[mythtv-commits] packaging annotated tag v0.28-rc1 created by stuarta. v0.28-rc1

Git Repo Owner noreply at mythtv.org
Mon Mar 21 16:14:19 UTC 2016

The annotated tag, v0.28-rc1 has been created on the
packaging repository by gitolite user stuarta.
        at  b9acb1afc23c23af11d68d9dde409f1cb53ad797 (tag)
   tagging  3047b65b857a207f994eebab9f9f4911332f2657 (commit)
  replaces  v0.28pre
 tagged by  Stuart Auchterlonie
        on  Mon Mar 21 16:13:58 2016 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.28-rc1

Andres Mejia (4):
      Update changelog.
      Use a variable to set if a release type build should be used.
      Clean the binaries created in mythtv/external/FFmpeg directory.
      Include Galleria javascript license information in copyright file and don't install license.

Iain Lane (2):
      Create a writable home directory for use during the build - ccache requires this
      mytharchive doesn't use ffmpeg directly; remove the dependency

Jean-Yves Avenard (6):
      Add exiv2 dependency
      Add config to build fixes/0.27 branch
      Generate applications with working python bindings
      Fix issues with XCode 5.1
      Add debugging development method
      Add support to build 0.28 and bundle with Qt 5.5.1

Karl Dietz (14):
      deb: add "replaces 0.27" to simplify updates
      deb: add mythfilerecorder to the backend package
      fix typo in log message
      Merge commit 'a03c116d2888085853bc61e5f'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'tgm4883/master'
      deb: also allow virtual-mysql-server
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tgm4883/packaging
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tgm4883/packaging
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tgm4883/packaging
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tgm4883/packaging
      deb: Build-depend on git to generate version string
      deb: unbreak MythWeb's channel editor with newer versions of PHP
      deb: themes are not packaged anymore, so don't package symlinks for fonts
      deb: move dependency on pciutils to common and add usbutils

MarcT (6):
      clean up obsolete files
      fix mythtv-bindings install failure when using php
      fix mythtv-bindings Manifest
      Fix miro ebuild. EAPI must be before line 5 and disutils requires EAPI of 3 or higher.
      Update all Manifests to account for gentoo-dev-announce http://archives.gentoo.org/gentoo-dev-announce/msg_00000.xml
      Switch mythtv-bindings inherit from qt4 to qt4-r2 due to deprecation.

Mario Limonciello (61):
      deb: fixate on mythtv.make for building exclusions list
      make build-debs.sh more debian friendly
      deb: move all the install functions for debian or ubuntu dependencies into their own function
      deb: remove unnecessary build dependency on python-central
      deb: update to standards version 3.9.4
      deb: add a watch file with comments on why a watch file won't work
      deb: add DEP-3 headers to all patches
      deb: drop build-depends on texi2html, unnecessary and supserseded
      deb: set debhelper compat to 9
      deb: add lintian override for unused zeromq autotools that are out-dated
      deb: fix validation on .desktop files
      deb: remove very old templates that were asking about server host and port
      deb: clean up some verbage in the control file to make lintian happier
      deb: enable hardening https://wiki.debian.org/Hardening
      deb: add more files to the clean list to allow successive builds in same tree
      deb: remove mythtv-frontend.templates
      deb: update mythplugins description to make lintian happier
      deb: solve some more control.in complaints from lintian about descriptions
      deb: make sure that all .git directories and extra LICENSE files can't get included in builds
      deb: add a lintian override for the long mythtv-transcode-utils package name, won't be placed on CD's ever
      deb: fully remove references to mythtv-frontend templates
      deb: clean up mythff* binaries after builds too
      deb: clean TMPMAK between builds too
      deb: try to harden by directly forcing cflags on configure
      deb: include dependencies for scriptaculous and prototype.js instead of the built in libraries from mythweb
      deb: remove unnecessary mythtv-frontend.config now that templates are gone
      deb: depend on tex-gyre fonts package rather than including that specific font
      deb: add a lintian override for mythtv-backend conffile confusion wrg to upstart
      deb: use dh_python2 to make sure python package is properly handled
      rename lintian overrides file so it works
      deb: move libmyth*.so symlinks into the -dev package.  leave the versioned libraries in the libmyth- package though
      deb: put mythplugins in section metapackages
      deb: pass LDFLAGS to qmake during configure
      deb: add a lintian override for mythweb
      deb: add lintian overrides for embedded libraries.
      deb: use the system jquery.min.js
      merge amejia's branch
      deb: generate manpages during build
      deb: add a build-dependency of python for dh_python2
      deb: clean up man files on clean step
      deb: re-enable the LDFLAGS strip for binutils link problem.  seems to still happen in ubuntu builds even though it doesn't happen in debian.
      deb: Generate "updated" manpages during build but don't clean.
      deb: filter oauth_api.py from adding executable bit to keep lintian happy.
      deb: add support to build arbitrary branches
      deb: b-d on dh-python to fix trusty FTBFS
      deb: drop all references to htaccess, should have been long gone
      deb: update mythweb conf for document root changes in 13.10+ (LP: #1300404)
      deb: fix indentation
      deb: In the code set the default theme to Mythbuntu to avoid needing an initial SQL database
      debian/mythtv-backend.if-up.d: Use invoke-rc.d instead of stop/start to
      If dch variables aren't set, set them to avoid build problems
      Check for remote branches too
      fix invocation of switching branches
      Make it clear that can be used for both Debian and Ubuntu
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'github-simon/master'
      deb: Udisks isn't strictly required, move it to Recommends
      deb: resolve libvdpau-dev on all archs
      add avoid_bswap_conflict patch from ubuntu
      deb: depends on fonts-droid-fallback
      deb: fix building with systemd
      deb: ignore .github directory that is throwing off builds

Mark Spieth (17):
      first cut at build scripts for android
      Added user setup to readme
      Set theme to a usable one for setup screens
      remove digivation from android env source script
      Added gesture usage details
      Update to use gesture-keypress translation which works better
      4x3 not 3x3 any more
      add some markdown formatting
      more markdown formatting
      more markdown formatting
      more markdown formatting
      Updated Readme.md with new gesture map
      Show legacy tablet menu
      Options for default build with neon in arm
      Support NEON flags for building with options
      ScreenSaver Support in java to keep screen on during video playback
      Use the correct qt path for webkit build

Richard (1):
      Fixes version reported by "mythfrontend --version" in 0.27.

Simon Iremonger (9):
      Remaining fixes for source-package Debian compatibility.
      Fix dependiences, libdvb is long-since no-longer used by MythTV.
      Fix mysql.d config entry, allow IPv6 connections to backend mysql server.
      Dummy changelog.in entry required to build installable fixes/0.27
      Dummy changelog.in entry required to build installable fixes/0.27 manually-built images for now.
      Dummy changelog.in entry required to build installable fixes/0.27 manually-built images for now.
      preinst/postinst fixes to work along with existing commit #11f842510a1473f50cb9eb955a92a0a69e45ace8
      Minor wording fixes etc. -- update to support IPv6 connections to mysql without errors on update-package case.
      Correct sysvinit script, wait for backend to close, fixes race conditions.

Stuart Auchterlonie (6):
      Revert commit marking the project dead
      Move smolt content to subdirectory
      Change to our new upstream url
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/mspieth/packaging into mspieth-master
      Merge branch 'mspieth-master'
      Merge pull request #33 from MarcT/master

Thomas Mashos (44):
      Fixed packaging issue with mythweb during removal (LP: #1310344)
      Fix installing mythweb to html dir on older releases (LP #1309813)
      Create the html dir on raring if it doesn't exist
      Compare releases on the same line if they do the same thing
      Enable cgi apache mod for mythweb
      Remove custom DB
      Don't install the SQL file I removed in the last commit
      Adding missingok to frontend and transcoding logrotate configs
      Move translation files to common from frontend package
      Move backend HTML stuff to -common
      master packaging should break/replace master packages, not 0.27
      Depend on pmount. Fixes https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/1069823
      mythtv-common should depend on pwgen. Fixes (LP: 1389741)
      Mythtv-frontend should depend on udisks. Fixes (LP: 1375034)
      Depend on virtual-mysql-client or mysql-client
      Depend on virtual-mysql-client or mysql-client
      Add systemd service file
      Fixed patch in master
      Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/tgm4883/packaging
      Actually fix the master default theme patch
      Updated master to pull in qt5 stuff instead of qt4 stuff
      Fix typo in qt5 dependency
      Fix typo in qt5 dependency
      Added qtscript5-dev as a depends
      Add build-dep qt5-qmake
      Add mysql 5.6 as optional dependencies
      Add more build instructions
      Move vdpau config option to all architectures
      deb: added new recommends for mythnetvision
      deb: Added some RPI2 build dependencies and compile options
      deb: Update systemd service to launch as mythtv user and not log to stdout
      Add support for mariadb to dependencies
      Update rules search path for ARM rpi2 stuff
      Apply mythtv-setup patch for calling mythfilldatabase with specified args https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/1099149
      Add libxml-simple-perl to mythtv-backend dependencies as needed by mythtv-setup.sh script
      Start mythtv-backend at boot
      Add more armhf build search locations for configure
      Update packaging for 16.04
      Don't create a file if it already exists
      Fix linking mythtv.cnf and systemd startup file
      DEB: Fix logic errors behind checking new mythtv.cnf location
      DEB: Remove reference to nm-online in backend startup job
      DEB: export QT version explicitly
      DEB: Add pciutils dependency to mythtv-frontend



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