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Tue Dec 19 00:49:45 UTC 2017

#13186: Replace deprecated ffmpeg functions
 Reporter:  pbennett          |          Owner:  pbennett
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Comment (by pbennett):

 Patch 011 - ffmpeg deprecated AVCodecContext option fields

 Various options that are included as fields in AVCodecContext are
 deprecated and must now be set using av_dict_set or av_opt_set.

 One option "rc_buffer_aggressivity’ is now listed in the documentation as
 "currently useless" so I removed it.

 Also fixes 2 missed ‘AVStream::codec’ and one missed 'avpicture_get_size'
 that should have been done in prior commits.

 The only remaining deprecated ffmpeg things are:
 * avcodec_encode_video2 - repleacement was not working so this was
 * AVStream::codec used in one place by MythTV customized ffmpeg code for
 * One occurrence of av_picture_pad, which is deprecated and there is no
 replacement that I can find, mainly because I do not know what it does -
 the old documentation on it is gone and all it says is "deprecated".
 * a set of bitstream_filter functions used by crystalhd. It is not clear
 what the replacement is, and I have no way of testing crystal hd.

 Everything appears to be working as before, including some basic testing
 of transcode.

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