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#13121: Sat>IP client support
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Comment (by jksj461):

 Apologies I had not noticed that you had already posted on the benefits of
 increasing the UDP buffering. Having increased the buffering and taken
 f0c708a89a3b762fa3ccbe3d8ccede7745000649 the system is performing well.
 There was a bad patch yesterday when :-

 continuity_error_count="4409" packet_count="21125940"

 This bad patch occurred in the last 5 minutes of the recording on BBC One
 HD - in the overrun time (in the 5 mins after the recording was scheduled
 to finish). It occurs to me that this was because 'schedule as group' is
 the default settings in mythtv-setup. So a new recording had been started
 in parallel on that tuner while the old one was completing its overun

 I have now removed schedule as group from all the capture card inputs
 which I think will improve stability.

 According to the 'monitor' page of the Digibit, normal HD channels show
 average rates up to 10000Kbits average. However I am now running

 SatIPSH[6](uuid:3eec0475-c365-44e7-bf7c-6d53b0daf8e4:DVBS2:1): Tune

 is showing 50000Kbits average. The BBC One / Two HD mux seems to go
 straight to 50k independently of how many channels are being viewed.

 I have now ditched my USB tuner and am using 3 inputs from the Digibox and
 it is working great including EPG many thanks.

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