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#13135: Previously recorded list
 Reporter:  pbennett          |          Owner:  pbennett
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Comment (by jpoet):


 This looks pretty good.

 I would request that the textarea "title" be changed to "buttontext" in
 the "titles" buttonlist.  With that change, I could directly inherit the
 "groups" buttonlist defined for the Watch Recording screen.  With it the
 way it currently is, I will have to do:
        <buttonlist name="titles" from="groupsList">
             <statetype name="buttonitem">
                 <state name="inactive">
                     <textarea name="title" from="buttontext"/>
                 <state name="active" from="inactive" />
                 <state name="selectedinactive">
                     <textarea name="title" from="buttontext"/>
                 <state name="selectedactive">
                     <textarea name="title" from="buttontext"/>
 which is okay, but if that was changed, I could simply do:
        <buttonlist name="titles" from="groupsList" />

 I see an error when I enter that window:
 Container '' is missing child 'search' at
 I don't see that defined in your default window.  Can you provide an
 example of what you expect that element to look like?

 It looks like "reverse" sorting is still supported.  In the old window,
 there was "curview" textarea used to let the user know how the items were
 being sorted.  Is there something similar with the new window?



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