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#13135: Previously recorded list
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Comment (by pbennett):

 Replying to [comment:17 J.Pilk@…]:
 > Continuing  from [comment:15 J.Pilk@…]:
 > > I suppose I use it most often indirectly, from the guide > E >
 Schedule Info > Previously recorded, where quite often the final item
 would be apparently unrelated, and often before 2012.  I haven't yet seen
 that in the new version.
 > If a new programme in the guide is marked to record, an apparently
 unconnected old recording is often returned - although all I have seen at
 present are dated 6 Apr 2012, and are listed there in a search-by-date.
 Else nothing is returned, as expected.
 > As always, this might be an artefact from a merge of oldrecorded from
 two boxes in Aug 2014.  The DB starts in Jan 2005
 Each recording rule has a sequence number. The search from the Schedule
 matches on number or title. If something caused new recording rules to
 take the numbers from prior recording rules, you could see unrelated
 recordings showing up. Probably your two boxes had overlapping sequences
 of recording rules.

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