[mythtv] G400-TV questions

Erik Arendse mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 12:02:53 +0100

Hi All,

Am I too simple, or are the following thoughts valid:

1) If I have a G400, I want to grab maximum quality, which means resolution 
equal to TV standard used.

2) If I put my TV-out on the same resolution as the TV standard used no 
scaling is needed.

3) If I decode a recorder G400-grab and put it on the screen WITHOUT 
RESIZING (I'm not talking xv here, just a hypothetical put) then the 
resolution will be by definition OK for the TV

4) So if I want a standalone box which is only grabbing full resolution 
interlaced TV and senting out full resolution interlaced TV there is no 
need for any scaling.

5) Ergo a G400-TV should be sufficient, if I replace the XV output with a 
optimized 1:1 put.

Another question: Why the YUV<-->RGB problems, can't I just grab the 
configuration in the format I need for putting it on the output device?

Enlighten me....