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Fri Feb 3 16:24:14 UTC 2017

#12974: Auto expire has race condition
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     Type:  Bug Report - General  |         Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                 |      Milestone:  29.0
Component:  MythTV - General      |        Version:  0.28.0
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Comment (by mdean):

 My primary concern with 4/5 is the principle of least surprise.  If a user
 sits down and starts watching a show as it's being deleted, they may be
 upset.  Then again, after a quick look in autoexpire.cpp, it seems that we
 don't take into account whether a show is being watched when deciding what
 to expire (please correct me if I'm wrong), so it's not much different
 from someone starting to watch the show and the expirer deciding to remove
 it shortly thereafter.  So maybe that's a task for the future, and might
 as well be ignored for this issue.

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