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Tue Oct 31 18:08:11 UTC 2017

#13162: mythfrontend does not start when Retry used
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 I have  test system where the backend takes a long time to start due to
 many tuners (PCie and network). mythfrontend is set to autostart when
 machine boots. MythTV Startup Status screen is displayed and displays
 Unable to connect to master backend. This is expected as I have not
 changed any defaults. When I click Retry it fails again, this is not
 expected. Looking at the mythfrontend log, the first attempt after boot
 has BE and DB values for the connection test. After Retry the values of BE
 and DB have gone - looks like they are not being reloaded or get cleared.
 If I click Search backend is found via upnp and frontend start correctly.

 I have attached both frontend and backend logs.

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