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Mon Oct 2 13:54:49 UTC 2017

#13139: hdhomerun second tuner not configured correctly in 0.29
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 I'm running mythtv backend 29.0+fixes.20170929 from the mythbuntu repo on
 ubuntu 16.04

 Trying to configure an HDHomerun Extend in mythtv-setup.  I can add the
 first tuner without problem using either [deviceID]-0 or [IPaddress]-0.
 The string is parsed correctly and the setup page shows the correct IP and
 tuner number 0.

 When I try to add the second tuner, using either [deviceID]-1 or
 [IPaddress]-1, the setup page initially displays the correct IP and tuner
 number 1.  However, when I save the capture card, then re-edit that card,
 the tuner number has changed to 0 (the IP address is still correct).  In
 MythWeb, only the first encoder is shown or used, I'm guessing that's
 because there's a conflict with both cards having the same address and
 tuner number?

 Both capture cards are in the DB and both rows seem to have correct info
 with different cardid, videodevice, and displayname fields.  I don't see a
 tuner number field, so I assume it is being parsed from the '-#' part of
 videodevice, but that is failing at some point.

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