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Fri Oct 20 19:12:38 UTC 2017

#13135: Previously recorded list
 Reporter:  pbennett          |          Owner:  pbennett
     Type:  Developer Task    |         Status:  accepted
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Comment (by J.Pilk@…):

 I have this running in f25.  It feels initially strange that 'select'
 (space bar) has no effect when a month or title is highlighted, needing a
 L/R arrow instead, but it works.

 More worryingly, I saw no guide data, although 'Watch this channel'
 worked. It's there now, after what seemed longer than usual and a few
 kicks.  I guess it could just have expired.

 After that fright I'll build again for el7.  Database digging shows three
 sequences of 'recordid' in
 the unsupportedly-merged oldrecorded table; the first two cannot mean
 anything now, but I still want their title and related fields.

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