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#13371: HDHomeRun DVB-C device seen as DVB-T
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 The HDHomeRun HDHR3-4DC DVB-C network tuner is seen by MythTV as a DVB-T
 This can be verified with a channel scan in mythtv-setup and selecting a
 "Full Scan (Tuned)"; it is then possible to fill in all the DVB-T tuning
 parameters instead of those for DVB-C.\\

 The following code in cardutil.cpp is where it starts:
 bool CardUtil::HDHRdoesDVB(const QString &device)
     (void) device;

     hdhomerun_device_t  *hdhr;
     hdhr = hdhomerun_device_create_from_str(device.toLatin1(), nullptr);
     if (!hdhr)
         return false;

     const char *model = hdhomerun_device_get_model_str(hdhr);
     if (model && strstr(model, "dvb"))
         return true;


     return false;
 What happens here is that the firmware identification string is searched
 for the presence of "dvb" in the string. This is the case for the
 HDHR3-4DC with firmware "hdhomerun3_dvbc".\\

 In scanwizardconfig.cpp, where HDHRDoesDVB() is called, it is then decided
 that this is a DVB-T device:
         case CardUtil::HDHOMERUN:
             if (CardUtil::HDHRdoesDVB(CardUtil::GetVideoDevice(cardid)))
                 addSelection(tr("Full Scan"),
                              QString::number(FullScan_DVBT), true);
                 addSelection(tr("Full Scan (Tuned)"),


 Amazingly, the HDHR device does work most of the time because mythtv-setup
 generates tuning commands of the form "auto:<frequency", e.g.
 "auto:474000000", and this works often but not always.
 With experimenting I found that the HDHR has a parameter
 /sys/dvbc_modulation which contains the tuning parameters that it tries
 when it gets the "auto:<frequency>: command.\\
 If parameter /sys/dvbc_modulation does contain the correct modulation
 parameters then all works OK but otherwise tuning fails.
 The value can be read and written with the hdhomerun_config utility which
 can be downloaded from silicondust.com\\
 On my system it looks like this:
 [klaas at modu ~]$ hdhomerun_config 1410F45C get /sys/dvbc_modulation
 a8qam64-6875 a8qam256-6900
 [klaas at modu ~]$

 I have described this in more detail in a comment in ticket #12792.\\

 However, it would be much better if MythTV always works without other
 support applications and for this it needs to generate explicit tuning
 parameters such as "a8qam256-6900".
 The code for this is already present in hdhrchannel.cpp:

 static QString format_dvbc(const DTVMultiplex &tuning, const QString &mod)
     const QChar b = tuning.bandwidth.toChar();

     if ((QChar('a') == b) || (mod == "auto"))
         return "auto"; // uses bandwidth from channel map
     else if ((QChar('a') != b) && (tuning.symbolrate > 0))
         return QString("a%1%2-%3")

     return QString("auto%1c").arg(b);

 I have verified with a quick hack that if this routine generates a string
 with bandwidth/modulation/symbolrate such as "a8qam256-9600" that tuning
 does work correct.\\

 A complete solution consists of the following parts:\\
 (1) change tuner type to DVB-C for the HDHR DVB-C devices\\
 (2) add selection item for channel bandwidth (auto, 8, 7, 6 MHz)\\
 (3) store the bandwidth value in the database tables dtv_multiplex and
 There is no database schema change needed; there is already a "bandwidth"
 field which is currently always 'a'.\\

 The code for this is currently somewhere halfway.

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