[mythtv] TiVo Series2

Brent Borghese mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 05:37:22 GMT

> On Monday 02 December 2002 05:23 pm, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
> > Sounds familiar, eh?
> >
> > TiVo 2.0 = MythTv 0.7  :)
> It's actually TiVo 2.5 = MythTV 0.7.  There's no word on when the 2.5 
> will be released (it may be just a "pre-holiday" sales pitch).  Most 
> it will use the USB ports in some manner.  It wouldn't surprise me if it
> requires a special USB/Ethernet - as opposed to an off-the-shelf unit
> (D-Link, Linksys, etc.).  USB/Wireless Ethernet is probably asking for 

I have a Tivo's Series 2, and have a 3Com USB Ethernet card I got for 
$10, and now I can down load my guide data over my cable modem.

I have most of my MythTV box working and the one big difference is the 
way the ir remote works.

On Tivo you can do almost every thing with just 4 buttons, left, right, 
up and down.  That would include watching live tv, playing recorded 
programs, changing options, etc...

Also, one thing that myth tv needs to do always record live tv, if it is 
not recording a program.   This will let you watch a show, pause it, go 
set a different program to be recorded at another time and then go back 
to your live tv with out missing anything.


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