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Sun Feb 3 21:34:50 UTC 2019

#13394: Show only transports in SCANNING page
     Reporter:  Klaas de Waal     |      Owner:  (none)
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 In mythtv-setup the scanning status progress is displayed in the SCANNING
 page. This shows the number of "probable channels" for each transport plus
 a separate entry for each program that is encrypted.\\

 My problem is that the program information pushes the previous information
 out of the visible window. When doing e.g. a scan of all transports I
 prefer to have a view of only the transports.

 There is already a menu option "Test Decryptability" to test if encrypted
 channels can be decrypted.\\
 This menu option can be used to control the display output; if "Test
 Decryptability" is selected then the individual program encryption
 information is displayed; if not, then only the transport information is

 The attached patch does implement this.

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