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#13114: Import Recorder Fix
 Reporter:  devmonkey@…         |          Owner:  pbennett
     Type:  Patch - Bug Fix     |         Status:  accepted
 Priority:  minor               |      Milestone:  30.0
Component:  MythTV - Recording  |        Version:  0.28.1
 Severity:  medium              |     Resolution:
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Comment (by devmonkey@…):

 I've created a test event script that can also serve as the starting point
 for a custom import script. There is also a 2nd script 'mythtv_import.sh'
 that has samples for both a realtime import and link creation script as
 potential replacements for the existing functionality in the dummy test
 recorder and import test recorder. This script is an analogy for the
 script or app that interfaces with the actual recorder hardware (I'm sure
 you could also use one of the zap programs to capture from one of your
 existing tuners as well). You will need to fill in a couple of blanks to
 use these scripts such as file paths etc. The event script contains a
 sample of the parameters that I use so you should be able to copy them
 into the recording started system event via the setup program.

 I'm not sure why you are not able to a non existent filename are you using
 v28 or trying this in master. Just wondering if a validation check could
 have been introduced (there may be a warning but you can ignore it). If
 there is a check then at least for testing right now you can bypass this
 by updating the database directly. The filename is stored as the
 videodevice of the card in the capturecard table. I would propose to do it
 this way as if you are happy that the sample scripts could be used to
 replace the existing functionality of link generation and the dummy
 recorder then I could look at removing that functionality in master and
 adding a message to refer to the wiki instead for updated instructions.

 Please let me know if any extra details are required.

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