[mythtv-commits] Ticket #13137: Frontend looping on exit in certain circumstances

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Sat Oct 7 15:58:12 UTC 2017

#13137: Frontend looping on exit in certain circumstances
 Reporter:  pbennett          |          Owner:  pbennett
     Type:  Patch - Bug Fix   |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  minor             |      Milestone:  29.1
Component:  MythTV - General  |        Version:  v29.0
 Severity:  medium            |     Resolution:  fixed
 Keywords:                    |  Ticket locked:  0

Comment (by Peter Bennett <pbennett@…>):

 In [changeset:"70885dd5a5e84155f69477c80af596e73aa4a5f4/mythtv"]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="mythtv"
 Fixes #13137 - Frontend looping on exit.

 If database is up and backend is down the frontend could loop endlessly
 after exiting from the startup GUI page. This fixes that.

 (cherry picked from commit 0415bd07d9f47b6caa1212112783f9f38c6aaf88)

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