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#13472: Channel Scan improvements
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Comment (by Klaas de Waal <kdewaal@…>):

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             Duplicate channel number

 In a channel scan, channels with duplicate channel numbers now
 get a suffix A, B etc to make them unique.
 In DVB the broadcasters can define logical channel numbers;
 this are usuallly numbers from 1 upwards.
 In ATSC a channel number can be a major/minor number, e.g. 7_2.
 An ATSC channel number can also be defined by the broadcaster
 as a single number from 1 upwards, similar to DVB.
 If there is nothing defined then the service ID of the channel
 is used as channel number. A service ID is generally unique
 within a network but especially on satellites it can happen that
 thereare different channels with the same service id.
 When receiving OTA signals via aerials/antenna's it can happen
 that the same multiplex is received from different transmitters.
 This will also lead to duplicate channel numbers.
 It is now easier to recognize duplicate channels because they
 are shown next to each other in the program guide and in
 the mythtv-setup channel editor.

 Refs #13472

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