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#12696: Fails to compile mythzoneminder when mysql-5.7 is used
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 Ubuntu is introducing mysql 5.-7 into the 16.04 archive shortly:

 Unfortunately mythtv doesn't compile against it properly.
 The configure check for mysql/mysql.h under mythplugins fails when
 compiling against mysql-5.7.

 This happens because <mysql/mysql.h> includes "mysql/client_plugin.h".
 mysql/mysql/client_plugin.h includes <mysql/plugin_auth_common.h>.  The
 actual location of plugin_auth_common.h is
 /usr/include/mysql/mysql/auth_plugin_common.h.  Of course this isn't part
 of the default search path so it leads to a failure.

 This is the most obvious failure that affects MythTV.
 There are all sorts of instances that they're expecting /usr/include/mysql
 to be on the search path in the headers.

 This can be fixed by adding a -I/usr/include/mysql to the header check and
 to the mythzmserver search path for includes.

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