[mythtv] G400 and TV Out (again)

Shawn Pearce mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 3 Dec 2002 16:28:57 -0500

Ray <maillists@sonictech.net> wrote:
> With all due respect to Shawn, all other Matrox G-Series cards have xv
> support working just fine and I don't see why Matrox would make serious
> (read expensive) changes in the the dual head model.  AFIK the only
> limitation is that you don't get acceleration on the second head but since
> you are using mirroring I'm surprised this a problem.  If nothing else you
> should at least try the Matrox framebuffer drivers and use matroxset (from
> the mplayer source) to set up mirroring and see what happens.
> Bottom line is that I could be wrong since I don't have this model but I
> wouldn't give up so easily.

My understanding was that the mirroring with the G400 was being done
before the YUV->RGB overlay takes place for xv.  Consequently, the
xv overlay is not available on the second head.  Also, I bring up
again that I'd read (mind read, don't know for fact) that the G400
uses the same chip for both YUV->RGB overlay on the primary display
and the RGB->YUV output of the TVOut on the secondary display, and
the chip can't do two things at once.

Perhaps I'm wrong.  Would be good news, but I never got this working
before in X.

I did however have mplayer working with the matrox framebuffer driver
and is internal vidix drivers (well, the predecessor to vidix anyway)
on TV out with hardware accelerated video playback.  But this is
framebuffer / vidix voodoo, not something high level like Xv that
Myth is going to use easily.

The vidix stuff is pretty clear in mplayer.  I was able to easily
rip it out and put it into the original NuppleVideo player rather
than Xv.  The only issue is that Myth uses Qt for everything...

perhaps it may be possible to run X on the framebuffer, with
the matrox framebuffer enabled for TVOut, and to use vidix for
the playback (rather than Xv), but draw Qt through X through
the FB X server...