scaling works just the same while mirroring my desktop to the
> as it does when just using my monitor.
> I got it this way by:
> 1.  Reading the heck out of the mjpeg-users mailing list.
> 2.  Compiling Matrox FB support into the kernel.
> 3.  Setting up X to use said FB
> 4.  Using matroxset (part of the mplayer package) to turn on mirroring.
> There are some minor issues and I'm still considering a scan converter
> however it does work and everything I've read suggests that this all works
> better with the G400 series cards.  Certainly almost all of the developers
> working on Matrox FB support seem to have G400 series cards so I'd expect
> them to work better.  None of this makes any use of the Powerdesk utils.
> > At this poing I've pretty much given up on the Marvel to do anything
> > for me (installed a WinTV and bought a VGA->NTSC convertor).
> Have you tried Myth with the hardware mjpeg support and if so what do you
> think of the capture quality compared to your WinTV card?
> >  Although, I
> > would be willing to switch the accel/scaling support to head2 if that is
> > possible.  I haven't made any attempts to use the framebuffer directly
> > video (although I understand *that* is well supported), because if I
> > display myth to the 2nd head, it's not very useful for me.
> I may be misunderstanding something but I think you'd have to have your TV
> hooked to head 1 to get accel support on it.
> --
> Ray
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