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#13121: Sat>IP client support
 Reporter:  cg@…                |          Owner:  Klaas de Waal
     Type:  Patch - Feature     |         Status:  assigned
 Priority:  minor               |      Milestone:  32.0
Component:  MythTV - Recording  |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  low                 |     Resolution:
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Comment (by jksj461):

 Testing with a Digibit R1- produces good results with 2 active inputs. Log
 shows good quality recordings with some but low  packet loss
 tv_rec.cpp:825 (FinishedRecording) TVRec[3]:
 FinishedRecording(65791_2020-11-21T00:05:00Z) good recq:<RecordingQuality
 overall_score="1" key="65791_2020-11-21T00:05:00Z"
 continuity_error_count="10" packet_count="19911688" />
 I use a remote frontend so the network may be busy occasionally.
 If I up the number of inputs in use to 3 and add EPG, noticeable glitches
 appear on the display about every 10 mins.
 My question is have you tested using the standard firmware in the Digibit
 box :-
 Firmware Version V1.25.0.157 (30-03-2016 17:48)
 or are you using [https://github.com/perexg/satip-axe].

 I note that satip-axe is an implementation of minisatip which supports TCP
 If I switch to this firmware would the mythtv client work with TCP streams
 and do you think it would be a sensible solution.

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