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Thu Dec 14 17:31:06 UTC 2017

#13186: Replace deprecated ffmpeg functions
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Comment (by J.Pilk@…):

 Hi Stuart:  I know this isn't the dev list, but bear with me.

 I've been using my variant of the rpmfusion specfile to build with mock in
 f26 from a codeload .tar.gz

 I'm currently running 30pre341 in f26 and SL7.

 The 5 patches first caused a failure in the "g++ libmythgallery.so ..."
 stage, and since then I've been trying to avoid first building individual
 plugins, and then all of them.  This is probably unusual.  I commented out
 the only mention of mythwikiscripts and now it's failing to find things in

 I haven't yet looked to see how this latest problem might have arisen, but
 I think it's now in packaging from the partial build, which I wouldn't
 normally do.

 The initial failure log just gave all the g++ options for
 libmythgallery.so and said 'bad exit from (some build file in tmp)'

 A build cycle takes around an hour.  At this stage trying to speed that up
 would probably make things worse.

 I could repeat the first run and post more details if you like, or I can
 just await developments.
 I hoped to see what impact there was on DVD navigation.

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