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Mon Mar 21 14:27:57 UTC 2016

The annotated tag, v0.28-rc1 has been created on the
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  replaces  v0.28-pre
 tagged by  Stuart Auchterlonie
        on  Mon Mar 21 14:28:07 2016 +0000

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagging release 0.28-rc1

Adam Lewandowski (1):
      Add support for using episode, season, and internet reference number when formatting program name

Adam Williamson (1):
      firewirerecorder: use DTVRecorder for TS processing (fixes MPEG-4)

Alexander Strasser (1):
      configure: Special case libfreetype test

Amar Takhar (2):
      Fixes for FreeBSD 10.0 + clang
      Correct mispelling in cache_file.py

Andreas Cadhalpun (4):
      Improve the detection of architecture x86.
      Correct the FSF address for two avisynth files to '51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA'
      Fix spelling errors in texi files: accomodate -> accommodate allows to -> allows one to choosen -> chosen compability -> compatibility explictly -> explicitly overriden -> overridden specifed -> specified Trasmission -> Transmission
      Fix spelling error 'Inconsistant -> Inconsistent'

Andreas Mayer (1):
      MythMusic: fix mixed up smart playlist "starts with" and "ends with" criteria

Angela Schmid (5):
      Always show programs that are still recording in ViewScheduled.
      Add additional european short date formats
      In the playbackbox, allow jumping to an episode's display group.
      Allow toggling between "List Recorded Episodes" and "List All Recordings".
      MythGallery: Orientate thumbnail from EXIF

Anton Khirnov (2):
      pthread_frame: flush all threads on flush, not just the first one
      avconv: make -shortest work with streamcopy

Antonio Marcos Lopez Alonso (6):
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythGame, MythWeather
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend and MythMusic translation
      Updated Spanish MythFrontend, MythMusic and MythZoneMinder translation
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend, MythMusic and MythBrowser translation
      Updated Spanish/Spain MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythMusic and
      Updated Spanish/Spain translation from Antonio Marcos Lopez Alonso

Ben Klopfenstein (1):
      fix as in trac #12458

Bill Meek (14):
      mythfilldatabase: remove Schedules Direct userid from temporary file names
      Prevent --syslog, --logpath and --enable-dblog if --nologserver is used
      Fixes #12418. Include unistd.h so usleep() can be found. Thanks to Bill Meek for the patch
      Services API: Fix negative StartIndex values causing segfaults
      Fix typo: sing -> using
      Services API: New endpoint; Myth/GetBackendInfo
      Services API: Let Dvr/GetTitleInfoList return empty inetrefs
      Services API: new endpoint; Frontend/SendKey
      Logging: Rename --nologserver, prevent invalid options
      Services API: Let GetSetting return Keys with NULL hostnames
      Services API: Fix Count & StartIndex for GetChannelInfoList
      Add new LoadFromProgram method to reduce the likelihood of DB Errors.
      Fix 5df2014 DB update. Update Perl/Python bindings with new DBSchemaVer
      Services API: Prevent GetTitleInfoList from returning LiveTV recordings

Bradley Baetz (2):
      libCEC interface should use callbacks rather than polling
      Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE.

Bryan ? (1):
      Fix compilation optimisations

Carl Eugen Hoyos (12):
      Avoid a deadlock when decoding wma.
      Read h264 headers from v4l2 to allow stream-copying.
      Store the video bit_rate in the context when muxing mxf.
      Use rc_max_rate if no video bit_rate was specified when muxing mxf_d10.
      Use the h264 parser when decoding VSSH in avi.
      Do not set mkv bit_depth to av_get_bytes_per_sample() for G.726.
      Do not read mkv audio bit_depth if bits_per_coded_sample is already set.
      Allow decoding of slightly broken Nikon avi files.
      Do not limit blocksize when reading PCM from aiff.
      avcodec/utvideodec: Increase vlc len
      Show duration for large asf files as written in the file header.
      postproc: fix unaligned access

Chad Parry (3):
      MythGallery: Use a separate thread for recursive directory scans
      MythGallery: Wait for the first images to be loaded and no longer
      MythGallery: Random slideshow with a seasonal theme

Clément Bœsch (6):
      avformat/vobsub: fix seeking.
      avformat/subtitles: check lower bound for duration overlap seeking.
      avformat/srtdec: skip initial random line breaks.
      avformat/subtitles: add a next line jumper and use it.
      avcodec/srtdec: fix potential overread.
      build: avoid stdin stall with GNU AS probing.

Cédric Schieli (4):
      Protect pbs with proper (aka locked) refcounting.
      Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE.
      VAAPI: Don't try to crop frames, they have no real buffer attached.
      Force refresh of xf86VidMode current modeline

Dave Badia (1):
      Trigger system events when devices connect and disconnect to AirPlay and AirTunes

David Blain (89):
      Update Visual Studio Support
      Add missing header file.
      Merge branch 'master' into personal/dblain/msvc
      Clean up MSVC compile issues since last merge from master.
      Merge branch 'master' into personal/dblain/msvc
      Add missing files for taglib
      Added missing file for zlib
      Replace MSVC specific headers with more complete versions
      Update to ignore MSVC & cmake generated files.
      Fix crlf
      Add new taglib .gitignore file
      Fix compile errors due to the merge from master.
      Add support to build FFmpeg using msvc for Windows
      Fix crash in windows on startup
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into personal/dblain/msvc
      Fix for Visual Studio IDE compilation.
      Issue with embedded tabs... Remove them.
      msvc configure & compile changes
      Fix FFmpeg build
      Fix Linux build and add cleaning of vcxproj files.
      Add -force to delete mythtv.suo file.
      Don't error if registry key is not found.
      Fix MinGW detection when installed for Current User only.
      Fix Unauthorized error when running powershell version script
      Display Qt Version and path from Configure.
      Fix script for older version of Powershell.
      Fix issue with Powershell version 2.0
      Add two parameters to configure script.
      Add new -Force switch
      Minor cleanup
      Merge branch 'master' into personal/dblain/msvc
      Fix Qt5 issue with QUrl.
      Fix Qt5 issue
      Make sure nmake error causes build to fail
      Various fixes for windows.
      Add new GetAppBinDir() function to remove hard coding of "bin/" directory
      Directory Changes for WIndows & Fix for CreateProcess
      Remove extra Qt5 header that isn't needed.
      Fix Qt5 issue with QTime().secsTo(...) always returning 0.
      Remove trailing '\' and fix line endings.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into personal/dblain/msvc
      MSVC: Add posix functions for dirent to fix merge issue.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into personal/dblain/msvc
      Remove HAS_DIR condition.
      Add new dependency expat (required by exiv2)
      Add exiv2 dependency source
      Enable building of Exiv2 & its dependencies to configure.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Add condition for exiv2 include if using Microsoft Visual Studio
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Make exiv2 incudepath part of settings.pro
      Qt5 Fixes
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Add missing file (hidden by global .gitignore)
      Don't force FFmpeg rebuilds.
      Add preconverted project file since Express can't convert dsp files.
      Changed -force parameter to cause an 'nmake distclean'
      Remove unnecessary files to solve issue with dpkg-source as discussed on IRC
      Revert Pro file changes made during msvc branch merge.
      Check string length before accesing first character.
      Make Service API parameters case insensitive.
      Adds Server Side Import (include) for scripts.
      Handle multiple spaces between import keyword and filename
      Fix Qt < 5 compile error.
      Fix SOAP Requests - broken since parameters were made case insensitve.
      Fix FFmpeg Build for win32/msvc
      Add missing include.
      Fix msvc minilzo compile error.
      Start of support for Visual Studio 2013
      enable compatibility to Qt4
      Add Q_ENUM support to wsdl/xsd generation.
      Fix taglib header path for msvc.
      Fix local type used as template arg error.
      Add <service>/rtti URI to all services to return Enum information.
      Add missing #include for QStringList
      Allow Enums to be parameters to Service API Methods
      Fix cppcheck performance warnings 36 & 37
      Point msvc 2010 specific path to new location of platorm directory
      More fall-out from the platform directory move.
      Change FFmpeg include directory to point to new platform location
      Change rtti uri into a full Service that is added to each httpserver instance.
      a few updates to gitignore
      Fix exception when pMetaProp is NULL.
      Fix compile using msvc after std namespace changes.
      Add Qt Script Debugger for Windows Builds
      Handle Script Exceptions generated in QObjects
      Add Exception Handling to remaining Scriptable Service classes
      Initial changes to allow Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to build system.
      Add empty file as place holder for include file

David Engel (156):
      Fix the scheduler to better handle waking after sleeping/hibernating.
      Change RI::ForgetHistory() to use dupmethod when available.
      Fix startts copy & paste error in previous ForgetHistory() change.
      Change mythbackend --printsched to require a running, master backend.
      Always use current time when entering EPG from live TV.
      Limit scheduler sleeping when master backend shutdown is enabled.
      Update record.last_record/deleted to UTC.
      Apply preroll on virtual tuners when the same multiplex is in use.
      Remove the use of obsolete settings in RecordingRule.
      Reorganize cache and temporary directories under common parents.
      Relocate another cache directory.
      Set the signal monitor deadline based on the recording end time.
      Revert efea2ba1, signal monitor deadline tweak, if favor of a better,
      Support limited multirec on digital tuners that don't use multiplexes.
      Replaced uses of the TunedInputInfo class with InputInfo.
      Don't unnecessarily retune Ceton and HDHomerun Prime when using
      Try to fix corner cases when stopping in-progress recordings.
      Added recordedid column to recorded table and ProgramInfo class.
      Added an initial ProgramInfo constructor using recordedid.
      Added support for saving the recording input name in the recorded
      Retry to fix corner cases when stopping in-progress recordings.
      Fix a thinko in the 'This time' and 'This day and time' filters.
      Make sure some recording rule failures get reported properly.
      Try to prevent duplicate recording rules from getting created.
      Delete duplicate recording rules before adding unique index.
      Remove the rsOtherShowing/Recording/Tuning recording statuses.
      Add the rsFailing recording status.
      Update the binary API for of the previous recording status changes.
      Fix issue with earlier rsOtherShowing removal.
      Add a virtual GetCurrentProgram() method to ScheduleCommon.
      Change ScheduleCommon::GetCurrentProgram() to const.
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::ShowUpcoming().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::ShowUpcomingScheduled().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::ShowDetails().
      Missed PrgramRecPriority::ShowUpcoming() in earlier changes.
      Change ShowUpcoming() to fall back to ShowUpcomingScheduled().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::EditScheduled().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::Editcustom().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::ShowPrevious().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::QuickRecord().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::EditRecording().
      Remove redundant code dealing with ScheduleCommon::ShowGuide().
      Allow Channel Search to be called from additional places.
      Allow initial ProgLister item to be set by time.
      Add Channel Search to the ProgLister menu.
      Update the binary version after recent changes.
      Fix the theme text when there are no scheduler changes.
      Add a Scheduler::OpenEndType enum.
      Change the scheduler to partly use best-fit based on tuner affinity.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/scheduler
      Some fixes for new tuner affinity scheduling.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/scheduler
      Properly identify channel-specific rules in Recording Rules.
      Fix missed cases in earlier channel-specific rules change.
      Split performActualUpdate() into two parts.
      Temporarily disable editing of cards, inputs and sources.
      Split multi-input cards and renumber inputs to match cards.
      Slightly simplify conflict list calculation in Scheduler.
      Replace uses of cardinput table with capturecard table.
      Update and re-enable editing of capture cards.
      Update and re-enable editing of card inputs.
      Update and re-enable editing of video sources.
      Change the default card Sched/LiveTVOrder to 1.
      Update the ABI version.
      Remove some left over debug code.
      Fix some returns of dummy ProgramInfos.
      Simple fix for no longer valid references to cardinput table.
      Tweak the default card dispalyname.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/scheduler
      Remove the inputid member from ProgramInfo.
      Remove the Get/SetInputID() methods from ProgramInfo.
      Remove the "Show Inputs" feature from ViewScheduled.
      Change StatusBox to report stats for cards instead of inputs.
      Check the title instead of cardid when a slave backend connects.
      Rename ProgramInfo::Get/SetCardID() to Get/SetInputID().
      Change ViewScheduled to use inputs instead of cards.
      Update the ABI version.
      Merge branch 'devel/scheduler'
      Fix some SetCardID()s that somehow eluded me before.
      Add a parentid column to the capturecard table.
      Fix issue with max recordings for Ceton cards.
      Remove and unused variable in CardInputEditor::Load().
      Fix trailing whitespace in previous commit.
      Bump ABI version for MythDownloadMangager changes.
      Allow some record table columns to be NULL.
      Start of card/input related API cleanup.
      Remove superfluous CardUtil::GetCardID().
      Remove superfluous CardUtil::GetInputIDs().
      Remove obsolete and unused CardUtil::GetSharedInputGroups().
      Remove superfluous CardUtil::GetInputID().
      Remove superfluous CardUtil::DeleteOrphanInputs().
      Remove redundant and unused CardUtil::SetInputValue().
      Rename CardUtil::GetCardInputs() to GetDeviceInputNames().
      Fixup CardUtil::get/set_on_card/input().
      Fixup CardUtil::GetConflictingCards() API.
      Change many CardUtil methods and users to use input instead of card.
      Remove redundant CardUtil::set_on_source().
      Missed a couple of spots in the previous commit.
      Change vector excluded_card[id]s to scalar excluded_input.
      Fix doxygen comment after last commit.
      Remove RemoteRequestBusyInputID().
      Remove obsolete cardid from InputInfo.
      Add new GET_FREE_INPUT_INFO protocol command.
      Remove GET_FREE_INPUTS protcol command.
      Move RemoteGetFreeRecorderCount() to tvremoteutil.
      Remove obsolete ChannelBase::GetNextInput*() methods.
      Replace ChannelBase::m_inputs input map with a single input info.
      Start removing multi-inputisms from ChannelBase.
      Remove more multi-inputisms from ChannelBase.
      Remove more multi-inputisms from ChannelBase.
      Remove more multi-inputisms from ChannelBase.
      Remove last bit of multi-inputisms from ChannelBase.
      Fix CardUtil::GetInputIDs() after earlier commit broke it.
      Fix ChannelBase::InitializeInputs() broken in earlier commit.
      Hopefully final cleanup of ChannelBase and derivatives.
      Remove obsolete ChannelInputInfo.
      Change CardUtil::GetInputInfo() to fill in empty, input display names.
      Simplify generation of the switch input/source menus in TV.
      Fix RemoteRequestNextFreeRecorder() to exclude the selected input.
      Simplify high-level input switching in TV:
      Remove obsolete TOGGLEINPUTS action.
      Fix brwon paper bad error in earlier commit to ChannelBase.
      Change card to input in ChannelInfo.
      Remove unused variable in ChannelUtil.
      Change card to input in ChannelUtil.
      Change card to input in SourceUtil.
      Removed unused code in ChannelUtil.
      Change input to card in EncoderLink.
      Change card to input in TVRec.
      Change card to input in LiveTVChain.
      Change card to input in tvremoteutil.
      Change more instances of card to input in CardUtil.
      Change one more instance of card to input in CardUtil.
      Updated MythTV protocol and ABI versions.
      Merge branch 'devel/scheduler'.  API and protocol changes mainly
      Apparently protcol tokens can't have embedded spaces.
      Print the incorrect protocol token on invalid connections.
      Fix protocol token in bindings after previous change.
      Make sure m_inputid is set in DVBChannel::Open().
      Only use visible channels to mark first/last showings.
      Attempt to fix configuration of diseqc inputs.
      Use device and sourceid in the key for DVBChannel master.
      Removed oldrecstatus from ProgramInfo.
      Clear reactivate when updating the history in oldrecorded.
      Revert "Move StartedRecording call from TVRec::StartRecording() to"
      Fix inputgroups for non-device recorders.
      Fix the update to schema version 1337.
      Fix typo in earlier commit f12a78e6.
      Fix the clearing of sched/livetvorder in virtual tuners.
      Fix PI::IsSameProgramAndStartTime().
      Use the modified query in PI::LoadFromProgram()
      Fix saving of diseqcid in some situations.
      Remove redundant DiSEqCDevTree::Store().
      Fix saving of diseqcid in some situations.
      Remove redundant DiSEqCDevTree::Store().
      Change EIT scanning to consider input groups.

David Matthews (4):
      Apply UK EIT fix-up on additional transports.
      Add support for DVB-T2 in the same way as DVB-S2.  If the mod_sys
      Remove "if (true ||" added during development.  This should have been removed before committing.
      Support for DVB-T2 in the channel scanner.  When used with a card that supports DVB-T2

Eduard Iten (1):
      Locale file for de_CH

Fabian Möller (1):
      Add support for the new tv api

Florian Bittner (1):
      Update German MythFrontend, MythGallery and MythGame translation

Frank Phillips (2):
      Keep some recordings from getting a LiveTV recgroup
      Housekeeper: let mythfilldatabase use suggested run times

Gary Buhrmaster (40):
      Close file descriptor after dup2
      Patch to check for fcntl success
      Explicit casts for C++11 standards compliance
      Resolve X11/Xlib.h define of Bool and Qt5 (5.2)
      Protect against possible divide by zero. Cppcheck
      Protect against divide by zero. Fixes Coverity 746808
      Explicit casts for eit fixup
      Check the return values from seek requests
      Patch for static analysis and NULL source pointer to memcpy
      Protect LanguageSelection::Save against NULL pointer de-ref
      Patch to use consistent cast and sizeof operands
      Patch to use consistent cast and sizeof operands in allocator
      Protect against potential divide by zero detected by static analysis
      From 149a80a818218baa96e52f36798c6632e9a5bb91 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
      From 0fa4cff4764e777e8211aaabce780944a87f622e Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
      DataDirectProcessor: Add logging when file opens fail
      DataDirectProcessor: Use random temporary filenames for downloads
      Replace QRect intersect with intersected (renamed in Qt4.2)
      Replace fromAscii with fromLatin1
      Replace fromAscii with fromLatin1
      Replace fromAscii with fromLatin1
      C++11 literal string suffix compliance
      Patch for Qt5 change of QKeySequence count type
      Patch for Qt5 change of KeyboardModifier type
      Extend reload support to download with QNetworkRequest
      Extend reload support to post with QNetworkRequest
      Request AlwaysNetwork if m_reload is set for the request
      Add support for redirect relative Location
      Enhance mythdownloadmanager POST redirect compatibility
      Convert the ceton tuner from using QHttp to MythDownloadManager
      Qt4 QUrl addQueryItem to Qt5 QUrlQuery addQueryItem porting
      Qt4 QUrl to Qt5 QUrl/QUrlQuery porting
      Add QUrlQuery for Qt5 upnp porting
      Qt4 QUrl to Qt5 QUrl/QUrlQuery porting for upnpcdstv
      Qt4 QUrl to Qt5 QUrl/QUrlQuery porting for upnpcdsmusic
      Qt4 QUrl to Qt5 QUrl/QUrlQuery porting for upnpcdsvideo
      Support gcc 5.x in configure
      Initialize member variables in ctor
      C++11 literal string suffix compliance
      ass support for systemd notify to mythbackend

George Nassas (1):
      protect metadata loads from multiple threads

Gregorio Gervasio (1):
      Fix master backend crashing when receiving events from a slave

Gregorio Gervasio, Jr (1):
      Fixed path name for slave recording.

Hannu Teulahti (2):
      Updated MythFrontend Finnish translation from Hannu Teulahti
      Updated Finnish MythFrotend translation from Hannu Teulahti

Hendrik Leppkes (1):
      avformat/mov: only force parsing for video tracks if stss is empty

Hika van den Hoven (1):
      Internet Content: Only use the YouTube region preference if it is nonempty

James Almer (2):
      lavf/matroskaenc: Check for valid metadata before creating tags
      matroskadec: Improve TTA duration calculation

Jay Merrifield (2):
      Add a limit to the starttime of 24 hours to minimize the index sequence scans on the program table
      Updated getKeys() and getHosts() xml bindings to latest format

Jean-Yves Avenard (408):
      Add SetBlocking method.
      Add methods to set blocking mode on all classes using a ThreadFileWriter internally
      Bump API
      Make use of ThreadedFileWriter to tools requiring it
      Rename constant for consistency-sake
      Make mac use new OpenGL v2 painter
      Remove unnecessary command option, all we are doing is adding —nologserver twice
      Revert "Properly propagate quiet log option"
      Do not display background shape in fullscreen notification if there’s nothing in it
      Improve AirPlay device visibility in iOS 7
      decode URL before attempting to open them.
      Fix fileringbuffer locking up on read()
      Revert "Fix fileringbuffer locking up on read()"
      Fix fileringbuffer locking up on read()
      Add non-static LastModified(void) method
      Style and consistency changes
      Prevent playback to exit early should backend's writes be delayed
      Unregister file only after it was closed
      Wait a little bit when EOF is encountered and file is still open for writing
      Revert "Wait a little bit when EOF is encountered and file is still open for writing"
      Revert "Unregister file only after it was closed"
      Revert "Prevent playback to exit early should backend's writes be delayed"
      Have backend advertise which files are currently being written to
      Prevent playback to exit early should backend's writes be delayed
      Fix typo
      Allow seeking within the entire liveTV chain of recordings.
      Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks
      Revert "Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks"
      Never attempt to read more than in 512kB blocks
      Fixes null dereference
      Change verbosity for some network messages
      Small optimisation of FileRingBuffer::GetRealFileSize
      Fix seek when close to end of program
      Do not abort early if not all data is received within 25ms
      Add RemoteFile::GetRealFileSize()
      Fix seek when close to end of program #2
      Fix calculation of read block size.
      Return the actual file size rather than the one when the file was first opened
      Only expire LiveTV programs that are less than 30s and more than 5 minutes old
      Partial revert of c64141b0c0b7118ee28be2441374727a1af7c44c
      Cache the size of the remote file for 500ms
      Set initial FileRingBuffer rawbitrate to 800
      Add BonjourRegister::ReAnnounceService()
      Advertise RAOP service before AirPlay service.
      Fix AirPlay occasionally only showing as an audio device on iOS 7.x
      Make AirPlay photo sharing works with iOS 7.1
      No need to add randomisation to bonjour first registration
      Improve AirPlay photosharing
      Fix settings display on macs
      Fix AppleRemote thread not being killed when exiting the application
      Make python bindings work on mac
      Fix MythVideo general settings page not working
      Fix old Qt setting screens preventing them from accepting keyboard inputs
      Improve readability of old settings on mac
      Revert "Improve readability of old settings on mac"
      Revert "Fix settings display on macs"
      Tidy up mythwidgets; and add MythLabel and MythGroupBox.
      Replace all QLabel and QGroupBox with MythLabel and MythGroupBox respectively
      Fix settings display on macs
      Revert "Fix settings display on macs"
      My analysis for the problem in 96ecd539de8e76a880f0013b4b8854da216e17b1 was wrong.
      Fix linking issues.
      Fixes Video Playback Profile Editor.
      Revert "Fixes Video Playback Profile Editor."
      Fixes Video Playback Profile Editor.
      Fix crashes when pressing menu key during channel change
      Add ReadInternalMode to RingBuffer class
      Try to open the media for 1.5s, using only the internal data in ringbuffer.
      Fix null dereference
      Disable mythlogserver by default
      Use QEventLoop for modal windows.
      Revert "Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE."
      Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE.
      Revert "Fix random SBE PlaybackSock timeout in MBE."
      Reduce CPU usage while waiting for seek to complete
      Allows RemoteFile to recover from connection drop or timeout
      Reset failures count once a read succeed
      Have RemoteFile attempt to fully reconnect in case of errors
      Prevent crash should playback fail after ringbuffer has been destroyed
      Don’t prevent read should we reached EOF or an error
      Pause playback rather than exiting should backend stop responding or is stopped.
      Fix stuttery playback for FFmpeg's directly rendered frames
      Fix playback of 9/10bit h264 videos
      Fixes #12128
      Migrate vdpau decoding to FFmpeg's new hwaccel API.
      Update to FFmpeg 1.2.6 release
      Update doxygen documentation for RingBuffer::Create
      Allow playing url of type udp://, tcp:// and rtp://
      Rework IPTV and RTSP recorders
      Revert "Rework IPTV and RTSP recorders"
      Rework IPTV and RTSP recorders
      Fix compilation error
      Prevent harmless warnings when using VDPAU with Nouveau driver.
      Fix text indentation
      Fix 5.1 audio being configured as 7.1
      Fix RemoteFile::GetRealFileSize() caching.
      Cache for 500ms the result of RemoteEncoder::GetFramesWritten()
      Fix forwarding in liveTV or in-progress recording
      Fix spelling
      Should first Apple Remote listening fail, don’t attempt to use apple remote.
      Fix rewind during liveTV or in progress recordings
      Only use GET_PARAMETER command as KeepAlive if server supports it
      Revert "Fix rewind during liveTV or in progress recordings"
      Revert "Fix forwarding in liveTV or in-progress recording"
      Reset frames/duration maps when changing file, or when initialising the position map.
      Improve FastForward and Rewind
      Re-enable old FFmpeg's VDPAU API for non-nvidia drivers
      Don't attempt to test for GPU decoding methods once one has ben found
      Update ABI version
      Add method to check if VPDAU is supported
      Fix VDPAU being always used when present even if not working (test was always true)
      Fix memory leak
      Revert "Fix memory leak"
      Fix memory leak
      zeromq configure also requires autoreconf
      Add Always On Top window settings
      Fix fullscreen windowing with Compiz/Unity
      Fix transitionis from full screen to windowed screen
      Fixes wrong mapping of picture controls on OSD"
      Revert "Fix transitionis from full screen to windowed screen"
      Revert "Fix fullscreen windowing with Compiz/Unity"
      Fix fullscreen windowing with Compiz/Unity
      Do not immediately save volume to DB when changing volume
      Save volume only on TV Player exit
      Fix NUV playback
      Change VideoFrame default value
      Revert "Fix NUV playback"
      Wait shortly for QApplication to register the screen change before continuing.
      Revert "Wait shortly for QApplication to register the screen change before continuing."
      Wait shortly for QApplication to register the screen change before continuing.
      Add natural string comparison utility
      Use natural sort for presenting content
      Fix build on big endian system
      Revert "Fix build on big endian system"
      Fix build on big endian system
      Fix memory leak
      Re-sync FFmpeg copy to release/2.2 branch
      Fix crashes when playing nuv files
      No point de-interleaving mono.
      Update DecodeAudio to use new FFmpeg’s audio API
      Update for new FFMPEG audio API
      We don’t need to build FFMpeg with old audio API any longer
      Update AudioOutputDigitalEncoder for new FFmpeg APIs
      Update MPEG2fixup for new FFmpeg APIs
      Rename libmythtv/frame.h into libmythtv/mythframe.h
      More FFmpeg API updates
      Update AVFormatWriter for new FFMpeg APIs
      Merge branch 'devel/resync-ffmpeg'
      Make Frontend/Backend connection works when BE is set to use IPv6 link-local address
      Fix connection to Master Backend where the master IP address is a link-local address
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Remove hack forcing MPEG1 video to be treated as MPEG2
      Don't attempt to issue DB query if there's nothing to do
      Revert "Fix connection to Master Backend where the master IP address is a link-local address"
      Fix connection to Master Backend where the master IP
      Don’t add port number to myth URL if it’s the default port, makes for cleaner URLs
      Fix search of image artwork in folder
      Add search for “jpeg” type, and make search for image case insensitive.
      Remove unused parameter.
      Fix crash when exiting LiveTV
      Use new render2/hwaccel VDPAU api
      Update to FFmpeg new AVFrame::get_buffer2 API
      Fix compilation without VAAPI
      Update VDA and CrystalHD decoder to get_buffer2 API
      Fix ATSC subtitles.
      FFmpeg 2.2 re-sync fixes.
      Tidy up code in logging
      Add MythAVFrame and mythavutil.h
      Fix major leak during video playback.
      Fix header
      Fix various leaks related to misuse of AVFrame object
      Simplify some code using new MythAVFrame class
      Fix memory leak in subtitle code
      Revert "Fix memory leak in subtitle code"
      Fix leak in display subtitle code.
      Revert "Tidy up code in logging"
      Fix leak in logger
      Tidy-up code.
      Fix GetBackendServerIP6 from returning IPv4 address
      Allow IPv6 use in backend service
      Allow MasterServerIP, BackendServerIP and BackendServerIP6 to be a hostname
      Have server pool and mythbackend use new MythCoreContext::resolveSettingAddress API
      Check which version of OpenGL is available, and automatically select appropriate renderer.
      Make MythCoreContext::GetMasterServerIP returns localhost when none are defined
      Fix VAAPI playback when OpenGL2 painter is used
      Allow PiP when using a VAAPI playback profile
      Revert "Allow PiP when using a VAAPI playback profile"
      Implement copying one VideoFrame into another where strides are different
      Fix VAAPI accelerated PiP
      Add ability to create video frames, where all lines will be X-bytes memory aligned.
      Add NV12 format support to VideoFrame class, and fast NV12->YV12 format conversion
      Add VAAPI vaDerive support, and re-add NV12 image format support
      Fix strides size calculation for YV12/NV12 frames when the dimensions are odd.
      Revert "Fix strides size calculation for YV12/NV12 frames when the dimensions are odd."
      Revert "Add VAAPI vaDerive support, and re-add NV12 image format support"
      Revert "Add NV12 format support to VideoFrame class, and fast NV12->YV12 format conversion"
      Add NV12 format support to VideoFrame class, and fast NV12->YV12 format conversion
      Add VAAPI vaDerive support, and re-add NV12 image format support
      Fix strides size calculation for YV12/NV12 frames when the dimensions are odd.
      re-add —extra-cxxflags that got lost during a FFmpeg resync
      Fix 32 bits compilation
      Revert "Fix 32 bits compilation"
      Fix 32 bits compilation
      Add nsecsElapsed() method to MythTimer class
      Add MythUSWCCopy YV12/SV12 conversion utility class
      Make VAAPI use new MythUSWCCopy class
      Allow partial reads
      Revert "Allow partial reads"
      Allow partial reads
      Increase myth:// filetransfer timeout values.
      Prevent crash opening audio settings page when invalid device is retrieved
      Abort early when trying to open a 0 bytes file size if it’s not being written to
      Stop readahead thread if the file isn’t opened.
      Fix small leak should a ringbuffer not be created successfully.
      Fix dummy recording file sometimes not being deleted
      Return an error when the file couldn’t be successfully opened
      Revert "Stop readahead thread if the file isn’t opened."
      Stop readahead thread if the file isn’t opened try #2
      Fix PiP when using OpenGL output
      Fix incorrect deletion of allocated buffers.
      Allocate VideoFrame buffer using av_malloc, and mythframe utility routines.
      Uses 16-bytes aligned memory buffer.
      Add support for frames where pitch > width
      Create pitch/strides that are a multiple of 32 bytes
      Fix PiP with VDPAU on mesa's drivers
      Properly handle when libmythbluray is unable to open a bluray, should libaacs or libbd+ failed to decrypt.
      Merge branch 'devel/opengl'
      Fix mytharchive compliation.
      remove fourcc.h from mythframe.h, so it doesn’t need to be exported
      Fix compilation of mythplugins
      Fix unit test compllation
      fix compilation due to missing header
      Use MythAVFrame convenience class
      OSX: Allow PiP with VDA decoder
      MythUSWCCopy: Change const-ness of argument
      Add MythAVCopy class
      Remove unused header
      Remove unused header
      Remove any use of myth_sws_img_convert and use new MythAVCopy API
      Audio: Abort Drain if audio device is in pause
      Don’t use reference to initially allocated avio buffer
      Increase size of streaming buffer
      Let FFmpeg determine how to probe for format when using SG
      Fix backend crash should opening file failed and client dropped the connection
      Remove now unused API, use MythAVCopy instead
      No need for cache on non-x86 platforms
      Revert "Have mytharchive link libmythtv for MythAVCopy. Fix plugin compilation?"
      should fix mytharchive compilation
      Fix myth archive compilation part #2
      Remove unused header that could cause msvc build issues
      AVFD: remove unused variables
      MythCoreContext: Fix bad copy/paste
      Fix proxy using IPv6
      Allow to override which mpegts demuxer is used
      Ignore audio packets from ignored streams
      Add —allaudiotracks
      reduce poll interval.
      Fix GetBackendStatusPort.
      Fix crashes when changing files
      Fix UPnP playback
      Ignore IPv6 settings value if it’s invalid
      Don’t attempt to play the video streams for mp3, flac, off and m4a container.
      Properly allocate VDPAU PiP video buffers and fix memory leak
      Allocate/DeAllocate video buffers using av_malloc
      Fix memory leak
      Coverity CID 1224483
      Ensure class members are initialised in constructor
      Fix compilation warnings
      Mythframe: fix cpuid for Mingw32
      Flush buffers prior to closing the codec.
      Ignore DMG mounted image
      Mythmedatalookup: set PYTHONPATH so mythmedatalookup can be started on its own
      Revert "Make sure inetref query is forced to kLookupData"
      Revert "Make sure to pass season and episode to tv grabber."
      Make sure to pass season and episode to tv grabber.
      Use myth coding style
      Mythmetadatalookup: Make sure we follow the exact same logic as we had prior e82754a7041d3988a8361535460d12a47742c65b
      Mythmetadata: Simplify code with a GetGrabber utility member
      Do not wait too quickly when reaching EOF
      Limit bitrate to 100Mbit/s and fill_min to half the size of the ringbuffer
      Revert "Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing encrypted isos on a remote FE"
      Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing isos/DVD on a remote FE
      Revert "Fix 0b9470c Fix fileringbuffer locking..."
      metadata: fix crash should grabber not be defined
      metadata: get around grabber incorrectly set to an empty string
      metadata: do not use grabber cache if not initialised
      metadata: Properly clean inetref when searching for collection
      metadata: Properly separate TV title/subtitle search from inetref/subtitle search
      metadata: if video type not known, try both movie and television grabber
      Bump ABI
      Fix doxygen comment
      CoreContext: Fix IsThisHost
      metadata: do not use script name for artwork file name
      metadata: do not unnecessarily query the database if there’s no chance that it will yield a result
      CoreContext: Fix IsThisHost
      CoreContext: Simplify use of IsThisHost, make it work with hostnames
      Update README after 2.2.4 FFmpeg upgrade
      metadata: uses _ as separator in inetref in place of :
      metadata: Fix broken retrieval for screenshots
      metadata: fix stray declaration
      metadata: Fix GetGrabber
      metadata: also set collectionref to new format
      metadata: no need to re-run the search when a match has already been found
      metadata: properly handle media search type if we already have an extended inetref.
      metadata: allow nfo and mxml in DVD/BD rip directory
      remotefile: Use more accurate MythCoreContext::IsThisHost(host) API
      metadata: fix incorrect tests
      Revert "metadata: properly handle media search type if we already have an extended inetref."
      metadata: clear error state once an error has been propagated
      remotefile: Use more accurate MythCoreContext::IsThisHost(host) API
      metadata: add getStorageGroupName
      metadata: fix storage group access when downloading artworks.
      metadata: properly update artwork images paths
      metadata: create objects on stack
      metadata: do not attempt to download remaining artworks should error occurred.
      metadata: create Set/GetIsCollection
      metadata: use extended inetref if available to determine the type of metadata
      metadata: never overrides current video season/episode with with retrieved metadata ones
      frontend: simplify metadata search creation
      frontend: fix automatic mode introduced in previous commit
      metadata: complete refactor of search
      metadatalookup: fix logic error introduced in 5d3d319936513cac22557f9a3969f7210b8ac049
      metadata: fix wrong test leading to incorrect hash calculation
      mythbackend: fixes QUERY_FILE_HASH hanging
      protoserver: fixes QUERY_FILE_HASH hanging
      metadata: return both movie and TV results when in non-automatic mode
      metadata: also look for artwork when scanning a single recording
      frontend: add search abilities to “change recording metadata” screen.
      mythtranscode: fix incorrect memory allocation
      mythtranscode: always check if audio stream still exists
      Revert "mythtranscode: fix incorrect memory allocation"
      mythtranscode: fix incorrect memory allocation
      corecontext: Add IsThisBackend API
      remotefile: use IsThisBackend API
      Move platform folder to be at base directory.
      Fix build following bdbe7b3b097373c093a6baedc53c86600f21990f
      Fix typo in version number
      Re-sync FFmpeg to 2.2.6
      Resync to FFmpeg 2.3.1
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/resync-ffmpeg
      Propagate new libswresample dependency on libavcodec
      Revert "Player: Amalgamate and simplify SwitchTo and JumpToProgram"
      Add debugging for checking liveTV transitions.
      fix typo
      Fix GetLiveTVIndex
      Revert "fix typo"
      Fix configure
      Revert "Player: Finer a/v sync adjustments"
      Revert "Player: Enable AVSync to recover quicker after a seek or program change"
      Revert "TV UnpauseLiveTV calls tvchain->SwitchTo opposed to JumpTo to minimise visible disruption"
      Fix channel detection.
      Have info and playback screen show proper number of channels
      RingBuffer: Properly wait for readahead thread to start
      RingBuffer: always read directly from file if read ahead thread isn’t running
      HDHomeRun: Fix compilation on fedora 20
      AVFD: Rescan audio stream when detecting audio change even when passthrough.
      AVFD: Do not force the number of channels for AC3
      AO: Do not reset audio card if we can continue to passthrough with current configuration.
      Playback: digital passthrough changes.
      AirPlay: Fix iOS 8 not seeing video device.
      mythtranscode: Prevent double-free
      Bug 12505: P1. Remove Carbon + Quartz support
      Bug 12505: P2. Remove OS X deprecated calls.
      Bug 12505: P3. Update headers
      Bug 12505: P4. Fix dependency between mythservicecontracts and mythbase
      resync FFmpeg with version 2.8.
      Fix makefile error introduced in f00d5ca464450a49c3c809089763688c68696d4b
      Add VP9 and HEVC codec data.
      Fix invalid path to ffmpeg header
      Fix configure when using gcc.
      Initialize AVProbeData objects.
      Fix mythtv-mpegts demuxer.
      Attempt to fix buildbot linkage failure
      Attempt to fix buildbot linkage failure #2
      Fix hardware decoding.
      Use default audio device when none is set.
      Fix SPDIFEncoder's avio context.
      FFmpeg resync.
      Merge branch 'master' into devel/resync-ffmpeg28
      Check that VDPAU hardware supports HEVC.
      Fix VDPAU VC1 decoding (and maybe others).
      Fix VAAPI VC1 decoding..
      Add VAAPI HEVC support.
      Bump FFmpeg to n2.8.4-8-g3e3aa25
      Get around libvdpau crashing with some resolutions.
      Fix AirPlay audio (RAOP) with iOS 9 devices.
      Resync FFmpeg to n2.8.5
      Don't scan mounted disk image.
      Don't use localeAwareCompare on Qt < 5.3.
      Re-enable greedyhd deinterlacer on mac.
      Resync with FFmpeg 3.0.
      Extend MythAVFrame to easily convert to AVPicture
      Rename AVPictureDeinterlace to MythPictureDeinterlacer
      Fix mytharchive following ffmpeg resync
      Expand MythPictureDeinterlacer to provide two interfaces.
      AVCodecContext is now an int64_t. Cast appropriately
      Explictly add postproc and avfilter dependencies.
      bump API version
      Fix leak in myth music.
      Fixes #12622
      Log when failing to generate a preview.
      Update README.sync
      Fix deinterlacer when using some locales.
      Fix typo.
      Properly calculate the pixel aspect ratio (PAR) from the information contained in the VideoFrame structure.
      Merge branch 'master' into fixes/0.28
      Fix crash decoding DVD subtitles.

Jesse Crews (1):
      Fix bluray playback from storage groups, a regression from 0.26

Jim Stichnoth (76):
      Handle UTF-16 encoded text subtitle files.  Refs #9836
      Subtitles: Clean up the code and reorganize somewhat.
      Subtitles: Scale shadowoffset and outlinesize according to zoom factor.
      Don't necessarily vertically center MythUISimpleText.
      Network control: "play speed normal" uses the normal timestretch.
      Subtitles: Fix a potential segfault when displaying CEA-708 captions.
      Mythweb: Prevent unnecessary 30-second delay after rescheduling.
      Reduce logging level for GetKeyframePositions and GetKeyframeDurations.
      Subtitles: Remove extraneous character in embedded text subtitles.
      Fix build issue for older installed versions of Exiv2.
      Mythutil: Allow --video instead of --chanid/--starttime.
      Remove unused fields, ctor-initialize others.
      Fix Coverity 1091331 by avoiding a null dereference.
      Fix Coverity 700919.  Initialize a field in default ctor.
      Clear duration and framecount flags with mythutil --clearseektable.
      Provide better seeking and position display for some videos.
      Fix an apparent copy&paste error.  Refs #11885
      Update SCHEMA_VERSION in perl/python bindings after e22dcf1.
      Add mythutil --getmarkup and mythutil --setmarkup commands.
      Add missing toUTC() conversions in the preview generator.
      Improve cc608 debugging log output.
      Fix some cc608 field number handling.  Refs #11899.
      Use Live TV order for the card list.
      Allow Live TV to be entered from the top-level Program Guide.
      Be more flexible about starting the Guide at a particular channel.
      There is only 1 page of EPG settings, not 2.
      Update $program_line_number after latest protocol change.
      Program Guide: Don't force program data reloads.
      Improve the performance of Live TV embedded in the Program Guide.
      Allow the Guide start channel to be the "natural" Live TV channel.
      Update cardinput.startchan upon successful Live TV tuning.
      Prefer the DefaultChanid setting when picking EPG channel.
      Add Program Guide to the top-level menu.
      Add tunability tests to the Watch This Channel menu entry.
      Remove the option to start Live TV in the Program Guide.
      Mythtranscode: Don't overwrite cutlist from the command line.
      Fix reversed logic in 2240977.  Refs #11939.
      Respect LiveTVOrder priority when switching sources.
      Handle system keypress events during playback.  Refs #11881.
      Fix a typo in the help string.
      Fix compiler warnings spotted by Jonatan Lindblad.
      Be less aggressive about clearing the bookmark on exit.
      Subtitles: Fix memory leak from displaying text captions/subtitles.
      Revert "Subtitles: Avoid changing subtitle state in the decoder thread."
      Subtitles: Avoid changing subtitle state in the decoder thread.
      Make seeks faster for slow decoders / large keyframe distances.
      Subtitles: Fix cc608 indents.
      Subtitles: Avoid trying to draw empty text or background objects.
      Subtitles: Fix Qt5-related glitches in the black background.
      Subtitles: Fix automatic display of captions/subtitles.
      MythVideo: Add a log message describing mysterious behavior.
      Add utility marks for preroll amount and latest playback position.
      Network control: Handle "space" key properly.
      Subtitles: Add a fix missed in eda5d2e2 .
      Subtitles: Don't reset subtitle state after seeking.
      Subtitles: Fix off-by-one error in cc708 decoding.  Fixes #12339.
      Be less aggressive about clearing the MARK_UTIL_LASTPLAYPOS mark.
      Subtitles: Allow transitions between ATSC and SCTE captions.
      Send REC_STARTED_WRITING event for NuppelVideoRecorder.
      Preview generator: Ignore ProgStart and LastPlayPos marks.
      Subtitles: Fix state calculation in EnableCaptions/DisableCaptions.
      Turn off LastPlayPos loading by default.  Refs #11713.
      Subtitles: Yet another state calculation fix.
      Reduce "Watch Recordings" sluggishness by caching jobqueue state.
      Improve "Watch Recordings" responsiveness by reducing DB queries.
      Fix python bindings after latest network protocol bump.
      Fix bugs in jobqueue state and Watch Recordings screen.
      Subtitles: Fix cc608 preamble indents.  Fixes #12051.
      Subtitles: Fix incorrect rendering of non-ASCII cc608 & teletext chars.
      Subtitles: Allow osd_subtitle.xml to override teletext background alpha.
      Ignore the progstart mark when a cutlist is present.  Refs #11713.
      Subtitles: More cc608 decoder fixes for non-ASCII characters.
      Set recorded.recgroupid (in addition to recgroup) for new recordings.
      Reduce the number of RecordingInfo::GetRecgroupID() calls.
      Fix incorrect setting of recorded.recgroupid in dc8c52f.
      Force OpenGL1 line width to be at least 1.

John (1):
      Don't unecessarily query the backend if we don't need it

John Finlay (1):
      Fix lossless transcode.

John Poet (140):
      Clean up some whitespace
      Fix the cable-card mode for the 6-tuner Ceton.
      Make it a little easier to differentiate between the StreamHandler and the
      DTVRecorder::FindH264Keyframes:  Add a fail-safe in case the stream doesn't
      Any V4L card may need to preset the tuner.
      H264Parser: Only enter the "state changed" state if we have seen a SPS.
      Don't timeout the signalmonitor until all hope is lost.
      Re-enable display of tuning status in LiveTV after [9b22460f5]
      Following [080ef223c] don't segfault if curRecording is NULL.
      Cleanup and simplify the HLS Recorder.
      MythDownloadManager has a memory leak, which can be terminal when used by
      The classes defined in httplivestreambuffer.cpp were originally designed for
      Add missing 'class' to friend declaration.
      Quiet some HLS logging
      On some systems, usleep will fail with a value greater than 1000000-1.  Fix
      Improve logging of playlist downloads
      HLS: Reopen top level url, if playlist appears to be invalid.
      MythUI:  Include "minimum" size of a buttonlist, when determining the
      In [50e5f4501] I failed to account for a possible path through
      Adjust the Signal Monitor timeout to before the scheduling prep for the next show.
      Some HLS tweaks to make recording more robust when faced with unreliable
      notifications might only have an image without a 'message'.
      H264Parser::decode_Header: pic_order_present_flag is not required, so don't
      DTVRecorder::FindH264Keyframes: Only account for Adaptation Field Control
      Allow capture of the unprocessed (raw) MPTS from appropriate input devices.
      Attempt to fix compilation of [b0aa4e50c] on non-linux machines.
      Add the ability to scan for the programs in a MPTS stream from an IPTV
      Revert 6c6c0cbd4d95957c107e0e7e37b6b4cf70b04de5
      Make the naming of the 'raw' TS file(s) more predictable.  Make raw TS capture a noop under windows and mingw.
      Allow user to force a specific HLS bitrate to record.  Right now there is no
      Add an "External" recorder to Myth.  This allows myth to read in a Transport Stream via a pipe from an external application.  See http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ExternalRecorder for documentation.
      Extend the time-outs in mythplayer to allow the analog side of the hvr-2250
      Revert programs/mythfrontend/scheduleeditor.* to a sane state.
      Fix path to ExternalRecorder in .pro file
      Don't build ExternalRecorder on win32 or mingw
      Attempt to get ExternalStreamHandler compiling under qt5.
      Another attempt get the ExternalRecorder to compile under WIN
      Yet another attempt to get ExternalRecorder to compile under WIN
      Attempt to get ExternalRecorder to compile under Qt5
      Don't build mythfilerecorder under WIN
      Cleanup whitespace
      Cleanup srt subtitle files when deleting.
      The extention for srt files is .srt, not .mpg.srt
      Fix probable cut-n-paste error.  VB_PLAYBACK should be VB_CHANNEL.
      Create an 'active' filters buttonlist which can be used for informational
      Honor the disabled state in buttonlist items.
      Don't segfault if the screen has a disabled buttonlist, but the theme does
      Add Ceton to the list of cards which can be 'shared'.  In the case of the
      Fix whitespace from [1761bd997]
      Fix indenting following [fbac01b3c]
      Hopefully silence a cppcheck warning -- initialize SPS_offset var.
      Silence a cppcheck warning: initialize m_appin, m_appout and m_apperr
      Don't hide IPTVStreamHandler::m_tuning in HLSStreamHandler.
      rename HLSStreamHandler::m_buffer to m_readbuffer to unhide IPTVStreamHandler_m_buffer.
      Add a RawTextSubs constructor to silence a cppcheck warning.
      Cleanup some cppcheck warning in mythfilerecorder
      Cleanup some cppcheck performance warnings in the hls recorder.
      Make sure H264Parser is not invoked with a copy constructor.  Found by cppcheck.
      Cleanup some NOOP var assignments found by cppcheck
      Add some (undefined) copy constructors for CC608Decoder, DecoderBase,
      Since we are not allowing MythPlayer to be constructed with a copy
      Since we are not allowing MythPlayer to be constructed with a copy
      ExternalStreamHandler: better handling when unable to write complete command
      Cleanup some whitespace
      OSD: use 'short' timeout for seeking type event notifications
      Load themes for the current tagged release in addition to the branch.
      Channel scanning: unbreak the cli.  Teardown() frees and NULLs
      hlsstreamhandler: While the remainder should always be zero, don't assume
      Separate M3U parsing so it can be shared between 'recorders' which need it.
      HLS: Require libcrypto to process #EXT-X-KEY
      HLS: do the ifdef correctly for LIBCRYPTO
      Cleanup whitespace in programtypes
      Cleanup whitespace in tv_rec, videosource and scheduler.
      Cleanup whitespace in programs/mythbackend
      Cleanup whitespace in programs/mythfrontend
      Cleanup whitespace in libs/libmythtv
      Cleanup whitespace in libs/libmyth
      Cleanup whitespace in libs/libmythui
      Use channel_timeout to set a Start Recording Deadline, after which the
      Check isDamaged on every gap update.  If there has been too much damage, set rsFailing.
      Add ability to use MythNotification from backend.
      Fix creation of 'full ts' raw file for back-to-back recordings
      If the profile is changing, then we cannot re-use the existing 'recorder'
      Reduce the potential for false-positives when checking for recording damage.
      ExternalRecorder: Don't leave the external app open when it is not actually
      ExternalRecorder: fix polling mode
      ExternalStreamHandler: Standardize log messages.
      ExternalStreamHandler: prevent an unlikely segfault
      AvFormatDecoder::ProcessVideoFrame: Prevent a segfault.
      Recently the V4L2_ENC_CMD_START has become less and less likely to actually
      RecorderBase::SetRecordingStatus: When entering a failing state, send REC_FAILING system event.
      Don't perform a NULL check, when the only way the var can be NULL is if the
      CC708Window::Resize: Use maximum size for the 'window'.  This is more
      MythUIScrollBar: Initialize maximum to zero until it is actually known,
      MythMainWindow::Norm: With very small values of x, scaling down can cause
      Fix  Tune(const QString &channum)  to return true by default.  Recorders
      Enhance the logging in tv_rec to make the source of the state changes a little more obvious.
      themechooser:  Load all the valid themes for the current version of myth,
      housekeeping: When checking for new theme versions consider all the tags.
      ThemeChooser: Alert user when unable to modify files.
      ExternalStreamHandler::StartStreaming: The test to see if a 'replay' buffer
      mythfilerecorder: Add a '--data-rate' argument.  mythfilerecorder does not
      TVRec::SwitchRecordingRingBuffer: break out failure tests so log can
      ExternalStreamHandler:  If the external recorder is already running, kill it
      MythCCExtractorPlayer::IngestDVBSubtitles: Don't try to use subtitle object
      MythFontProperties::ParseFromXml: Show available fonts the first time a font
      Cleanup whitespace in libmythbase.
      Add component specific logging levels.  Allows the option to override the
      Add help text missing from [36c927a70] for specifying component by component
      Allow mythccextractor to be run on a recording which is still in progress.
      mythccextractor: if a full path is provided then bypass the DB lookup.  This
      mythccextractor: add '--destdir' option to allow the srt file to be written
      TVRec::TuningNewRecorder: If we fail to create the new recording, set status to Failed.
      Move StartedRecording call from TVRec::StartRecording() to
      When starting up a new recording, only check the expiration for episodes
      Use the default .ts extension for HDPVR and ExternalRecorders.
      cardutil: clone_capturecard needs to clone audiodevice and vbidevice as well.
      Allow processing of Program Streams via MPEGStreamData.
      DeviceReadBuffer::Poll: Allow 15ms of processing time, so we don't spit out
      Fix a typo in ExternalStreamHandler.
      Add 'component' to the input types which can bypass the channel changer.
      StreamHandler::IsRunning sometimes leaves _start_stop_lock locked, even
      Add a multirec (support for overlapping recordings) V4L2 recorder.  It is
      <QAtomicInteger> was not introduced until Qt5.3.  <QAtomicInt> is sufficient.
      v4l2util:  Attempt to get it to compile with older kernels.
      cardutil:IsTuningAnalog: Fix a mixed-case typo.
      V4L2: Use our own copy of videodev2.h (as recommended by the V4L2 folks) to
      Revert "v4l2util:  Attempt to get it to compile with older kernels."
      Fix compilation when V4L2 is disabled.
      Hopefully fixes V4L2enc compilation on non-linux machines.
      Video Manual Zoom Mode: Add keybindings for zoom in/out restricted to only
      Fix log rotation.
      Fix log rotation.
      Finish fixing log rotation.  mythbackend was done in [d674942625].
      Finish fixing log rotation.  mythbackend was done in [d674942625].
      ExternalConfigurationGroup::probeApp: fix string translation for error messages.
      ExternalConfigurationGroup::probeApp: Clean up messages.
      ExternalConfigurationGroup::probeApp: fix string translation for error messages.
      ExternalConfigurationGroup::probeApp: Clean up messages.
      MythUIButtonList::CalculateButtonPositions: Make sure m_topPosition is

Jon Heizer (1):
      Count added to GetTitleInfoList

Jonatan Lindblad (41):
      Update the Swedish translation.
      Make consistent use of qt_socket_fd_t.
      Set the codec for translations to UTF-8 for Qt 4.x.
      tmdb3: Add width and height attributes to coverart and fanart
      Internet Content: Use lowercase parameters after 2ac4d1f
      MythFrontend: Make Xlib calls thread-safe on Linux
      HTML Setup: Adapt the tab usage to the jQuery UI 1.10 API
      MythFrontend: Fix icon loading in the channel priority editor
      Internet Content: Fix warnings about null strings during DB insertion
      Internet Content: Fix manual update of RSS subscriptions
      MythNetvision: Move common stuff to base classes
      MythNetvision: Fix some cppcheck warnings.
      MythNetvision: Fix some issues found by Coverity
      MythNetvision: Rename various methods
      MythNetvision: Remove one member in NetTree
      MythNetvision: Whitespace cleanup
      MythNetvision: Fix thumbnail loading in the list view
      MythNetvision: Simplify busy dialog handling
      MythNetvision: Set progress dialog to NULL after closing it
      MythNetvision: Split NetTree::SlotItemChanged into separate methods
      MythNetvision: Set childcount and other text fields in the tree view
      MythNetvision: Focus the search results after a search has been completed
      MythNetvision: Update thumbnail and text when switching search pages
      MythUIType: Fix drawing the widget borders when using the opengl2 painter
      Fix using ##x## for season and episode in templated text
      Internet Content: Use mixed case parameters after 59a1c5e
      Internet Content: Make things work with Qt5
      Revert "Fix VAAPI playback when OpenGL2 painter is used"
      Video output: Add default fragment shader for OpenGL 2
      Video output: Fix OpenGL 1 output after b9971146
      MythGesture: Fix calculation of maximum x coordinate
      Internet Content: Adapt the YouTube grabber to the v3 API
      Internet Content: Tidy up some formatting in the YouTube grabber
      Program Finder: Provide the recording state to SetTextFromMap
      MythNetvision: Fix length calculation when the internal player is used
      Initialize AVProbeData objects round two
      MythNetvision: Only connect the search slot once
      MythNetvision: Add page navigation
      Internet Content: Use the YouTube iframe API
      Internet Content: Set the volume to max for YouTube and Vimeo
      Make mythutil --scanvideos work with slave backends

Justin Ruggles (1):
      samplefmt: avoid integer overflow in av_samples_get_buffer_size()

Karl Dietz (437):
      cppcheck: NULL the pointer to the freed memory
      cppcheck: remove unused variable
      cppcheck: initialize m_readbuf as its done in mythsystemunix.cpp
      fix typo
      cppcheck: fix sign mismatch in printf
      cppcheck: silence "Redundant assignment of ' bt8' to itself."
      cppcheck: intizialize new member variable
      limit network_id to unsigned 16bit maximum
      reorder initialization to make compiler happy
      add newline at end of file
      cast size_t so printf likes it
      cppcheck: make accessors public
      extend IPTV hack to handle PAT with two entries but only one program
      hide private helper behind same macro as the code that uses it
      cppcheck: limit width in scanf to the digits of an uint64_t
      remove executable bit from library file
      actually add the timecodeOffset when getting audio frames
      convert existing code documentation to doxygen style
      add comments
      flip season and episode around in more spots
      cppcheck: limit width in scanf to the digits of an uint32_t
      cppcheck: remove unused variable added in 7191881b
      cppcheck: turn variable into bool as its getter and setter are for a bool
      coverity 1073819: initialize array before use
      cppcheck: remove unused variable
      silence msvc warning about truncating double to float
      msvc hinted that operator precedence might be an issue here
      cppcheck: remove unused variables
      cppcheck: move initialization to initialization list
      Add radioseven (SE) and FFH (DE) to radio streams.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      silence some compiler warnings about sign mismatch
      converted Jack latency callback to new API
      remove left over include from #8387
      remove unneeded pointer/array/reference magic
      silence compiler warning about unused parameter
      update minizip to 1.1
      avoid uninitialized value "estimated_time" (coverity 1135512)
      check input data to avoid division by zero (coverity 1135498)
      add test to verify if coverity 1047220 is a false positive
      remove unused variable (coverity 1091341)
      avoid NULL pointer dereference (coverity 1091332)
      strip trailing whitespace
      cppcheck: call by reference, efficient emptyness check
      allocate buffer for PESPacket with pes_alloc (coverity 1047220)
      disable Jack if its to old (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS)
      pass const QString by reference (via cppcheck)
      pass const QDateTime by reference (via cppcheck)
      pass const QDateTime by reference (via cppcheck)
      check efficiently for emptiness (via cppcheck)
      Always force program type to series if it has an onscreen episode number
      add file missed in 0f02af51269b78446bb368026542b1e5410aa39a
      unbreak linkage of the new tests
      add more linker flags for dynamic linking against the build environment
      add newline at end of file to make compilers happy
      add more linker flags for dynamic linking against the build environment
      add more linker flags for dynamic linking against the build environment
      add more linker flags for dynamic linking against the build environment
      add simple unit test for IPTV tuning data
      change IPTV Url test to consider RTSP without explicit port as valid
      strip whitespace when splitting RTSP OPTIONS
      RTSP session-id is NOT a number but a random string of at least 8 chars
      missed variable rename in Smolt data collection in ba8a1608cf
      upstream type patch from FreeBSD port, it matches the rest of our code base
      initialize integer printing buffer while we still need it (cppcheck)
      let the copy constructor also copy m_style (cppcheck)
      remove unneeded cast
      consider all aspect ratio changes when looking for the next change
      consider the last segment when determining the aspect ratio
      LibMyth: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      LibMythmetadata: pass const QStrings/MetadataLookupList by reference (cppcheck)
      LibMythprotoserver: pass const QStringLists by reference (cppcheck)
      LibMythtv: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      LibMythupnp: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      MythFrontend: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      LibMythbase: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      MythArchive: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      MythBrowser: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      MythNetvision: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      HLS recorder: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      skip test of invalid urls for now
      update libtool.m4 to silence autotools warnings
      result of running autogen.sh for 0mq without cherry picking
      let mythwikiscripts find the categories again when scraping script
      Update minizip from 1.2.5 to 1.2.8
      let Smolt search for the langauge as global and local setting
      let Smolt search for the country as global and local setting
      Extend unit test for MythVideo File Parsing
      remove unused variable (cppcheck)
      initialize variable before use (coverity #1135511)
      fix [e8941e6ecd]
      install zeromq libraries in lib64 on Fedora
      fix -Wstring-plus-int from clang
      make parameter names consistently lowercase
      remove redundant check (silence cppcheck)
      comment out unused private fields (and their classes)
      extend IPTV recorder to handle MTPS input
      add inetref to programs
      remove stale settings values for start early / end late
      Make metadata title matching more permissive
      fix indention after last commit
      test IPTVChannelFetcher::ParsePlaylist
      IsValid should return true if IsValid of its member is true, too.
      let enabled be a number (cppcheck)
      copy oldrecstatus to let operator= match the copy constructor (cppcheck)
      remove left over variable from copying the unix implementation (cppcheck)
      change const copy to const reference (cppcheck)
      remove unused const copy (cppcheck)
      Add new columns for Unicable related configuration data
      fix some msvc compiler warnings.
      Add support for Unicable / Satellite Channel Router / DIN EN 50494
      Delay concurrent tunings on shared SCR bus
      try to make msvc happy after [111a7559fe]
      try to make msvc happy after [111a7559fe], again
      move resend_cmd under USING_DVB where all its uses are
      QString.contains() returns a boolean, not a count
      QString.contains() returns a boolean, not a count
      silence truncation warning from msvc in date conversion
      silence msvc's double to float truncation warning in aspect ratios
      Add optional XML declaration to pidprinter
      import inetref from xmltv into program guide
      Terra: move picture from appearance settings to themechooser
      Terra: add missing state for audio settings
      fixup e8684cf6fe
      let mythtranscode --help hint at the optional cutlist
      Add a root node to the XML output of the pidprinter
      simplify handling of missing endtime at end of file in mythfilldatabase
      add unit test for #12049
      escape . in regular expression (.pro matches programinfo, too)
      treat failed in unit tests as error, now that they have their own target
      test m3u playlist parsing with multiple channels with the same channel id
      escape backslash in regular expression added in 7c2029b02c
      set default to default sort order
      silence msvc warning about truncation from double to float
      add unit test for comparing programs
      more tests for movie equivalence
      change default duplicate detection method to subtitle then description
      remove duplicate initialization of m_use_rtp_streaming
      remove narrowing conversion to prepare for C++11
      unify types of the seektable, round 2
      add explicit include of QT headers for msvc
      unbreak flush_deleted_recgroup.pl
      cppcheck: Invalid usleep() argument. The value is 1000000 but the valid values are ' 0-999999' .
      cppcheck: fix format string signedness
      hide private functions when they're unused
      MythGame: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      LibMythTV: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      MythTV-Setup: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      MythFrontend: pass const QStrings by reference (cppcheck)
      replace 1895 with VIDEO_YEAR_DEFAULT
      add GuessLookupType for VideoMetadata to match other content
      Guess its an episode if it has an episode title
      fix link to the wiki
      const-correctness - freeing is modifying
      unbreak loading more recording rules in the web frontend
      draft patch to add support for private data specifiers and upc private data
      let prototype match implementation, warnings are always white on "back"
      Don't use the CRIDs from the authority eventis.nl
      DVB EIT does not have a concept of category_type (movie/series)
      protect unused parameters against accidential use
      doxify existing comments
      try to work around missing C++11 support in out msvc buildbot
      try other variant of initializing aggregate types
      Revert "try other variant of initializing aggregate types"
      avoid C++11 for now
      Obey useonairguide and enable it for ERT
      unit test for SAT>IP style M3U playlist
      extend M3U parser to handle free.fr and SAT>IP style playlists
      update inetref to the new style in MFDB
      Attempt to fix segfault in EITCache assumed to be due to QMap race
      remove QString stars that contains a float and use the float in the base class instead (cppcheck found this)
      fix doxygen documentation style
      adapt mythwikiscript to the changed html code
      create downloaded wiki script as executable files
      test existence of target directory and try to create it if its missing
      cppcheck: Function parameter 'selectedTime' should be passed by reference.
      Fix range of service_id in the channel editor
      hack up some unit tests around guessing the inetref / grabber
      Handle [HD] in UK EIT fixups
      use new helper functions
      try to unbreak IPv6 adresses with negative lookahead matching
      fix [b1a112c062] by simply using QUrl for the Url parsing
      disable metadata unit test for now
      use type and verify it against Type()
      silence cppcheck by not updating state after the last pixel
      initialize all members in the constructor
      reorder initialization to silence the compiler, too
      call the superclass method exit explicitly to silence cppcheck
      avoid going uint_8 -> unsigned int -> uint8_t
      YUV offsets are int only in VideoFrame
      don't zero the pointer after the delete if its a parameter
      consistently protect against NULL pointer dereference
      remove result after cppcheck noticed that it isn't used later
      unbreak mythutil --pidprinter
      add missing stream_count arg
      escape xml special characters when printing decoded descriptors
      attempt to unbreak build with qt5
      Properly translate star ratings in XMLTV parser.
      fix braino in c12af87
      Add HEVC to the ComponentDescriptor
      Add draft HEVC descriptor support
      move implementation of the unit tests into the cpp file
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'robbak/X11R6_directory'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'fracmak/sql_optimizations'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'hobbes1069/patch-2'
      Add missing spaces in HouseKeeper log messages.
      ignore generated files and directories
      replace magic number with symbol
      show cuts to the end (no MARK_CUT_END)
      Convert cutlist from MythTV style to mpeg2fix style for lossless cut.
      Fix using cx88 Blackbird in LiveTV mode
      usleep is only defined up to 999999 usec (silence cppcheck)
      initialize http buffer to silence cppcheck
      reset more function pointers in MythRenderVDPAU (via cppcheck)
      Pass const QString parameter 'prefix' by reference (via cppcheck)
      Add support for HTTP redirects to MythSingleDownload / HLS
      rename QMaps of {IPTV,HLS}StreamHandlers
      fix typo in Doxygen comment
      QString parses string literals as Latin-1, Clang as UTF-8, avoid confusion
      remove excess semicolon leading to "if statement has empty body"
      try to unbreak the win8-msvc build
      add newline at end of file
      Fixes erroneous LOCAL_SLAVE_BACKEND_ENCODERS_OFFLINE events being sent
      replace QString::toAscii with QString::toLatin1
      Avoid breaking URI encoded parameters in HLS segment URLs
      track changes in files of the webfrontend
      add reference to minizp upstream
      mark unused parameters as unused to silence compiler warnings
      Revert "mark unused parameters as unused to silence compiler warnings"
      Clarify calculation precedence for '&' and '?' when testing bitmasks.
      Clarify calculation precedence for '&' and '?' when testing bitmasks.
      Don't update variables after the last pixel.
      be explicit about 0.3 being being truncated to float precision
      unbreak version tests in configure script
      raise minimum libcec version from 1.5 to 1.7
      close encoding parameter tag in ASX playlist
      unbreak DVB-S2 configure test
      unbreak configure test for libxml2
      install backend_index.qsp
      Add support for libcec 2
      missed one hunk of the libcec 2 patch in ea74b8d0b78ced9126dd8a08ac82ef5a11f4b4ef
      Log external channel change script failure as an error
      doxify some comments
      remove hack now that we support multiple CRIDs per descriptor
      add whitespace to align the values
      Assign new values to the encoding fixups to avoid collisions.
      Revert "Assign new values to the encoding fixups to avoid collisions."
      Assign unique bits to all Fixups
      add armhf to the machine triple that we search for qmake
      search for QT5 qmake in FreeBSD's standard location, too
      move new file scope functions into an anonymous namespace
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'alewando/mythlink-metadata' into HEAD
      fix typo intetref -> inetref
      prefix open(), O_RDONLY, and O_BINARY with underscore on Windows
      Revert "prefix open(), O_RDONLY, and O_BINARY with underscore on Windows"
      size() of QT's containers returns int, not uint
      turn KB512 into an int to match readblocksize
      cast bufferSize in the same way as its done down some lines
      remove orphaned sourceid after [26f911ea94]
      remove unneeded cast signed->unsigned->signed
      wrap condition into parentheses before negating it
      add specimen using the item list in EIT for cast
      prepare unit test for DVB-EIT item list
      hook draft test of ExtendedEventDescriptor to the build
      add defragmentation of the recordedseek table to maintenance
      add FIXME to http (without s) regexp
      let signedness of iterator match FT_Bitmap.rows and .width
      Add EIT fixup for Pro7 Sat.1
      Add unit test for Pro7 Sat.1 EITFixup
      Add parsing of year of production to Pro7 Sat.1 EITFixups
      Apply Pro7 Sat.1 EITFixup to DVB-T transmission, too
      Extend unit test for Pro7 Sat.1 EIT Fixup
      extend SI unit test
      remove last PAT CRC test, its WIP and not ready yet
      Add utility function to clear all bookmarks.
      be explicit about the dependency added in 47e929b1db
      unit test for RTP packet handling
      extend unit test to include a regression test
      handle RTP packets with header extensions and/or less then 7 TS packets
      allow SSA/ASS in external subtitle files
      Add recording rule filter to ignore episodes
      Update Recording Profile Group name's case to match magic string
      Make the comparison of magic card type strings case insensitive
      Update DB Schema version after c98c445b16 and 5b68797224
      Fiddle with the theme template regular expression for #12003
      hack to return an empty result set for unknown inetrefs
      handle movies without any release event
      Use void pointers for audio buffers to silence cppcheck.
      add A1 TV M3U unit test
      add Movistar TV M3U unit test
      Ignore empty lines in M3U playlists in the IPTV recorder
      Let IPTV channel scanner handle more playlist styles
      Silence red herring CRC errors
      initizalize m_fta in VBoxChannelInfo's constructor to make cppcheck happy
      Add support for 16bit Unicode (UCS-2) strings in EIT data
      Fix symbol visibility for mythtranscode and mythtv-setup
      use comment for comment
      Extend unit test to cover byte order / endianess
      Handle endianess. MPEG stuff is big endian, Intel PCs are little endian
      Fix initialization order of f58740e023c60425d10ec94207ca560230c8407b
      Fix symbol visibility
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'benklop/fix-dataheap-binding' into HEAD
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'mspieth/master' into HEAD
      Avoid C++11isms and unbreak the Linux KeyEvent handling
      don't QMAKE_STRIP, as it is empty sometimes
      switch build to C++11
      Try to fix a race condition in the MythSystem unit tests
      fix use of stringstream
      add another missed .str() to a stringstream
      unbreak tmdb3.py after 349d3a4c9e
      handle API request limiting responses from themoviedb
      Fix handling of ATSC EIT/ETT
      Unit tests for Sky episode EIT fixup
      We don't want to force a core dump with this unit test
      change test so we can compare actual and expected result
      pass const QString by reference
      don't return the new line from AddLogLine, just add it to m_logList
      don't return pointer to deleted object (cppcheck)
      don't double check to save a lock
      test speed like in MythPlayer
      avoid multiple implicit conversions later on
      remove unused private function
      protect against automatic conversion via constructors with one parameter
      add fixup for greek EIT
      protect against automatic conversion via constructors with one parameter
      protect against automatic conversion via constructors with one parameter
      protect against dereferencing NULL pointer (cppcheck)
      unbreak credits/year fixup for Sky Germany
      Apply encoding fixup for EIT on Star One C2 (Brazil)
      implement parental_rating_descriptor
      add missed suffix to integer literal
      promote unsigned long to int64_t early and int64_t to uint64_t
      add prototype to keep gcc from spewing warnings
      fix mytharchive's database access
      re-order files in htmlstrings.h to minimize the actual diff
      create strings from an ordered list of files
      update WebFrontend strings
      Revert "update WebFrontend strings"
      Revert "create strings from an ordered list of files"
      Revert "re-order files in htmlstrings.h to minimize the actual diff"
      do not cut off translatable strings before the first right brace
      order the files that translatable strings come from to keep the delta small
      cppcheck: usleep is only defined up to 999999
      move CleanupGuard into libmythbase
      actually add the new files with the one and only CleanupGuard
      fix export of HTTPReader
      add FIXME wrt scopeId handling on IPv6 link-local addresses
      remove QJson from build now that master requires QT5 and it confuses a build bot
      remove QJson from build now that master requires QT5 and it confuses a build bot
      remove QJson from build now that master requires QT5 and it confuses a build bot
      remove QJson from build now that master requires QT5 and it confuses a build bot
      allow mythutil to clear EIT data from the program guide
      clear out guide data from remaining tables, too
      fix some terminology around DVB-S configuration in the german translation
      translate the first half of the notification after the split
      change Show/Don't Show to Show/Hide to match other selections
      update german translation of the plugins
      fix typo exacutable -> executable
      update german translation of mythfrontend
      Revert "change Show/Don't Show to Show/Hide to match other selections"
      change Show/Don't Show to Show/Hide to match other selections
      more german translations for mythfrontend
      disable VAAPI when no OpenGL was detected
      fix duplicate matching for Pro7Sat1 by removing credits from description
      parse items from DVB ExtendedEventDescriptor
      copy items from ExtendedEventDescriptor to DBEventEIT in EITHelper
      add sample fixup that handles items in DVB-EIT
      update german translation
      one more "V4L2Enc" -> "V4L2ENC" typo
      use C99 printf format modifier for size_t
      compare size_t to size_t
      extend character encoding fixups for Cyfra+ and Polsat
      prefer QT5 over QT4 on master
      our VAAPI support needs GLX, so disabled it when its missing
      add channels to the Unitymedia fixup
      extend unit tests to catch issue with c4fe5210fa
      remove unneeded casts
      Move QJson before Xlib in includes to unbreak build on Raspbian
      add message about issue with QT5 before 5.3 and our OpenMAX decoder
      work around name clash None in tv.h vs X11/X.h
      fix e25a89d669, move definition before first use
      try to unbreak build of mythgallery with OpenGL ES
      let configure test work with dash and bash
      Add string that was missed in c98c445b167da4403ea99d6ebb68c74b0fdde62d
      Revert "remove unneeded casts"
      Revert "extend unit tests to catch issue with c4fe5210fa"
      Revert "extend character encoding fixups for Cyfra+ and Polsat"
      migrate to new style for unused parameters
      fix typo in german translation "nciht"->"nicht"
      include libdvdnav headers as system headers to silence compiler warnings
      FmtList is unused when not building with MMX
      always execute both regexp ignoring the result of the other
      shuffle test and cast around as suggested by coverity
      add null check after dynamic_cast as suggested by coverity
      add null check after dynamic_cast as suggested by coverity
      try to unbreak Raspbian buildslave
      special case for Law & Order in UK Fixups
      extend unit test to cover removal of "New. " prefix in description
      Add "Law & Order: UK" to the exceptions
      test UK "New" Fixup with "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."
      disable QT compatibility with stuff that was deprecated in QT 5.0 or earlier
      add another variant of M3U scraping to the IPTV recorder
      add missing space between sentences of DiSEqC command repeat hack
      use timeout instead of TTL for Windows ping test
      update translation comment after 243420f6c1e043530fbe919ec85ae9f41af56323
      add missing break found by Coverity
      fix 32bit signed / unsigned issue to make Coverity happy
      initialize variable to avoid uninitialized use found by Coverity
      initialize variable to avoid uninitialized use found by Coverity
      initialize properties in constructor before using them uninitizalized
      handle external hdhomerun includes as system includes
      ifdef out unused function in preparation of removal
      change type to match v4l2 header
      remove unused variable to silence compiler warning
      finish removal of CleanupGuard from 053b49e7f424836317638012e1f5b86bc41e3ed2
      try to unbreak OpenMAX (over) linkage on Raspbian
      ignore MYMETA.json, too
      add some hard coded include paths for OpenMAX
      add some hard coded include paths for OpenMAX
      add some hard coded include paths for OpenMAX
      close memory leaks in EIT Fixups unit test
      replace cast of deleted pointer to bool with literal true/false
      add some hard coded include paths for OpenMAX
      change block comment style to make Github's syntax highlightning happy
      Add special case for specials / season 0 to Perl bindings
      fix swapped parameters "forceMetadataDelete" and "expirer" in DoHandleDeleteRecording
      updates to the german translation
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'madscientist159/master'
      Silence Coverity warning about unitialized commDetectBorder
      compare double to double instead of int to double to silence Coverity
      add stub pull request template pointing to trac
      add unit test for trailing \0 characters in US channel names
      add unit test for #12612
      unbreak unit test build
      avoid \0 characters in ATSC strings, also simplify them
      update unit test for ATSC channel names after fixes
      add TODO to dbcheck to clean \0 from callsign/channel name

Karl Newman (2):
      MythMusic: add support for embedded images in flac xiphComment tags
      MythMusic: prefer xiphComment style tags in flac files

Kenni Lund (2):
      Update the Danish translation of mythfrontend.
      Update the Danish translation of mytharchive, mythbrowser, mythgallery, mythgame, mythnetvision, mythnews, mythweather and mythzoneminder.

Klass De Waal (3):
      Call Tc->Poll() outside if statement and ignore function value.
      EIT improvements for DVB
      Remove old entries from in-memory EIT cache

Lawrence Rust (193):
      AFD: Correctly render data only (MHEG) streams without audio or video
      MHEG: Fixes for InteractionChannel streaming from network URI's
      MHEG: Interaction channel uses SSL certificate from the DSMCC carousel
      MHEG: Serialise accesses to the MHEG engine
      MHEG: Support BBC iPLayer on Freeview
      MHEG: Rermove an unnecessary mutex lock operation
      MHEG: Avoid an Interaction channel deadlock if data is cached
      RingBuffer: Play encrypted dvd's and iso images from storage groups
      MHEG: Cache database lookups in GetChannelIndex
      MHEG: allow escape key to exit liveTV in input register 5
      UI: Fix Xv painter rendering of OSD menu gradient elements
      Player: Delete decoder after decoder thread stopped
      Settings: Add missing QString::arg
      Mythgallery: Fix white screen after playing video when using OpenGL
      OpenGL: Optimize writing packed images to pixel buffer objects (PBO)
      MythUIWebBrowser: silence a warning when we can't find the parent window
      mytharchivehelper: fix variable might be clobbered warning in pxsubtitle.c
      MythMusic: Avoid a floating point domain error in the spectrum visualiser
      mytharchivehelper: Fix set but not used warning in pxsup2dast.c
      MythUIWebbrowser: Enable Qt5 compatibility
      MythBrowser: Enable Qt5 build
      MythMusic: Enable Qt5 build
      BE: Fix 'MythSocket: Programmer error, QEventLoop isn't running...' during BE exit
      Fix 0b9470c Fix fileringbuffer locking...
      VO: Fail VAAPI reinit from decoder thread to avoid Qt abort in doneCurrent
      Player: Increase OpenFile timeout to allow playing encrypted isos on a remote FE
      AFD: Read packets until audio PTS >= video PTS
      TV: Quit the TV playback loop when the primary player reports a fatal error
      Player: DecoderLoop sleeps until audio buffers available
      CoreContext: Add missing QRunnable header
      AO: SetStretchFactor sets pause until buffered to smooth playback start
      AO: Pause resets PauseUntilBuffered
      TV UnpauseLiveTV calls tvchain->SwitchTo opposed to JumpTo to minimise visible disruption
      AO: Don't disable Pulse if no valid output
      AO: Cache the result of IsPulseAudioRunning
      OpenGL: Reduce video playback overhead
      libmyth: Prevent SEGV in avcodec_decode_video2 when playing nuv material
      Player: Improve low bit rate / high latency stream playback
      Player: Don't call DoneDisplayingFrame for PiP until next frame is ready
      OSD: Add a graphical display of audio level to cut list editor
      ringbuffer: Prevent a divide by 0
      Subtitles: Avoid changing subtitle state in the decoder thread.
      mythtranscode: skip audio description streams
      Player: Clear EOF when resuming play
      Player: Enable AVSync to recover quicker after a seek or program change
      Player: Finer a/v sync adjustments
      Player: Amalgamate and simplify SwitchTo and JumpToProgram
      libmythtv: Add a mutex to the ChannelScanSM class
      TV: Avoid a SEGV when switching from PiP to PbP
      Win32: Fix playback of 32-bit AC3 and OGG sound media
      Player: Allow seeking upto last frame when paused
      AOG: Support 32-bit samples for HD channels
      Decoder: Limit buffered audio data to 2000mS for visualiser startup
      Transcode: Fix a race condition in VideoDecodeBuffer when EOF encountered
      mythshutdown: use idleWaitForRecordingTime instead of 15 mins for min shutdown
      BE: Fix scheduler auto shutdown on idle
      MythMusic: Fix out of bounds array access in spectrum visualizer
      MHEG: Log application launch
      MHEG: Log text contents when updated
      MHEG: Add PrintMe to ParseNode for improved logging of MHEG parameters
      Player: Fix a deadlock with the MHEG engine in MythPlayer's dtor
      MHEG: Set whoami string for BBC Freeview so that iPlayer menu item is shown
      MHEG: Correctly handle video stream program elements
      MHEG: Resize graphics when video is zoomed or filled
      MHEG: Apply aspect correction to all images
      MHEG: Fixes for InteractionChannel streaming from network URI's
      MHEG: Replace QString urls with QUrl for consistency
      RingBuffer: Only decrypt vob files when located on a mounted DVD
      MHEG: Print diagnostics if application parsing fails
      Audio: Offload dbase updates when volume is changed
      MediaMonitor::GetMedias: Search for multiple media types
      Add taglib to the libraries linked by applications
      TV: Conditionally support VAAPI profiles and entry points
      MediaMon: Use a wait condition to reduce the latency when exiting mythfrontend
      MediaMonitor: Report media with a bitmask of media types
      MediaMonitor: Make list of registered extensions static instead of instance
      MediaMon: Ensure to send status changed after disc mounted
      MediaMon: Don't announce media until after type identified
      MediaMon: Improve CDROM eject robustness with SCSI fallback
      MediaMon: Fix a race condition between MediaMonitor::CheckDevices and DBus deviceRemoved signals
      TV: Fix an incorrect lock release in HandleSaveLastPlayPosEvent
      MediaMonitor: Delay after pmount to permit /proc/mounts to update
      MediaMonitor: Retry mount after a 300mS delay if initial failure
      MediaMon: Speed up recognition and autoplay of removeable media
      MythGallery: Register known video types with MediaMonitor
      MythMusic: Autoplay music files on removable media
      MediaMon: UI to select preferred media handler
      MediaMon: Correct event generation for device removal and insertion
      configure: Fix pkg-config names for Qt5
      configure: libuuid only required if mythlogserver enabled
      configure: Fix some sysroot based paths for cross compilation
      configure: search more paths for DVB headers
      configure: Link with the correct OpenGL/ES library
      UPnP: Fix mingw32 compilation which lacks SSL
      UPnP: Fix build on systems with no Qt SSL (mingw)
      UPnP: Fix Mingw build with no SSL
      Add missing QTcpSocket header
      transcode: preserve qt in replex config to fix link errors when xcompiling
      FE/avtest: setuid fails in Qt>=5.3 and causes program exit
      UI: Add WebBrowserEnableJavascript setting
      UI: OpenGL ES 2.0 support for Raspberry Pi
      UI: Convert QGLxxx usage to QOpenGLxxx for OpenGLES2.0 and Qt 5.4
      UI: Avoid NULL deref in OpenGL painter after QOpenGLxxx support
      UI: Avoid a race condition and SEGV in EGLFS during MythMainWindow creation
      UI: cache OpenGL shader parameters to reduce render time
      UI: Fix incorrect layout of ConfigurationWizard pages on EGLFS/Qt5.4
      UI: Fix Qt UI drawing when using embedded OpenGL video.
      UI: Avoid texture memory exhaustion by shrinking the painter image cache
      UI: Reduce flicker while updating GUI background image
      UI: Fix incorrect layout of MythWebView frames on EGLFS/Qt5.4
      UI: Fix missing 1 pixel border around rects using Qt UI
      OpenGL: Ensure sampler2D is correctly assigned to texture buffer
      OpenGL: Add GLSL deinterlace filters that accept YV12 input textures
      ALSA: Fix distorted sound on Raspberry Pi
      ALSA: Add a Drain() method to ensure all samples played at close
      ALSA: Fix calculation of mixer volume
      TV: Fix frame copy when frames have different pitches
      TV: Fix VideoOutput::ResizeVideo for frames with width < line pitch
      Avoid green screen with Greedy HighMotion deinterlace on non-MMX CPUs
      TV: Prevent a SEGV starting the popup EPG on the RPi.
      TV: Avoid a race condition starting the decoder thread
      TV: Add an OpenMAX private decoder
      TV: Add an OpenMAX video renderer
      TV: Add HW deinterlace to OpenMAX video
      TV: Add PxP support to OpenMAX video
      TV: Only display menu item 'Switch to PBP' if PbP is supported
      TV: Add EGL/OpenGL based OSD to OpenMAX video
      TV: Fix OpenMAX video embedding
      TV: Fix OpenMAX video screen positioning
      TV: Reduce memory footprint of OpenMAX video renderer
      TV: Add conditional OpenMAX decoder support for VP8/9
      TV: OpenMAX decoder writes directly to video buffers
      AO: Add an OpenMAX audio output device with passthrough support
      UI: Fix matrix multiply order in OpenGL2 render
      UI: Add QOpenGLxxx compatibility for non OpenGLES builds
      configure: Another fix for some sysroot based paths for cross compilation
      TV: OpenMAX compatibility with the Bellagio library implementation
      AFD: Allow OpenMAX to decode H264 High 10 profile video
      TV: Prevent a SEGV in videooutputbase due to race condition
      Player: Avoid a race condition when creating the InteractiveTV object.
      FE: Channel record priority settings gets channel icons from master BE
      TV: Fix race condition when changing channels with browse mode
      TV: Prevent the live TV pop-up EPG from nesting and hanging the UI
      Mythsystem: Add a wait condition to speed up wait for completed children
      OSD: Relax alignment settings for yuv888_to_yv12
      BE: Fix SEGV in MpegRecorder::run when exiting LiveTV
      Settings: Initialise IntegerSetting to 0 in ctor
      MythWeather: Fix a SEGV on exit from setup screen
      TV: Move thread affinity of PreviewGenerator objects to QApplication
      TV: Move ownership of the AudioOutputSync setting to PlayerContext
      AFD: Fix playback of MPEG1 recordings with Xv and VAAAPI
      Visualisers: handle float32 audio samples
      Libmythbase: Stop MythWelcome blocking BE idle shutdown
      VO: Prevent VAAPI scibbling in CropToDisplay
      mythtranscode: prevent an OOM abort caused by over allocating buffers
      VO: Permit change of deinterlace method while playing
      FE: Ensure FE re-connects to BE in monitor mode if FE is in standby
      TV: Ensure LiveTV channel number is updated when changing channel on same mux
      Player: Restore the cutlist editor after seeking across a video format change
      MPEG: Correctly handle PSIP packets with StartOfFieldPointer 178..180
      Mythwelcome: Disable the idle standby timer
      Videobuffers: Fix GetStatus to report correct video frame status
      mythcommflag: Prevent a divide by zero exception
      TV: Fix out of bounds array access in spectrum visualizer
      EIT: Ensure names in the people dbase table are stripped of trailing spaces
      FE: Playbackbox - ensure stereo icon takes precedence over mono
      TV: Avoid race condition when exiting if TV is embedded
      TV: Fix DrawUnusedRects when exiting embedded EPG
      Configure: Fix reference to unset variable in check_class_headers_cpp
      mythsystemunix: Fix race condition in MythSystemLegacy::Run
      FE: Avert a race condition in program guide updating
      Logging: Fix -V option handling to accept 64bit values
      MythTranscode: Reset the video stream ID before generating keyframe index
      MPEG: Allow TV programs to be recorded 'Audio Only'
      BE: Avoid SEGV when accessing discarded MythSocket
      UI: Ensure the UI idle timer is start/stopped from the UI thread
      UI: Ensure MythConfirmationDialog only posts one DialogCompletionEvent
      Setup: Fix regex detecting V4L video device
      Fix bcd7d65e to use UTF8 string for MYTH_PROTO_TOKEN
      UI: Avoid adding NULL values to MythUIButtonList::m_ButtonToItem
      MythNews: Ignore enclosures that have no valid type
      FE: avoid a null ptr deref when updating 'Search Listings' items
      OpenGL: Fix colour rendition when using opengllite profile on Mesa
      Player: Allow user to change deinterlacer when time stretch > 1.0
      TV: Ensure correct A/V sync with PBP
      Fix link failure due to incorrect MBASE_PUBLIC used by mythgesture in libmythui
      Socket: Validate failure posts message to correct object
      TV: C++11/Clang compatibile array initialisers for VideoOutput::ShowPIP
      TV: Qt5 compatibility for DBEvent::GetMatch
      Mythgallery: Add .mts files to list of supported movies
      MythGallery: Speed up thumb generation of mixed content directories
      MythGallery: random() needs compat.h for mingw
      Profile build on Windows and MacOSX don't require Qt debug libs

Lincoln Rogers (1):
      Extend IPTV recorder to support TS streams over HTTP

Lomion0815 (2):
      Extract Season and Episode from Description field for Sky Germany
      Reduce screen/frontend load times by moving the load of mask images. Fixes #12489

Luca Barbato (1):
      avidec: Let the inner dv demuxer take care of discarding

Mario Limonciello (3):
      Refs #11835 Re-order the includes in audiooutpututil.cpp to fix a FTBFS on PPC.
      Fix executable permissions on a few files
      Internet Content: Replace precompiled vimeo_data.pyc with the source vimeo_data.py.

Mark Spieth (21):
      Patches for Android
      set the file storage location to a better one
      Update to use gesture-keypress translation which works better
      Fix Gesture processing
      Enable support for gestures other than click
      Enable gestures for mythuibuttonlist so it is usable from a touch screen
      get valid android display metrics
      configurable screen key mapping
      add some more gestures for back and forth
      improvements to audio opensles driver, cleanup, constants
      basic gesture support for grid
      android thread priority support
      remove a gesture format comment
      Fix 44.1k native OpenSLES Audio output so that the packets are a multiple of 4
      Allow neon compile flags for arm
      Fix android cross compile
      Fix includes since last refactor
      Fixes for nexus7 open gl variations
      Android Screensaver implementation.
      Only search for correctly prefixed filters and name them appropriately
      Only set top position if deleting an item leaves a hole at the end of the

Marko Punnar (6):
      Updated full Estonian MythTV translation
      Updated Estonian MythFrontend, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNews and
      Updated Estonian MythFrontend and MythMusic translation
      Updated Estonian MythFrontend translation
      Generate the Estonian translation Qm file
      Updated Estonian MythFrontend, MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythMusic, MythNetVision

Martin Gallant (1):
      Fixes #12480 Fix includes for qt-5.5 compatibility

Martin Storsjö (5):
      arm: Don't clobber callee saved registers in scalarproduct
      rtpdec_asf: Copy the need_parsing field from the chained demuxer
      aarch64: Use the correct syntax for relocations
      adpcm: Fix trellis encoding of IMA QT
      adpcm: Write the proper predictor in trellis mode in IMA QT

Martin Thwaites (4):
      WebFrontend: added ability to close recordings box with escape
      Added unit tests for Filename metadata parsing
      Services API: Added filter by Folder to the Video/GetVideoList operation
      Services API: Allow GetVideoList to sorted by insertdate and releasedate, also switched to using .append() instead of +=

Michael Niedermayer (149):
      movenc: ilbc needs audio_vbr set.
      swr: clean layouts before checking sanity
      swr/rematrix: Fix handling of AV_CH_LAYOUT_STEREO_DOWNMIX output
      avfilter: fix plane validity checks
      avformat/paf: Fix integer overflow and out of array read
      avcodec/flashsv: check diff_start/height
      avcodec/rpza: Perform pointer advance and checks before using the pointers
      jpeg2000: check log2_cblk dimensions
      matroska_read_seek: Fix used streams for subtitle index compensation
      matroskaenc: simplify mkv_check_tag()
      avformat/matroskadec: check out_samplerate before using it in av_rescale()
      update for 1.2.3
      avcodec/pngdsp: fix (un)signed type in end comparission
      avformat/avidec: match first index and first packet size=0 handling
      avcodec/h264: set er.ref_count earlier
      avformat/lxfdec: use a parser to parse video frame headers
      avcodec/ffv1dec: check global header version
      ffv1dec: check that global parameters dont change in version 0/1
      ffv1dec: Check bits_per_raw_sample and colorspace for equality in ver 0/1 headers
      avcodec/dsputil: fix signedness in sizeof() comparissions
      avfilter/vf_fps: make sure the fifo is not empty before using it
      avcodec/mjpegdec: Add some sanity checks to ljpeg_decode_rgb_scan()
      avcodec/truemotion2: Fix av_freep arguments
      avcodec/ffv1enc: update buffer check for 16bps
      avcodec/parser: reset indexes on realloc failure
      update for 1.2.4
      avformat/mov: force parsing of headers if stts is absent
      avformat/matroskadec: only set r_frame_rate if the value is within reasonable limits
      avformat/wavdec: Dont trust the fact chunk for PCM
      avcodec/h264_refs: modify key frame detection heuristic to detect more cases
      avcodec/h264: do not trust last_pic_droppable when marking pictures as done
      avformat/mp3dec: perform seek resync in the correct direction
      avcodec/h264: reduce noisiness of "mmco: unref short failure"
      h264: make flush_change() set mmco_reset
      avformat/utils: do not override pts in h264 when they are provided from the demuxer
      avcodec/bink: fix seeking to frame 0
      avformat/utils: dont count attached pics toward the probesize
      ffmpeg: Fix forcing of the framerate for stream copy on input
      avcodec/cabac: force get_cabac to be not inlined
      swscale/utils: remove useless ()
      swscale/utils: check chroma width for fast bilinear scaler
      nutenc/write_index: warn if 2 consecutive keyframes have the same PTS and discard the 2nd
      avformat/oggdec: dont read timestamps from EOS pages of ogm videos
      avformat/mxfdec: detect loops during header parsing
      avcodec/msvideo1enc: fix SKIPS_MAX
      ffserver: strip odd chars from html error messages before sending them back
      avfilter/ff_insert_pad: fix order of operations
      avcodec/avpacket/av_packet_split_side_data: ensure that side data padding is initialized
      avcodec/utils: add some saftey checks to add_metadata_from_side_data()
      avutil/opt: initialize ret
      avcodec/jpeglsdec: check err value for ls_get_code_runterm()
      avformat/thp: fix variable types to avoid overflows
      avformat/thp: force moving forward
      h264: Do not treat the initial frame special in handling of frame gaps
      avcodec: move end zeroing code from av_packet_split_side_data() to avcodec_decode_subtitle2()
      avcodec/error_resilience: factor er_supported() check out
      avcodec/error_resilience: check that er is supported before attempting to read the status of the previous slice
      avutil/log: skip IO calls on empty strings
      evrcdec: use memmove() instead of memcpy() when regions can overlap.
      svq3: use memmove to avoid overlap in memcpy.
      avcodec/mpegvideo_motion: Check P field references
      avcodec/c93: Check for block overlap.
      avcodec/mpegvideo_motion: Use a field from the current frame if the last is unavailable in DMV & 16x8
      avcodec/bitstream: Check bits in ff_init_vlc_sparse()
      avcodec/bitstream: check codes in ff_init_vlc_sparse()
      xan: Check for overlapping copies
      eamad: Check against minimum supported dimensions
      evrcdec: fix sign error
      shorten: allocate space for padding
      dxa: check vectors of 4x4 motion blocks
      dxa: check vectors of 2x2 motion blocks
      avformat/vqf: check number of channels before use.
      avcodec/lcldec: Check that dimensions are a multiple of the subsample factors
      shorten: fix "off by padding" bug
      avcodec/ansi: Check x/y
      avcodec/ansi: Fix right/bottom end checks
      aacps: correct opdipd code to match spec
      avcodec/aacps: fix number of bands used with ipd/opd
      h264_cavlc: fix assertion failure due to reading too long vlc
      h264_refs: Check for attempts to assign pictures to short & long.
      h264: Move slice_table clean out of frame_start
      h264: move the default_ref_list_done check down after its inputs have been written
      h264: Always decode MMCOs into temprary array
      h264: check mb_width/height
      wmaprodec: Fix null pointer dereference in decode_frame()
      Update for 1.2.5
      cmdutils: update year
      avcodec/mjpegdec: update cur_scan also for non-LS jpeg
      avcodec/mjpegdec: only run EOI emulation code when there was a scan
      avcodec/aacdec: Dont fail if channels arent known yet
      avcodec/mjpegdec: Dont treat the lack of a startcode differently from end of the bitstream
      avcodec/mjpegdec: Dont skip picture allocation if theres no picture allocated
      dnxhdenc: fix mb_rc size
      avcodec/vmnc: Check that rectangles are within the picture
      avcodec/takdec: always check bits_per_raw_sample
      avcodec/vc1: reset fcm/field_mode in non advanced header parsing
      avcodec/wmalosslessdec: fix mclms_coeffs* array size
      avformat/mpegtsenc: Check data array size in mpegts_write_pmt()
      avcodec/msrle: use av_image_get_linesize() to calculate the linesize
      avcodec/ansi: fix integer overflow
      avcodec/snow: split block clipping checks
      avcodec/utvideoenc: fix slice_bits size
      update for 1.2.6
      avcodec/vorbisdec: use the stored previous window type only when the actual previous is not known
      avformat/flvdec: discard inconsistent timestamps
      avcodec/h264: be more tolerant on what pixel format changes trigger reinits
      avutil/timestamp: Warn about missing __STDC_FORMAT_MACROS for C++ use
      swscale/x86/swscale: fix missing xmm clobbers in yuv2yuvX_sse3()
      avcodec/h263dec: Fix use of uninitialized memory from the bitstream buffer
      avformat/mov: fix keyframe flags for sample from chromium Issue 340865
      avformat/matroskaenc: wrap V_QUICKTIME codec private in something that looks like its part of quicktime stsd
      avformat/matroskadec: support SVQ3 as generated by mkvtoolnix-6.6.0
      avformat/avidec: Speed up keyframe detection code
      avcodec/vorbisdec: try to workaround libvorbisenc bug
      sws: dont use the optimized 410->420 unscaled conversion when height%4
      avformat/mov: allow seeking back to the begin even if nothing is marked as keyframe
      avcodec/diracdec: move mc buffer allocation to per frame
      avutil/cpu: force mmx on selection of higher x86 SIMD features
      avcodec/libvorbisenc: dont add the duration to AV_NOPTS_VALUE
      avcodec/aac: fix () in IS_CODEBOOK_UNSIGNED macro
      avcodec/golomb-test: fix () in EXTEND() macro
      avcodec/h264: fix () in macros
      avcodec/hevc: fix () in macros
      avcodec/ivi_dsp: add some missing () to macros
      avcodec/mlpdec: fix () in MSB_MASK() macro
      avcodec/mss34dsp: fix () in SOP* macros
      avcodec/mss4: Fix () in MKVAL() macro
      avformat/flvenc: fix assertion failure after 4h muxing
      avformat/utils: Call ff_rfps_add_frame() only for video
      avcodec/svq3: Fix "incompatible pointer type" warnings
      avformat/h263dec: shift data in state to make more bits available to probe
      avformat/h263dec/h263_probe: Check PSC bit 9 and 13 in
      avformat/h263dec/h263_probe: Check TR
      Update for 2.2.3
      ffmpeg: prevent pts < dts to be passed through to the muxer on stream copy
      avformat/avidec: allow rounding errors between scale/rate and timebase
      avcodec/h264: in the absence of recovery points, be more tolerant on accepting plain I frames
      avcodec/mjpegdec: Improve intel jpeg flip heuristic
      avformat/mp3enc: drop redundant and uninitialized variable
      avutil/lzo: Fix integer overflow
      avutil/lzo: add asserts to be double sure against overflows
      avcodec/aic: fix quantization table permutation
      avformat/flvenc: Do not allow creating h263/mpeg4 in flv without unofficial format extensions being enabled.
      avcodec/alsdec: Clear MPEG4AudioConfig so that no use of uninitialized memory is possible
      cavsdec: fix qp fixed slice handling
      avformat/cavsvideodec: Fix probing when the file extension is avs
      avformat/mpc: attempt to allocate a packet that is not smaller than the data inside it
      update for FFmpeg 2.2.4
      avcodec/aacdec: Fix storing state before PCE decode

Mike Rice (3):
      MythMusic: Improve the lyrics file parser
      LyricsView: fix segfault if no tracks in playlist
      MythMusic: fix AllowTagWriting setting default mismatch

Mike Thomas (2):
      Speed up ProgramInfo::SavePositionMap() database writes.
      Speed up writing EIT cache to database

Morris Cavestro (1):
      Updated Italian MythFrontend, MythArchive, MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame

Mossy (2):
      Fix Saorview MHEG problems
      Fix Saorview MHEG problems

Nick Morrott (7):
      Updated GB English MythFrontend translation from Nick Morrott
      Updated GB English MythFrontend and MythMusic translation
      Updated British English translations
      Remove Digital Spy RSS feeds, which are no longer available
      Updated British English MythFrontend, MythMusic and MythZoneMinder translation
      Updated British English translations for Gallery
      British English translation

Nicolas Riendeau (44):
      Updated US English translation
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Temporarily make a string untranslatable in the settings pages
      Fix some translations issues
      Fix an help text message.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Remove redundant space
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Very last theme string update for 0.27...
      Re-enable the translation of a string
      Add a warning that VAAPI use requires the OpenGL painter.
      Add a new MythZoneMinder date format
      Updated French language MythFrontend and all plugins translation
      Updated Canadian English MythFrontend and all plugins translation
      Updated US English MythFrontend and MythArchive translation
      Update of the Norwegian Bokmal translation
      Suppression of locations from the Norwegian Bokmal translation
      Removal of obsoletes from Norwegian Bokmal translation
      Fix translation lookup post  0281d432355ad882f2edc1b584f04671b3fcb282
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Set the default codec for tr()
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Remove Digital Spy RSS
      Updated British English MythFrontend translation from Nick Morrott
      Add a new Chinese short format
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Remove deprecated code which was used to convert very old diseqc settings.
      Grammar fix in Manage Recordings->Search Lists->New Titles
      Web setup translatable strings extraction
      Regenerate translation QMs with Qt5 lrelease
      Regenerate translation QMs with Qt5 lrelease
      Modify the theme string extraction tool (themestringtool) for Qt5
      Stop mythfilldatabase from lowercasing all program genres
      Update the theme strings for translation
      Updated Canadian English translation
      Updated US English translation
      Replace tabs with spaces
      Fix typos, inconsistencies and missing translation hint...
      Merge branch 'fixes/0.28' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into fixes/0.28
      Bad cut and paste...
      Fix some plural translations
      Fix a plural translation (bis)
      Make "unknown" for the uptime translatable...

Oliver Collyer (1):
      ffserver&ffm: Fixed issues preventing ffserver write_index and files_size from being set correctly which was breaking ffserver streaming.

Paul B Mahol (5):
      w64dec: fix skipping of unknown guids
      w64dec: fix end position of summarylist guid
      avformat/matroskaenc: remove bogus prores tag
      avcodec/ffv1dec: fix format detection
      avcodec/libopusenc: change default frame duration to 20 ms

Paul Harrison (451):
      MythMusic: Don't allow users to import tracks from within the music directory
      MythArchive: Remove ISO files from the list of available video files
      RemoteFile::Exists(): Update the stat struct for local files
      MythArchive: Update the VideoSelector screen to work with remote files
      MythArchive: Add wide versions of the thumb image finder screen
      MythArchive: Add some initial storage group support to Create DVD
      MythArchive: Set the ionice level to idle
      MythArchive: pretty print the created xml files in mythburn.py
      mythburn.py: fix playback problem with some players
      mythburn.py: fix user defined chapter point creation
      mythburn.py: fix animated chapter menu when using user defined chapters
      mythburn.py: change the default to not covert all audio tracks to ac3
      mythburn.py: remove the depreciated crop* options to mythffmpeg
      mythburn.py: fix typo
      mythburn.py: fix the processing of the title to create the DVD volume ID
      MythMusic: fix file scan sql errors
      MythMusic: fix extracting the tracks metadata from the filename
      MythUIButtonlist: fix removing the last item using RemoveItem()
      MusicCommon: remove the workaround to remove the last track
      Add the 'New Image Gallery' menu item to the classic menu layout
      Add the 'New Image Gallery' menu item to the DVR menu layout
      Add the 'New Image Gallery' menu item to the media center menu layout
      MythMusic: fix playback of ogg radio streams
      MythZoneMinder: fix the grabbing of the live stream images
      MythZoneMinder: add some initial support for ZoneMinder >= 1.26.0
      Services API: Fix the GetRecorded example broken in 0254ef8c
      Revert "Disable HTML Setup pages and /Config/Save URL"
      MythZoneMinder: Add six and eight camera layouts to the live view screen
      MythZoneMinder: Add the six and eight camera layouts to the 4:3 ZM live screen
      MythCenter-wide: Add the six and eight camera layouts to the ZM live screen
      MythZoneMinder: tidy up the default wide zmliveplayer
      MythZoneMinder: fix playback of continuous events
      MythZoneMinder: get a normal frame image if an analysis image is not available
      MythZoneMinder: fix the monitor function popup on the console screen
      mythzmserver: fix the debug output telling us which mmap files we opened
      MythZoneMinder: finish the support for ZoneMinder >= 0.26.0
      MythZoneMinder: fix typo
      MythMusic: fix compilation for users of taglib < 1.8
      MythZoneMinder: fix an invalid frame no. warning when playing back events
      MythZoneMinder: use the itemVisible signal to update the event images
      mythburn.py: only use toprettyxml() in Python >= 2.7.3
      mythburn.py: fix another utcisoformat() missed in 45e62c8cb6
      MythZoneMinder: actually tell us what the wrong data was in a log error message
      mythzmserver: use the Sequence field to sort the monitor list
      mythzmserver: add a GET_ALARM_STATES command
      mythzmserver: use the shared monitor list in handleGetMonitorList()
      mythzmserver: use the ADD_INT macro to cleanup sending int values
      mythzmserver: fix a possible segfault if no event frames are found
      configure: bump the minimum supported taglib version to 1.7
      mythzmserver: add the sub pixel order to the monitor debugging
      mythzmserver: use the frame size from the shared memory in ZM 1.26.x
      MythZoneMinder: by default exclude continuous events from 'Show Events' screen
      MythMusic: fix playback of some radio stations
      MetaIOAVFComment: don't call av_estimate_timings() in getTrackLength()
      MetaIO: validate the files extension before creating a tagger
      Bump the ABI version after 47217ca10ad
      MythMusic: make sure we null check the returned tagger after 47217ca10a
      MythMusic: avoid storing a pointer to the current playlist in the music player
      MythMusic: move the music file scanner into libmythmetadata
      MythUtil: add an --updatemeta option to update music tags
      MythMusic: Fix detection of compilations using special MusicBrainz Artist ID
      MythMusic: re-factor Playlist to avoid storing MusicMetadata pointers
      MythMusic: only send track added/removed events for the active playlist
      MythMusic: start decoupling the file scanning from the frontend
      MythUtil: add a --scanmusic option to start a scan for music files
      MusicPlayer: show some notifications showing the file scanner status
      MythMusic: move loadMusic() to MusicData
      MythMusic: check all tracks in a playlist are still valid after a rescan
      MusicMetadata : remove unused function
      MythMusic : preserve the modified timestamp after updating a tracks tag
      Attempt to fix compilation on freeBSD
      MythMusic: make sure the memory cache is updated after a rescan
      MythMusic: add Music and MusicArt to the special storage groups
      Add a SCAN_MUSIC command to the myth protocol
      StorageGroup: Fix a bug introduced in 907d9fe5 to silence cppcheck warnings
      MythMusic: update the file scanner to scan a list directories
      RemoteFile: add a static FindFile() function to find a file on all BE's
      bump the API version so both core and plugins need to be recompiled.
      MusicMetadata: cache the actual URL of the file when found
      MythMusic: add a hostname column to the music_songs table
      MusicMetadata: fix updating the hostname if different from the one in the DB
      MusicMetadata: add missing comma to database update query
      RemoteFile: handle the slave unreachable case in FindFile()
      MythMusic: add a hostname column to the music_albumart table
      MythMusic: add support to the file scanner for music stored on slave BE's
      MainServer: update the SCAN_MUSIC command to also scan slave BE's
      MythMusic: show separate file scanner status notifications for each backend
      MusicFileScanner: fix updating modified tracks
      MythUtil: add --extractimage command
      MainServer: add a MUSIC_TAG_GETIMAGE command to the myth protocol
      MythImage: fix loading images from slave BE's
      AlbumArtImages: load the hostname from the database
      MythMusic: switch the filescanner to scan the 'Music' storage group
      MythMusic: send a 'SCAN_MUSIC' command to the master BE to start the file scan
      RemoteFile: add a CopyFile() static function
      RemoteFile::CopyFile() check we're not trying to copy a file to itself
      ImportMusic: update the music import to use storage groups
      MythMusic: remove 'Directory to hold music' setting from the settings pages
      MythMusic: check we have at least one directory in the 'Music' storage group
      MusicMetadata: remove some no longer required local file stuff
      MusicPlayer: no need to update the music directory when the settings change
      MythMusic: remove no longer required get/setMusicDirectory()
      should have bumped the version in a5ecdd0c since it changes the plugin ABI
      MythMusic: remove the local file access from findIcon()
      MythMusic: update retrieving album art to use storage groups
      AlbumArtImages: make sure the hostname is saved to the database
      MythMusic: check we have found some tracks before showing some screens
      MetaIO*: Update the hostname when creating an AlbumArtImage
      MusicAlbumArt: more hostname fixes and fix the file name of embedded images
      Remove some debugging
      RemoteFile::Copy() fix the really poor performance
      MythMusic: delete any unused directory_ids from music_directories after a scan
      MythMusic: update the music cd ripper to use storage groups
      MetaIO*: Add the filename to write() and writeVolatileMetadata()
      MusicMetadata: add the missing FileSize() implementation
      MusicMetadata: add a getLocalFilename() function
      MusicMetadata: clear the cached actual filename when the filename is set
      Missed a file in 1238ba43bcf
      CDRipper: fix the writing of the metadata to the tag
      Myth Protocol: add a MUSIC_TAG_UPDATE_VOLATILE command
      MusicPlayer: use the myth protocol to update the volatile metadata
      Myth Protocol: add a MUSIC_TAG_UPDATE_METADATA command
      MythMusic: don't send SCAN_MUSIC and MUSIC_TAG_UPDATE_VOLATILE in the UI thread
      MythMusic: fix saving the metadata to the tag on the editmetadata screen
      MythMusic: fix the goom visualizer
      MusicMetadata: make sure the various get*Id() functions return the actual ID
      AlbumArtImages: add option to not load images from the database
      Myth Protocol: add a MUSIC_FIND_ALBUMART command
      AlbumArtImages: add a scanForImages() function
      MusicImport: fix switching of the metadata editor to metadata only mode
      MusicImport: update the importing of albumart to work with storage groups
      MythMusic: start updating the edit metadata screen to work with storage groups
      HandleMusicFindAlbumArt: only save the filename not the full path
      findIcon: add option to ignore the cached filename
      EditMetadata: update the internet image search to work with storage groups
      MythUtil: add a --calctracklen option
      Myth Protocol: add a MUSIC_CALC_TRACK_LENGTH command
      MythMusic: fix the 'Check Track Length' option on the edit metadata screen
      MythMusic: remove the redundant calcTrackLength() from musicutils
      Add the forums to the README.rst
      MusicMetadata::Filename(): return an invalid filename if the file is not found
      MythMusic: improve the handling of unavailable tracks in the player
      MusicCommon: handle TrackUnavailableEvents from the music player
      MythCenter-wide: Add the 'unavailable' state to the 'playstate' statetype
      default themes: Add the 'unavailable' state to the 'playstate' statetype
      MythCenter-wide: tweak the position of the 'unavailable' state
      AlbumArtImages: update the id after dumping to the database
      AlbumArtImages: add a function to retrieve an image by ID
      MythMusic: add a 'First' resume mode and make 'Off' never resume
      MythMusic: missed a git add in [385011e307c]
      MythMusic: Allow a different resume mode to be set for the playlist editor
      MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the music playlist editor
      MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the music playlist editor
      MythMusic: fix playback from CD only playing the first track
      MythCenter-wide: fix some clipping on the playlist editor screen
      myth protocol: add a MUSIC_TAG_ADDIMAGE command
      myth protocol: add a MUSIC_TAG_REMOVEIMAGE command
      myth protocol: fix copy/paste error in the MUSIC_TAG_REMOVEIMAGE command
      mythutil - ExtractImage: Always update the image even if one already exists
      MainServer::HandleMusicFindAlbumArt: cache any embedded images found
      MainServer::HandleMusicTagGetImage: pass the ImageType by number not by name
      AlbumArtImages::scanForImages: fix the image filename
      MythMusic: update the metadata editor adding/removing images from the tag
      MusicMetadata: copy m_actualFilename in operator=
      MythMusic: fix the playlist editor adding duplicate tracks to the playlist
      AlbumArtImages: use the filename as is for non myth urls in findImages()
      myth protocol: add a MUSIC_TAG_CHANGEIMAGE command
      MythMusic: re-enable the change image type option in the albumart editor
      myth protocol: MUSIC_TAG_UPDATE_VOLATILE pass the parameters on separate lines
      myth protocol: MUSIC_* commands pass the parameters on separate lines
      Silence a couple of compiler warnings
      MusicMetadata: fix missing parameter when sending MUSIC_FIND_ALBUMART command
      Check we found the notification image. Fixes Coverity ID #1192752
      PlayerSettings: Fix Uninitialized pointer fields. Fixes Coverity ID #1192764
      AlbumArtImage: Fix leak in findImages. Fixes Coverity ID #1192757
      MainServer: Fix leak in HandleMusicFindAlbumArt. Fixes Coverity ID #1192756
      Fix leak in ScanMusic if no directories found. Fixes Coverity ID #1192758
      Update the myth protocol version after the addition of the MythMusic commands
      PlaylistEditorView: null check the playlist in getPlaylistTracks
      MetaIO: clear the m_fileinfo struct in the ctor to keep Coverity happy
      MusicFileScanner: initialise some member variables in the ctor
      MythSingleDownload: initialise m_errorcode in the ctor
      findIcon: use RemoteFile::FindFile() to search for the icons
      getAlbumArtFile: add a sanity check before searching for the image
      PlaylistEditorView: make sure we only update the images once in itemVisible
      PlaylistEditorView: don't bother looking for an icon for some nodes
      Myth Protocol: add optional allowFallback parameter to QUERY_SG_FILEQUERY
      RemoteFile::FindFile: make sure we only search the storage group we want
      PlaylistEditorView: don't use itemVisible if using the tree view
      MythMusic: fix filename for embedded images after a file scan
      mythutil: make sure we only use the AlbumArt storage group in ExtractImage
      MythMusic: add a check for the AlbumArt storage group
      Playlist: silence a failed query warning when inserting an empty playlist
      MythMusic: add a 'Reset Database' button on the general settings page
      mythutil: send a MUSIC_ALBUMART_CHANGED message in ExtractImage
      mythutil: Silence a compiler warning in CalcTrackLength()
      EditMetadata: handle MUSIC_ALBUMART_CHANGED messages in the albumart editor
      MythBrowser: silence a couple of 'no previous declaration for' warnings
      AlbumArtImages: add some additional debug messages to scanForImages()
      MainServer: fix the filename of directory images in HandleMusicFindAlbumArt
      MetaIOID3: fix reading of metadata from id3 tags in .mp2 files
      MythMusic: allow some views to be nested so you can return to previous views
      MythMusic: always start playback after adding tracks to the current playlist
      CDRip: Fix Coverity ID 1196562 Division or modulo by float zero
      MythMusic General Settings: Fix Coverity ID 1196561 Unchecked return value
      MythNews: Fix parsing of the enclosure on some feeds
      MythArchive: Remove -copyts from the encoding profiles
      MainServer: Add the path to mythutil when using it for some music commands
      WebFrontend: Make the channel editor grid use all the available width
      WebFrontend: Make the channel editor grid use all the available height
      WebFrontend: Add the channel icon to the channel editor grid
      WebFrontend: Tweak the height of the file browser to remove the scrollbar
      IdleScreen: Use UIUtilW for the optional nextrecording and conflicts widgets
      Default-wide: Tidy up the background of the idle screen
      MythCenter-wide: Add an initial idle screen window definition
      MythCenter-wide: Add the missing clock fontdef to the idle screen
      MythCenter-wide: Use some icons for the backend status type
      Services API: Expand the sorting in Video/GetVideoList
      mythutil: add an option to check recordings
      MythUtil: Add the path when running mythcommflag to rebuild the seek table
      MythUtil: Fix indenting in CheckRecordings()
      MythUtil: Bailout if failed to get recording list in CheckRecordings()
      MythNetVision: NULL check item in NetSearch::customEvent()
      Remove stray include added by kdevelop in aa9066fe
      MusicCommon: Only connect the Exiting signal if the new view was created OK
      InputInfo: initialise all members in the constructor
      ExternalSignalMonitor: initialise m_lock_timeout in the constructor
      ExternIO: initialise m_pid in the constructor
      MytghMusic: check a dynamic_cast in PlaylistEditorView::ShowMenu()
      MusicCommon: remove some dead code from switchView()
      OSD: fix the window timeout in SetValue()
      PESPacket: initialise all the members in the constructor
      RemoteAVFormatContext: remove some dead code
      MpegRecorder: check the return value from read() for errors in StartRecording()
      HLSRecStream: initialise all the members in the constructor
      HLSStreamWorker: avoid a possible integer overflow
      ExternIO: use array deletes to fix small memory leak in Fork()
      IPTVStreamHandlerWriteHelper: init m_previous_last_sequence_number in the ctor
      IdleScreen: Add an optional 'conflictwarning' text area
      MythCenter-wide: Update the idle screen to work with recent changes
      MythThemedMenu: Add a function to get the callback and data
      MythMusic: Fix the idle and shutdown menu options not working in the menu
      MythArchive: Fix the idle and shutdown menu options not working in the menu
      Bump the ABI version
      MythZoneMinder: Fix the idle and shutdown menu options not working in the menu
      Ignore exiting_menu selections in the TVMenuCallback
      MythMusic: Fix the idle/shutdown menu options not working in the settings menu
      Fix parse error in mythtv.pro and error out unless doing a windows build
      MusicFileScanner: fix a typo in SearchDirs that should be 60 min not 60 sec
      MythFontProperties: don't normalise the shadowoffset property
      Revert part of 81dffd5ab it causes a 5 min delay before the BE would go idle
      ExitPrompter: Add a 'Show Standby' option
      MythCenter-wide: tweak the width of the status text on the Idle Screen
      MusicPlayer: On stop clear any temporary one shot metadata
      MythGallery: optionally allow import scripts to be run
      Idle Mode: fix changing the idle time in the settings requiring a FE restart
      MythGallery: fix showing the menu for folders that contain no images
      SendReceiveStringList: handle the UNKNOWN_COMMAND response properly
      MainServer: send an ERROR response back for malformed commands
      RemoteFile: add some additional logging to CopyFile()
      MainServer: add a QUERY_FINDFILE command to the protocol
      RemoteFile: add FindFileList which uses the new QUERY_FINDFILE command
      MythMusic: update findIcon() to use a regexp to find the icon
      MainServer: use gCoreContext->IsThisHost(hostname) to check the host
      MythMusic: fix playback of tracks with an '#' in the filename
      MythImage: fix loading images with an '#' in the filename
      MainServer: use gCoreContext->IsThisHost(hostname) to check for same host
      MythMusic: Add a simple ASX playlist parser
      backendutils: use endl from the std namespace (silences a compiler warning)
      mythavutil: make a couple of functions static (silences compiler warnings)
      AVFormatWriter: silence some depreciated compiler warnings
      metadatagrabber: make a couple functions static (silences compiler warnings)
      ScriptableImage: fix converting 'false' to pointer type 'QObject*' warning
      messageutils: use endl from the std namespace (silences compiler warnings)
      Squares: rename size variable to avoid conflict with the one in the base class
      FlacEncoder: initialise inputin in the ctor
      EditAlbumartDialog: remove duplicate declaration of m_DoneButton
      Piano: fix a possible null pointer dereference of node
      VorbisEncoder: initialise op in the ctor
      MythCenter*: add the season to the program details screen.
      ProgDetails: only show the season and episode if they are > 0
      MythMusic: fix a possible crash after scanning for music
      MythArchive: don't needlessly copy videos before processing
      Idle Timer: don't start the timer if it is 0 (disabled)
      Idle Timer: after a settings change only restart the timer if it was active
      ImageLoadThread: don't treat all gifs as being animated
      MythMusic: use the avfdecoder for everything except for playing CD tracks
      MythMusic: wait for all music and playlists to load in the media handler
      default theme: Remove from keyboard the old *_ui.xml theme files
      default-wide: widen the labels on the edit stream screen
      MythMusic: add back a comment accidentally removed in [54a8baaa0]
      README: we switched to Git long ago
      AUTHORS: point to the wiki for an up-to-date list of active developers
      New Gallery: Use the master hostname to generate the thumb image url
      New Gallery: Move the "Loading image from url '%1'" message to VB_FILE
      MythBrowser: Make the bookmark editor more verbose after loading errors
      MythCenter-wide: Add the missing 'homepage' checkbox to the bookmark editor
      MythCenter: Add the missing 'homepage' checkbox to the bookmark editor
      MythArchiveHelper: use the master hostname not IP addrees in importRecording
      MainServer: use the hostname not IP address in HandleQueryRecording
      UI: Optimize updates to MythUIButtonList when an item's state changes
      mythfilldatabase: remove the redundant assign to userid
      MythCenter: Bump the minor version
      VideoMetadata: Allow 00x00 and s00e00 in templated text for consistency
      rssparse: Allow 00x00 and s00e00 in templated text for consistency
      MythThemedMenu: fix line spacing
      MythZoneMinder: Add a popup mini player to show live camera views
      Default-wide: Remove duplicate 'basebackground' definition
      MythCenter-wide: Remove duplicate 'basebackground' definition
      MythCenter-wide: Add new 'miniplayer' window definition to zoneminder-ui.xml
      MythZoneMinder: Add automatic popup notifications on alarms
      MythZoneMinder: Forgot to add a couple of files in [7c26cd6d185]
      MythZoneMinder: Add the new notification_check to the default theme
      ZMMiniPlayer: remove a stray member variable
      ZMLivePlayer: pause the idle timer when showing the live camera's
      ThemeInfo: add an optional 'basetheme' element to the theme info file
      MythUIHelper: add any base themes to the search path and cache the result
      MythUIHelper: use the theme search paths to find a qtlook.txt
      MythUIHelper: use the theme search paths to find the widget background image
      Revert "Prevent --syslog, --logpath and --enable-dblog if --nologserver is used"
      MythUIHelper: Fix loading some themes after 5cd97d7fd9
      main_helpers: Fix a badly formatted log message
      MythDownloadManager: unlock m_infoLock before continuing after an error condition
      MythUIImage: extend the random image feature to reload if a delay is used
      MythThemeBase: fix some formatting
      ChannelRecPriority: fix the missing channel icon in the details
      Frontend Network Control: add some theme related commands
      MythZoneMinder: don't try to connect to the mythzmserver if non is defined
      MythZoneMinder: make sure the AlarmNotifyThread only tries to run if connected
      MythZoneMinder: move the mini player popup to the popup stack
      MythZoneMinder: tweak which alarm state changes are sent
      Frontend Network Control: add command to get the active theme details
      Frontend Network Control: add command to get the name and type of widgets
      Frontend Network Control: add commands to get/set the area of a widget
      Frontend Network Control: allow % to be used to set the widget positions
      Frontend Network Control: correct the help text for the theme getarea command
      MythCenter: remove the <baseres> element it's not valid here
      MythCenter-wide: fix some validation errors
      default-wide: fix some validation errors
      default: fix some validation errors
      mythuitheme.xsd: updated to match all new theme elements and attributes etc
      MythMusic: Fix crash when selecting "No matching tracks" in playlist editor
      Revert "MythMusic: Fix smart playlists uses lastplay or date_entered."
      MythMusic: Fix crash when using immediate play in the playlist editor
      MythMusic: fix segfault if av_probe_input_format() fails to guess the format
      MythMusic: double the size of the probe buffer to 64k
      configure: fix taglib detection when cross compiling
      MythMusic: fix playing some radio stations after the switch to Qt5
      MythDownloadManager: add some logging to try to track down the 100% cpu bug
      MythDownloadManager: put the lock around m_downloadInfos when removing a url
      MythDownloadManager: fix a bug when downloading URL's with percent encoding
      IPTVChannelInfo: add back the IsValid() function used by the unit tests
      TestIPTVRecorder: set the protocol to keep the tests happy
      IPTVTuningData: set the protocol based on the data URL schema
      IPTVTuningData: check we have a QCoreApplication in IsHLSPlaylist()
      Remove some old references to svn
      TV: prevent a frontend lockup if all MythPlayers fail to start or have errors
      configure: better to report errors to the mythtv-dev mailing list
      MythSingleDownload: initialise a few class members in the ctor
      ImageScanThread: initialise a few class members in the ctor
      ThumbThread: avoid a possible null dereference
      ImageThumb: avoid a possible resource leak
      Cutting: initialise a few class members in the ctor
      HTTPTSStreamHandler:: initialise m_reader class member in the ctor
      HTTPReader:: initialise a few class members in the ctor
      TVRec: initialise a class member in the ctor
      WorkerThread: initialise a class member in the ctor
      Slide: initialise a class member in the ctor
      GallerySlideView: initialise some class members in the ctor
      GalleryThumbView: NULL check im before dereferencing it
      GalleryThumbView: Fix a possible use after free
      Slide: prevent a possible division by 0
      Transition: initialise some class member in the ctor
      MarkedFiles: initialise a class member in the ctor
      mytharchivehelper: check the return value from MSqlQuery::exec()
      mythzoneminder: ignore the return value from checkConnection()
      FunctionDialog: initialise a class member in the ctor
      bdiowrapper: make sure a string is null terminated
      SSDPCache: In RemoveStale() move Unlock() to after we have done erasing items
      IPTVTuningData: fix a bug when switching between httpts channels
      Add VBox TV Gateway support
      Forgot to bump the DB version in the perl and python bindings after a3eb10d07
      VBox: add channel filtering to the channel scanner
      ChannelScanner: initialise a pointer in the constructor
      ZMClient: protect sendReceiveStringList() with the socket mutex
      TV: remove an unmatched call to ReturnPlayerLock() which was causing an abort
      MythZoneMinder: fix the wrong monitor sometimes showing for alarm notifications
      mythtv-setup: start the SSDP lookup thread on start up
      VBox: try the cached uPnP results before starting a new search
      Show the signal monitor even if an interactive window is visible
      MythMusic: fix the playlist menu sometimes not working on the playlist editor
      MythMusic: fix jump points not working on the playlist editor screen
      MythMusic: add a setting to choose whether to stop playback on jumppoint
      MythMusic: default theme changes for 83da70c32f
      NetworkControl: add new 'play music getstatus' command
      mythutil: add a new --findlyrics command
      MainServer: add a couple of commands to the protocol for lyrics support
      ZoneMinder: on a notification only restart the display timer if it was active
      mythutil: Update --findlyrics to also work with --artist, --album and --title
      mainserver: Update MUSIC_LYRICS_FIND to optionally allow artist, album & title
      mainserver: Add MUSIC_LYRICS_SAVE command
      AvFormatDecoder: ignore bad fps from H264Parser::frameRate()
      MetadataLookupList: add lookup from mxml and nfo files for television files
      RemoteFile: fix opening local files for writing
      MythZMServer: tell the mysql client to reconnect if the connection timed out
      MythCenter-wide: tweak the video tree view and metadata editor
      EditMetadataDialog: increase the year page increment to 100
      Lyrics: remove broken alsong and minilyrics grabbers, add new genius grabber
      MythMusic: add a lyrics view
      MythMusic: add default 4:3 versions of the new lyrics screens
      MythMusic: add a cut down version of the musicbrainzng python bindings
      Lyrics: tweak the priorities
      Lyrics: Remove some *.pyc files that shouldn't be in the repo
      MythMusic: add a cut down version of python-discid
      MythMusic: add a python script to get some MusicBrainz data
      MythMusic: add the songid to the MusicMetadata infomap
      LyricsData: Move a debug message to VB_NETWORK
      MusicFileScanner: Fix a bug with scanning files in the root music directories
      ShoutCastMetaParser: Fix an abort if an invalid format is given
      MythMusic: reformat dbcheck to make it easier to read
      MythZoneMinder: handle jump points properly on the events screen
      MythMusic: update the list of available streaming radio services
      MythCenter-wide: scroll the track info in the small info panel
      Check for minimum Qt version 5.2.0
      LyricsView: initialise some member variables
      V4L2encStreamHandler: fix Coverity 1349869 Dereference after null check
      V4L2encStreamHandler: fix typo - Coverity 1349870 Array compared against 0
      HDPVRConfigurationGroup: fix Coverity 1349873 Uninitialized pointer field
      V4L2util: fix some uninitialised member variables
      V4L2encSignalMonitor: remove unused member variable. Fixes Coverity 1349878
      mythutil: add a --updateradiostreams option
      Add a daily housekeeper task to check for radio stream updates
      V4L2util: silence a compiler warning
      MusicPlayer: update the current track after updating the stream playlist
      StreamView:: try to restore the same position in the buttonlist after a delete
      StreamView:: make adding/deleting/modifying streams a little more robust
      StreamView:: add TOGGLELAST keybinding to return to last stream played
      Missed a couple of changes in c433ae6d44b
      configure: add an extra message when a qmake is found but the version check fails
      Fix check for MythMusic when starting the UpdateRadioStreams housekeeper task
      configure: hopefully fix the check for a valid qmake version
      remove no longer needed include
      Fix check for MythMusic when starting the UpdateRadioStreams housekeeper task
      remove no longer needed include
      configure: hopefully fix the check for a valid qmake version (take 2)
      The MusicStreamListModified setting should be global
      The MusicStreamListModified setting should be global
      Fix the live tv channel editor text not being shown
      Improve gui logging for themers
      Bump the ABI after 92d84623d4
      MythMusic: save the current position when acting on a jump point

Peter Bennett (4):
      Fixes #12669. Solves hang on rpi with setuid call
      Fix loss of sound when skipping backwards with OpenMax. Fixes #12644
      Add a new default video display profile called OpenMAX Normal for raspberry pi.
      Add fallback deinterlacer of onefield to OpemMAX Normal

Peter Ross (7):
      riffenc: add option to ff_put_bmp_header to ignore extradata
      avformat/riffenc: indent
      wtvenc: populate VIDEOINFOHEADER2
      avcodec/adpcm: ADPCM_IMA_DK3 packets are padded to 16-bit packet boundary
      avcodec/adpcm: squelch 'mismatch in coded sample count' warning for AV_CODEC_ID_ADPCM_EA_R2/3
      ff_id3v2_free_extra_meta: set the pointer pointing to extra_meta to NULL
      ff_id3v2_read: add option to limit ID3 magic number search

Philipp Matthias Hahn (1):
      Fix several spelling mistakes

Rainer Hochecker (2):
      ffmpeg backport: register vdpau hwaccel for mpeg12
      vdpau: Fix VC-1 interlaced mode

Raymond Wagner (33):
      Have pager return Nones if the server returns null.
      Enable --debug flag in test application.
      Merge commit 'abae25afb73f967421eb7797a868a9bdb187c18c'
      Add handling for 'null' results in TheMovieDb searches.
      Allow system calls to pull global settings from the database.
      Remove tmdb.py and associated library.
      Remove tmdb library from python installer script.
      Remove more tmdb bits.
      Update Python bindings version.
      Have backendhousekeeper check for artwork update boolean.
      Perform run checks for housekeeper tasks set to run on startup.
      Add secondary check to prevent housekeeper task from running twice.
      Add back ArtworkTask enable check... properly.
      Bump binary version.
      Update mythpython script for new tmdb library.
      mythburn.py: pass the starttime in utc format to mythtranscode
      Updates for television data.
      Merge branch 'master' of github.com:wagnerrp/pytmdb3
      Correct issue where TMDB returns less results than claimed.
      Filter database age to reasonable limits
      Merge commit '1d9d46beff7a7591ebbfa6e13c080617e660e52d'
      Make "DailyArtworkUpdates" a global option
      Allow housekeeper to track last successful run of task
      Use proper string conversion for DailyArtworkUpdates setting.
      Merge branch 'master' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv
      Add missing comma in housekeeping SQL query.
      Add housekeeper startup delay.
      Allow tmdb3.py to use $MYTHCONFDIR as a cache location.
      Remove file check for pytmdb3.cache
      Store grabber used along with inetref to ensure correct reuse.
      Specify supported previous grabbers in tmdb3.py
      Make sure to pass season and episode to tv grabber.
      Make sure inetref query is forced to kLookupData

Rebecca Sutton Koeser (1):
      Python bindings: fix typo in MythXML getPreviewImage()

Reimar Döffinger (1):
      Fix compilation on ARM with android gcc 4.7

Richard (1):
      Add channel callsign to OSD

Richard Hulme (96):
      Added more UK freesat transponders to fixups
      Prevent DVDRingBuffer waiting in 'safe_read' during a still frame as this can lead to a deadlock with the player thread if the user tries to call up the OSD menu (due to avcodeclock being locked until the still frame is dismissed, which will never happen if the still frame has an indefinite timeout).
      Make sure the Bluray ringbuffer updates the current playback time immediately after seeking.
      Make ffmpeg call 'streams_changed' again when a DVD PCM stream is changed from PCM_DVD to PCM_S16BE to ensure the correct codec is loaded.
      Only jump back in a menu to the nearest previous block with subpictures if a seek operation is already in progress.
      Prevent MythWelcome blocking input devices when calling mythshutdown to avoid resetting the idle timer (see [cac1413]) when trying to determine whether the backend is idle, thereby preventing shutdown.
      Fix python bindings to store updates to video markup data.
      Allow bookmarks when reading DVDs from directories (i.e. not physical media or an ISO image).
      Sync libdvdread up to R1290:
      Sync libdvdnav up to R1294:
      Move libdvdnav installation header files to a subdirectory to match R1160 of libdvdnav (and make it easier to compare our version with the official version)
      Move libdvdread installation header files to a subdirectory to match R1162 of libdvdread (and make it easier to compare our version with the official version)
      Fix compilation problems caused by [e3a596417c] and [df2fdd325b]
      Minor re-work of DVD serialization code to match coding style of libdvdnav and tidy up some constructs.  No functional change.
      Move mythlibdvdnav to externals.
      Try to fix MSVC build after moving libmythdvdnav in [2e2e4b0].
      Removed custom 'dvdnav_first_play' function from libdvdnav.  This function only calls vm_start, which will be called by libdvdnav anyway after calling dvdnav_reset (which we do already).
      Additional files missing from [1f3fb4a61e]
      Explicitly set the audio capabilities of the DVD VM to indicate all audio types are supported.  This makes DVDs that check this VM register play properly.
      Fix install paths for libdvdnav/read include files.
      Initialize memory used in Jitterometer::GetCPUStat to keep valgrind quiet and happy.
      Invalidate the cache after deleting a video file to ensure the free'd entry is removed.
      Ensure 'programflags' is initialised.  ProgramInfo::LoadProgramFromRecorded sets some flags individually but does not explicitly ensure that no other flags are set.
      Only force a refresh of the metadata rather than invalidating the cache as that causes a crash if file system browsing is enabled.
      Added 'STANDBYMODE' keybinding to 'Main Menu' context to allow standby mode to entered by a single keystroke.  By default this is not bound to any key.
      Fix STANDBYMODE keybinding so that it really only takes effect in the main menu and not any sub-menus.
      Add 'next recording' information and 'Recording conflict' warning to standby screen.
      Added check to frontend startup to enter standby mode immediately if an automatic start was detected.
      Add current recording(s) to idle screen.
      Removed superfluous debug output from idle screen.
      Fix description text for 'Upcoming Recordings' in classic menu theme.
      Make sure the idle screen status is updated immediately when the backend disappears/reappears.
      Remove debug code from idle screen.
      Make logic in RingBuffer::WaitForReadsAllowed check whether the timeout actually set in timeout_ms has been reached rather than assuming timeout_ms is always going to be 10 seconds.
      Limit audio buffer to 700ms.  This prevents the frontend locking up when trying to stop playing an audio-only stream (e.g. DVB radio).  Without this patch the buffer tends to fill to around the 1500ms, which is below the current 2000ms limit, and AvFormatDecoder never leaves GetFrame.
      Make PID filtering work properly by removing the streams and not just the entries from the PAT.
      Revert "Limit audio buffer to 700ms.  This prevents the frontend locking up when trying to stop playing an audio-only stream (e.g. DVB radio).  Without this patch the buffer tends to fill to around the 1500ms, which is below the current 2000ms limit, and AvFormatDecoder never leaves GetFrame."
      Only replace the rule details in the 'Custom Record Rules' screen when the 'Existing Rule' is changed rather than when it is changed *or* receives focus.  This prevents carefully crafted SQL rules being wiped out before they are saved just because the 'Existing Rule' widget received focus.
      Added missing support for JUMPTODVDCHAPTERMENU and JUMPTODVDTITLEMENU actions.
      Updated libdvdread to match commit af446d463a15fb08f95f8b84bfc89af395b6e1bc from git://git.videolan.org/libdvdread.git (just past v5.0.2)
      Updated libdvdnav to match commit 5fb919774444aa382f6e02cb63801c82f2c38325 from git://git.videolan.org/libdvdnav.git (v5.0.3)
      Change UK EIT fixups to recognise season and episode numbers when total number of episodes is not given.
      Add unit tests for EIT fixups (currently just for UK fixups).  Some stuff is currently broken so is marked as 'QEXPECT_FAIL' for now.
      Handle multiple 'cc' matches in UK fix-ups (e.g. '[HD] [AD,S]')
      Make UK EIT fixups parse "episode/total episodes" correctly.
      Add removal of 'Also in HD' to UK EIT fixups to avoid duplicate recordings in case programme IDs etc. get lost.
      Improve UK EIT fixups when parsing season, episode and/or part information by breaking up the regexp into smaller pieces.
      Update season/episode/total episode information in the database if not already set.
      Parse and store disc number/total if present in mp3 metadata.
      Include disc number when sorting music
      Allow the disc number to be edited by the metadata editor (if supported by the theme).
      Don't show the miniplayer in MythMusic when starting the next track if we're not playing any more.
      Spawn MythFrontend from a separate thread in MythWelcome to avoid multiple key events being queued and restarting MythFrontend as soon as it exits.
      Make MythWelcome spawn MythFrontend in the UI thread again due to problems with LIRC but allow events to be processed.  This prevents extra key presses being queued and allows them to be ignored until MythFrontend has returned.
      Make our version of libbluray match the original directory structure. This has no functional effect but makes comparing our version of libbluray with upstream's much easier.
      Update libbluray to 0.8.0 (commit a10b15f) and add libudfread 0.0.0 (commit 4f3bfd8)
      Only show tuners which are recording in MythWelcome.
      Fixed issue when reading a DVD name over storage groups that left a RingBuffer thread running.
      Add missing libdvdread header files to .pro file
      Fix crash if trying to access Bluray files in storage groups.
      Allow '/dev/...' paths to be used in RemoteFile so that no differentiation needs to be made outside RemoteFile to access a local optical drive or a local or remote image file.
      Add support for playing back Bluray images.
      Use libudfread from libbluray instead of the optional external libudf library.
      Remove libudf reference in libmythbase.pro file (missing from commit ecb259d62dab430058823ab3186a33fcd7bc6780)
      Move 'major', 'minor' and 'micro' version numbers of libmythbluray out of bluray-version.h into libmythbluray.pro.
      Add support for building the BD-J support classes in libmythbluray.  They are not used yet but building them is the first step towards using them :)
      Rename BD-J library from libbluray*.jar to libmythbluray*.jar to ensure no installation collisions occur.
      Update libmythbluray to 0.8.1 (commit 352ad41) and libudfread to commit c7905fb.
      Move definition of BLURAY_VERSION_STRING into libmythbluray.pro
      Make logs from libmythbluray appear in our logs instead of going to stderr
      Make fontconfig and freetype2 settings available to qmake, and make fontconfig required when bdjava is enabled.
      Make sure the PCR PID is not discarded if it is not listed in the PMT (i.e. the PCR PID contains only PCR packets).
      Fix accidental change to win32 libraries in libmythbluray.pro in commit 80dcb8a2.
      Don't tell Visual C compiler to treat all source files as C++.  Hopefully this fixes MSVC compilation problems.
      Make sure Bluray discs are still auto-mounted (until playback from the device is possible).
      Make libudfread a separate external library to allow compile flags to be set separately for libudfread and libbluray (thereby hopefully allowing compilation of libbluray with MSVC).
      Revert commit d7c0ab5333e36dd952c59cf7ce3a35eeecf2c213 - Don't tell Visual C compiler to treat all source files as C++.  Hopefully this fixes MSVC compilation problems.
      Ignore .class and .jar files under external/libmythbluray
      Add PCRPID to program map section debug output.
      Yet another attempt to get MSVC to build.
      Add path to compat.h in libudfread.pro.
      Move Bluray storage group handling out of libbluray and into our code.
      Update libmythbluray to commit 84365f7
      Set DVD drive speed to the drive's default if playback speed > 1x, otherwise keep it at single speed.
      Update libdvdread to match commit 494311d309441846eae697f915b61d2980bfa69d from git://git.videolan.org/libdvdread.git (just past v5.0.4)
      Added missing libdvdnav header files to .pro file
      Updated libdvdnav to match commit 8a270d6dd40ac43c98c948fe9d10e5bcb4aa3d41 from git://git.videolan.org/libdvdnav.git (just after v5.0.3)
      Updated libbluray to match commit 66cbb03cf2486b2732f353ab6ce69fe9b297d9b7 from git://git.videolan.org/git/libbluray.git (just after v0.9.2)
      Added new libbluray files missing from commit [c5ea1ec]
      Fix broken Blu-ray bookmarks by adding proper support instead of assuming a Blu-ray is a video file.
      Fix Coverity ID 1311262 (not checking return value of call to 'Seek')
      Fix potential memory/resource leak when trying to determine an disc image type if it's not a valid UDF image.
      Fix Coverity ID 1311261 (not checking return value of call to 'mythfile_seek')
      Fix Coverity ID 1271805 (uninitialized member variable in BDRingBuffer)
      Fix Coverity ID 1348142 (potential memory leak in filter_greedyhdeint)
      Make sure pointer to BLURAY struct is initialised.

Richard O'Dwyer (1):
      PEP8 code style updates.

Robert Siebert (27):
      Allow rotating an image. This can be done either by either calling Rotate(angle) or by the rotate tag and its attribute angle in the theme. The angle value should be multiple of 90 degrees.
      Updated the configure script to include the exif requirement for the new gallery functionality.
      Added the new database tables and bumped the db version.
      Added a new jump point
      Added an orientation feature to the MythImage and MythUIImage classes. This is required so that the cached images remember and can change their orientation. The is determined by the exif tag that specifies the orientation of the image (rotated, upside down, ...).
      Added jump points and keybindings and the call to the internal gallery.
      Made the new image service API known to the backend.
      Added a new menu entry in the default theme.
      Added the gallery file for the default theme.
      Added the image service API to the backend.
      Added the required service contracts for the image service API.
      Added the files to synchronize the database.
      Added the files that extracts the exif information from the files and loads the db data.
      Added the files that holds all information about a file. This metadata class is used throughout the application.
      Updated the pro file.
      Added all gallery related files to the mythfrontend. This includes files that handle the navigation, thumbnail generation, settings, interaction with the database and the actual display of the image or a slideshow.
      Remove the zoom option, it is not supported by the MythImage and MythUIImage classes.
      Added clear database option. This will remove all contents from the two gallery related tables. The user then needs to resynchronize. The button is optional in a theme.
      Added the clear database button to the default theme.
      Fixed the call to start the gallery module in the menu.
      Removed the unused thumbnail generation progressbar.
      Set the default zoom level to 100%.
      Fixed and added more method header descriptions.
      Added new service API call to only get the directories from a certain storage group.
      Added new service API calls to rename or delete a certain file.
      Updated the DeleteFile and RenameFile service API methods to use storage groups. Added more checks to the RenameFile method.
      Support a 'homepage' in MythBrowser

Roger Siddons (62):
      New Image Gallery: Add default theme definition
      New Image Gallery: Remove unused m_selectedImage from GalleryView
      New Image Gallery: Fix initial zoom
      New Image Gallery: Fix segfault from using INFO on Slideshow
      New Image Gallery: Restore failed transform correctly
      New Image Gallery: Fix dir/file counts
      New Image Gallery: Fix folder thumbnails
      New Image Gallery: Prevent unnecessary refreshes.
      New Image Gallery: Add logging
      New Image Gallery: Fix rotate/flip
      New Image Gallery: Fix info display
      New Image gallery: Fix exif updates
      New Image Gallery: Fix image services
      New Image Gallery: Use internal comms rather than services API
      Fix notifications & playback exit. Fixes #12387
      Effects: Centre zoomed images
      ImageLoader: Orient before resize
      MythImage: Fix image orientation
      Replacement Gallery using MythUI & storage groups
      Copy hostname from scheduler too when creating a new ProgramInfo.
      Properly cleanup when stopping a failing recording.
      Fix python mysqldb upstream changes
      Save volume when deleting recording
      Revert "Save volume when deleting recording"
      Revert "MythMusic: Save volume on exiting the music player"
      Revert "Save volume only on TV Player exit"
      Revert "Do not immediately save volume to DB when changing volume"
      Audio: Fix duplicate Db writes of volume for software mixer
      MediaMonitor: Support ejection of specific device
      RemoteFile::CopyFile: Don't overwrite existing files by default
      RemoteFile: Add Move operation
      MythUI: Don't draw empty text
      MythUI: Signal when image loaded
      MythUI: Empty menu getter
      Gallery: Redesign to support local media
      Gallery: Add seasonal slideshow
      Gallery: Use common orientation
      MythUI: Handle deviant image orientation behaviour by Qt 5.4.1
      Bump ABI for Gallery changes
      Gallery: Fix build errors
      Gallery: Fix cppcheck errors
      Protect against automatic conversion via constructors with one parameter
      MythUI: Fix user job description errors in schedule-ui windows
      Gallery: Fix theme issues
      Gallery: Disable transitions when browsing
      Gallery: Update menus to replace MythGallery
      MythGallery: Handle deviant image orientation behaviour by Qt 5.4.1
      MythGallery: Fix deprecated functions
      MythGallery: Orientate EXIF thumbnails when not using DCRAW
      MythGallery: Fix RAW support for Qt5
      MythGallery: Fix cppcheck warnings
      Gallery: Theme alignment
      Gallery: Permit dir menu actions even when markings exist
      Gallery: Fix some Qt incompatibilities
      Gallery: Show time of import for Import devices.
      Gallery: Apply exclusions to files as well as dirs.
      Gallery: Separate Gallery/MythGallery settings
      Gallery: Autoplay video on local media
      Relocate another cache directory
      MythGallery: Minor Coverity fixes
      Gallery: Minor Coverity fixes
      MythGallery: Prevent crash when closing

Ronald S. Bultje (1):
      vp9/x86: fix overwrite in ipred_vl_4x4_ssse3.

Ruben Lloria (1):
      Updated Catalan MythFrontend translation

Rune Evjen (2):
      Updated Norwegian Bokmal MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic and
      Updated Norwegian Bokmal MythFrontend and MythMusic translation

Rémi Alvergnat (1):
      Fixed version in setup.py

Stefan Becker (1):
      Bind to multicast address instead of ANY

Stefano Sabatini (3):
      doc/filters: review introductory example and explanation
      doc/codecs: fix dangling reference to codec-options chapter (cherry picked from commit b4bd21b7fe2ad8be59b16538448586814e5db65b)
      ffprobe: fix scaling of vali in value_string() in case -prefix is selected

Stuart Auchterlonie (96):
      Refs #7486. Enable gui component that was previously disabled
      Refs #7486. Allow NITo's to be handled as NITa's.
      Closes #7486. Fix the new NetID spinbox so it actually works correctly.
      Remove episode number data from the start of the description so it doesn't end up in the subtitle
      Comment out XML in example.cpp to keep cppcheck happy
      Rewrite qmake detection to better support Qt5
      Rewrite qmake detection to better support Qt5 - plugins
      Remove check_cxxflags line which doesn't exist
      Fix mythnetvision.pro for Qt5
      Enable compilation of a couple of files that were disabled on Qt5 because they are apparently not compatible. They build, so let them.
      Fixes #12098 Only dynamically load the libGLESv2 library if OpenGL ES is enabled.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
      Fix FreeBSD 10 builds of zeromq. We have to run autogen.sh otherwise shared libs get disabled
      Fix an out of bounds read in the test harness when testing
      Remove executable bit from source files
      Fix padding in TeletextDesecriptor::toString()
      Initial implementation of MPEGDescriptor::hexdump()
      MPEGDescriptor::hexdump convert QChar to simple uint
      MPEGDescriptor::hexdump we need a QChar in one instance so the QString correctly prints the character, rather than its value
      Videos are in storage groups now, lets just try to find the file in a SG
      Silence a cppcheck warning. Not strictly necessary because this is a destination array, but good practice anyway
      Revert "HDHomeRun: Fix compilation on fedora 20"
      Fix configure after the ffmpeg merge.
      When unable to find a host file, don't continue trying to use it
      UPnP: When advertising the link local address, first descope it, as the scope is only valid on the sending server, not on the client receiving the announcement
      Handle [HD] in UK EIT fixups part 2
      Add missing QObject include. Should resolve Qt5 build error
      Enable pic by default on linux systems.
      Fixes #12221. When setting a dvb_tuning_delay, save the value the user enters
      Add 29.5Msys/s to the preset list of possible symbol rates. Found on several dvb-s2 multiplexes across Europe
      One part of the magic glue for H265 support. Still further work todo to get it to work
      H265 magic glue #2
      H265 magic glue #3
      H265 magic glue #4
      Try to automatically find a Qt5 qmake even if Qt4 is also installed
      Forgot qmake-qt4 from the list
      White space correction
      Plugins: Try to automatically find a Qt5 qmake even if Qt4 is also installed
      check_cxxflags not defined in plugins
      Refs #12399. Only append header path if it's non standard. Prevents wrong inclusion of Qt4 headers into Qt5 builds on platforms that dump Qt4 headers into /usr/include
      Remove and old OSX specific hack which is no longer needed with Qt5
      Fixes #12410 Allow setuid to work on Qt5 >= 5.3.0
      Initial version of dbus based screensaver
      Fixes #12409. Don't add /usr/include to the INCLUDEPATH in the plugins
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/dbus-screensaver
      Fix doxygen comments so documentation will generate properly
      Add a few more profile and entry point strings
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/dbus-screensaver
      Add new qmake-qt5 location for debian jessie
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/vaapifix
      VAProfileH264StereoHigh is only available in newer libva releases
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/dbus-screensaver
      Put the version we actually need in VA_CHECK_VERSION
      Attempt to use 4 different known screensaver dbus services
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into devel/dbus-screensaver
      lost a void along the way
      Refs #12414. Removes some old commented out code
      Refs #12416. Changeset 1b99b21615 broke symbol hiding on debian based systems
      Update link to mailing lists
      Remove stuffing packets in firewire recordings
      Fix lirc being ignored after dbus screen saver changes.
      Separate the ScreenSaver base class from the ScreenSaverController.
      Move failure to connect to the different dbus services to LOG_WARNING level
      Move failure to connect to the different dbus services to LOG_WARNING level #2
      Re-Enable screensaver-x11 after the dbus screensaver support was added.
      Move to jquery-2.1.4
      Refs #12342. Apply cardinput changes to this patch
      Fixes #12342. Adds support for non auto switching tuners.
      When creating the initial schema, make sure the current version is used
      Refs #12524. New firewire ids for DCX-3200M P3
      When creating the initial schema, make sure the current version is used. v2
      Revert all attempts to have the initial schema be the current version until i can do it properly
      Refs #12524. A second variant of the same box
      Refs #12524. A second variant of the same box. typo fix
      Ensure ATSC Stream Data Handler ignores DVB-CA tables.
      Refs #12548. Implement stripping of HTML tags from EIT data.
      PSHUFB is an SSSE3 instruction, only try to use it on cpus
      Fixes #12562 Gather memory information on kernel 4.x
      Drop the EIT fixup debug messages to LOG_DEBUG level
      Fixes #11562 Properly compare next and start times for MFDB run
      Refs #12548. Missing 1 mplex, fix overlapping definitions
      If the system python is python v3, try to use python2 instead, since we don't support python3 yet
      Refs #12629 - Enable workaround for HVR-2255 (saa7164 driver)
      Fixes #12547 Load cardname and type for DVB-T2 cards.
      Fix check for python3
      unit test for x-files eitfixup
      Tweak the X-Files eitfixup unit test
      Correctly handle title 'The X-Files'
      The port numbers for the websocket (for the backend webserver),
      The port numbers for the websocket (for the backend webserver),
      Move time.h include to the header, to resolve freebsd10 build failure
      Without :: clang confuses C bind function and std::bind()
      Use pkg-config to find libcec
      Disable v4l2 on FreeBSD
      Refs #12307 Check if UDisks2 is in use.
      Setting VERSION to v0.28-rc1

Stuart Morgan (867):
      Run a little experiment with git attributes
      Experiment failed, but have another lead to follow
      Have git inject the commit hash into GITHASH when archiving, we can amend version.sh to look for and use this for exported sources.
      Add branch to GITHASH, approximating the string produced by git-describe
      Have version.sh check for version information in EXPORTED_VERSION
      Tidy up the branch string we get from using the %d placeholder
      Alter sed pattern to match the format coming from github which is different to the version of git tested.
      Update VERSION in master/0.28
      Add an entry to the codec_descriptors array for DSMCC B
      Add some comments to the TrackTypes enum.
      Add some logging to ScanDSMCCStreams
      Remove an unnecessary null pointer check that was preventing ScanDSMCCStreams() from working. The interactive TV code doesn't use the OSD class at all.
      Revert "mpegts: Make sure we don't return uninitialized packets"
      Add a setting to control MHEG interaction channel, patch by Lawrence Rust
      Tidy comment
      Enable network access for mheg by default. Now that the problems with it are fixed it doesn't need to be off unless someone choses to disable it.
      Don't try to pop an entry from an empty list in SSDP::ProcessData. Inspired by patch from Lawrence Rust but changed to use IsEmpty() instead of size()
      Fix --update behaviour in mythfilldatabase after b7a1bd237
      Move the m_guideDataOnly check to occur at the top of handleChannels().
      Fix operator error in [cd14631c3]
      Don't wait forever for free video buffers to become available, if it hasn't happened after 20 seconds then something is seriously wrong and we should abort playback.
      Revert "MHEG: Fixes for InteractionChannel streaming from network URI's"
      RemoteFile::Exists() - If we've been passed an empty string then don't waste time looking for it.
      Group albums by album name, not album_id. An album to mythmusic uses the artist > album hierachy, but for albums which have multiple artists this means we have multiple entries in the album table. It's a failing in the way we arrange the data internally, but it's better to have just one entry per album in the upnp output than 10-15 for each artist in a compilation.
      Re-enable Artist and Genre groupings for upnp
      Add support for music album artwork to upnp.
      Revert "Add support for music album artwork to upnp."
      Add support for music album artwork to upnp.
      Change variable name from SongId to TrackId. It's song_id in the database, but better described as a track internally.
      Fix upnp video artwork, url was wrong
      Use isEmpty() instead of an empty string comparison.
      Support insertion of multiple Property of the same type into a CDSObject.
      UPNP: Support multiple artwork sizes for recordings, video and music
      Disable channels.conf import, it doesn't work and there is no interest in maintaining it at the expense of the internal scanner.
      UPNP: Remove use of <URLBase> from Device Description xml.
      Remove the hardcoded director string in Description field of ProgramInfo and allow it to be templated instead. VIDEOS ONLY for now.
      QT treats a single ampersand as special, we must double up ampersands to display them. Fixes #11806
      Fix event socket reconnections. Refs #11777
      Don't send ALLOW/BLOCK_SHUTDOWN on the event socket. Refs #11777
      Prevent the use of SendReceiveStringList() on a socket with callbacks. Fixes #11777
      Prevent a segfault in MythSystemLegacyPrivate. This is just a hack to avoid the crash until we can figure out the root cause. Refs #11795
      Make sure callbacks are disabled when the slave backend ANNounces.
      Revert "Allow rotating an image. This can be done either by either calling Rotate(angle) or by the rotate tag and its attribute angle in the theme. The angle value should be multiple of 90 degrees."
      Fix a manual merge mistake
      Swap MythSystem for MythSystemLegacy in GalleryThumbGenThread
      Bump ABI version following new gallery merge.
      Fix a number of db query issues in GalleryDatabaseHelper
      Don't check query.size() for no good reason.
      Prepare the query outside the for loop, this is much more efficient.
      Prepare queries outside the while loops. Much more efficient.
      Attempt to fix QT5 build following merger of gallery patches.
      Disable the old mythgallery plugin by default. It will be removed once the new gallery is mature and stable enough.
      Another QT5 fix for image data contracts
      Fix several different coverity warnings relating to the new gallery code
      Fix build on FreeBSD 10
      Log the screen resolution as seen by MythMainWindow
      Don't use a hardcoded preview size of 320x240, instead grab a full video frame and let themes scale to whatever size they want.
      Fix inadvertent double scaling of images. Some breakage possible.
      Change library version strings to 0.28, you may wish to run make uninstall before updating to this version to remove the 0.27 libs
      Missed LIBVERSION in mythplugins/settings.pro
      Instead of closing the busy dialog, just change the message
      Drop the software string texture cache by half. It seems ridiculous to allocate 96MB when you consider that the main image cache is only 30MB in size and has to cope with images many times larger.
      Mark deprecated code. Fire sale, all this code MUST go before the next release! Don't miss out, update your old code today at next to no cost!
      Remove the old On-Screen keyboard. The few places it was still used in
      Use a special storage group, Photographs, for the new gallery. If you have previously configured a different storage group you will need to delete it and add the directories to the new group.
      Fix minor copy/paste error in image-ui.xml
      Store a relative url to the image in the database, instead of the absolute url
      Add the OpenGL2 painter to the options in the Appearance settings, make it easier for people to try it out with the aim of making it the default in future.
      Reflect the use of the different painters in the log
      Move the Gallery thumb generator thread class to libmythmetadata so it can be used by mythbackend and mythmediaserver
      Replace usage of direct queries on the settings table with SaveSetting() in MythFillDatabase
      Fix another place where were were operating directly on the settings table
      Wakeup the backend to run mythfilldatabase
      More robust check before using mfdb run time as wakeup time
      Fix compilation on Windows
      Add more logging HandleIdleShutdown() to give a clearer picture of what's happening
      More robust checks before blocking shutdown for a mfdb run in the near future
      Fix startup 'wait for client' check that assumed the client would be non-blocking. It's possible for a frontend to connect to the backend, then go idle before we re-checked for it's presence, which would have prevented the backend shutting down. If _any_ client is connected, then release the block on shutdown.
      Add some logging to show what is happening with the startup shutdown block.
      Ensure the date we pulled as a string from the database is actually valid
      Go crazy with brackets
      Use MythDate::fromString() instead of QDateTime::fromString()
      Disable MHEG/ITV when generating previews or flagging commercials
      Add a method of easily debugging upnp issues by dumping the complete response to stdout if the HTTPREQUEST_DEBUG environmental value is set.
      ImportIconsWizard: Fix log string when grabbing icons for multiple channels.
      Fix mask image scaling after dfd97aa0
      Revert "Have backendhousekeeper check for artwork update boolean."
      AlbumArt::cycleImage(): If we only have one image there is nothing to cycle
      Pontentially save some time in Scheduler::HandleIdleShutdown(). Only one tuner needs to be in use to block shutdown, so if we find one then skip checking the others.
      Revert "Pontentially save some time in
      Use the ChannelIcon storage group in the services API Guide/GetChannelIcon()
      Replace stray tab
      Disambiguate the line number in QSP exception errors.
      Revert "Add ChannelIcons to the list of "special" storage groups."
      Lookup channel data by chanid instead of source+channum, the latter requires a single query and the former three queries.
      Fix services GetChannelIcon() when height or width are specified
      Use the ChannelInfo class instead of loading data in fragments from ChannelUtil
      Change CommFree from an int to a bool
      Merge some identical channel loading code in the guide and channel
      Fix a whitespace error in site.css
      Services API: Order programs in GetProgramGuide() by starttime
      Services API: Fix aggregation of channel and program information in GetProgramGuide()
      Add a guide grid to the internal web-server.
      Fix popup positioning in web guide grid
      Show a busy dialog when loading pages
      Add columns for season and episode to program and recordedprogram tables.
      Insert season and episode from guide data into the database.
      Insert season/episode from EIT data into database
      Escape HTML special chars in the Guide Grid
      Bump schema version in perl and python bindings
      Fix missing hunks from from the season/episode commits
      Flip season and episode strings in syndicatedepisode because it was bugging Karl.
      REmove stray comma from query
      Make menustyle.css more specific, it was applying style changes outside the menu.
      With hindsight, add a third column to store the total number of episodes in a season/series as well.
      Store the total number of episodes for xmltv and UK EIT. Fixups for other countries are welcome.
      Add support for loading season, episode and total episodes into ProgramInfo.
      Add Season and Episode to the program details screen.
      Improve the handling of season/episode in the web Program Guide.
      Fix guide navigation after [2ac4d1ffb] which converts all parameter names to lower case, meaning 'StartTime' was no longer valid, replaced with 'starttime'
      Add Recording Schedule methods to scriptable API
      Fix missed datetime conversion in Dvr::GetRecordSchedule()
      Hook up the 'quick record' menu in the Web Guide
      Tweak padding/margin on quick record menu
      Dismiss the busy popup a little faster
      Add page left/right navigation to the Guide.
      Add a RecStatusToString method to the DVR class. This may be replaced with a better approach later so I'm not bumping the service version.
      Fix the disappearing programs bug in the Service API
      Fix initialisation order warning in ProgramInfo
      Display recording status in the web guide details popup
      Restrict the correction of chanid in HandleStopRecording() to the master backend
      Fix inclusion of year of release in services Program object.
      Display year for films after title in Web Guide
      Bump schema version in binaries, forgotten in earlier commit
      Add file missed from [03653e084]
      Add support for deletion of recording rules from the guide.
      Add some animation to the loading of pages in the guide, and other various tweaks.
      Fix leftSlideTransition for Firefox
      Speed up the animations
      Load the html for the Program Details popup via ajax instead of embedding it, this lowers the page size a little which improves the loading times.
      Fix a couple of very minor bugs in the Web Guide
      Revise the styling of the Web Guide so that it's more in line with other areas.
      Tweak guide gradients further, then back to productive work ...
      Move js/guide.js and css/guide.css under tv/ since this seems more consistent.
      Add mime types for svg to the internal server
      Fix kVideoPropertyMask, we want 7 bits, not 5
      Fix marking of 1080/720 videos.
      Initial work on the Recordings page for the internal server
      Bump protocol version in python bindings. Must have left this out of my commit by accident. Fixes #11931
      More work on the Recordings page for the internal server
      Workaround for a bug in the guide grid when a schedule change is made without first navigating forward/back in time. I intended re-factoring all this so the 'fix' isn't necessary.
      Move image thumbnail generation to the backend
      In MythImage::Load() don't treat a failed image load as successful which might mean caching a NULL image
      Shorten the <title> of the Internal webserver
      Extended the DVR service's RemoveRecorded to support forced deletion and 'allow re-record'
      Update recordings page to how recording status, add ability to delete recordings, various tweaks
      Add support for loading season, episode and total episodes (as obtained from guide data) for recordings.
      Updated watched icon, a slight improvement
      Services API: Always include the chanID in a Program object
      Services API: Fix 'reverse' sorting in Dvr::GetRecordedList()
      MythEverywhere: Add support for switching recgroups on the recordings page. Note, there is no password support as it doesn't currently exist in the services API.
      Replace a number of tabs with the equivalent spaces
      Squeeze the menu down, only gives us a few extra pixels for content, but it all counts.
      Remove some stray references to the ImageThumbGenThread from the frontend which caused a segfault.
      WebFrontend: Add filtering by title to the Recordings page. The services API will need some changes before I can support filtering/grouping by category which some of us prefer.
      Load category_type into ProgramInfo for recordings
      Services: Add UnDeleteRecording() method. Name may be subject to change.
      WebFrontend: Add support for undeleting recordings; Show a message if the guide/recording list is empty; A few bug fixes and cosmetic tweaks.
      WebFrontend: Fix context menu bug affecting Firefox and Chromium (but not Opera)
      WebFrontend: Fix subtitle scaling issue in Chromium.
      Since IPv6 addresses can contain %{num} as the zone index, it's not safe to use QString::arg() in GenMythUrl(). Potentially fixes #11937
      Simplify MythCoreContext::GetMasterHostPrefix(). It's a waste of time to get the IP/port from the socket when we can be using the values from the settings instead, if we're not already connected to the master we will soon be connecting anyway to conduct the file transfer.
      WebFrontend: Increase the size of the preview image to fill the available space. Refs #11938
      Services: Add DVR::GetUpcomingList() to the scriptable API
      WebFrontend: Add an Upcoming Recordings page, basic functionality for now.
      Services: Amend DVR::GetUpcomingList to include in-progress recordings
      Swap load order of recording.css with common.css as a temporary workaround for recording status not being reflected in the recording page.
      Services: Add RecStatusToDescription() and RecTypeToString() methods to DVR
      Services: Add the 'Encoder' display name to the Recording Object
      WebFrontend: Set a fixed line-height to prevent half a line of the description being displayed in Chromium/Firefox
      Support http compression for HTML, CSS, JS, XML (inc SVH) and Plain text files.
      WebFrontend: Support deletion of recrules from Upcoming. Animate the deletion of recordings.
      Add mimetype for .ico
      HTTP Server: Limit the size of files we read into the buffer for compression to 2 MiB. In practice we should never come close to this limit.
      Add X-UA-Compatible for IE clients, to force them into 'Standards' instead of 'Compatibility' mode.
      Update jquery and it's plugins. Moving them to a new location to make this job easier in future while we're at it.
      Disable 'use strict' in utility.js. For some reason after the jquery changes this prevented use of the functions in this file.
      Alter jquery theme css to fix mis-alignment of Close icon on help popup
      WebFrontend: If the Title, Subtitle or Description are truncated, then display them in the detail popup.
      Fix popup positioning when scroll Y offset is > 0.
      WebFrontend: Style the popup menu buttons more like those used in the setup pages.
      WebFrontend: Display icon for films, just because we can
      Bump protocol version again so that we don't lose catType when serialising data
      Services: Add a AddDontRecordSchedule() to the DVR service. Takes an optional NeverRecord arg.
      WebFrontend: Enable 'Don't Record' & 'Never Record' options on
      Remove unused path from html.pro
      WebFrontend: Style the menu to match the other pages
      Add background texture to menu, similar to that used elsewhere but using gradients not images.
      Webfrontend: Guide: Line up time string against date string.
      Add a recordgroups table and start transitioning to it's use.
      WebSetup: Display a Question Mark icon instead of [?] for help text links
      WebFrontend: Allow the main menu to auto-hide giving more space for content. I will probably end up making this optional as it has the potential on slower browsers/systems to be more of a hinderance than a help.
      WebFrontend: Use calc() for browsers that support it, to give more space to the guide data
      Fix duration calculation which only happened to work here because I'm in GMT
      Webfrontend: Go to two decimal places on percentage widths, result is more accurate at high resolutions.
      Services: Allow Dvr::GetTitleList() to be filtered by Recording Group
      WebFrontend: Only show titles in Filter/Display Group dropdown which are available in the current recording group
      Services: Add GetChannelGroupList method to Guide service
      Services: Fix copy/paste error in scripting API version of GetChannelGroupList
      Services: Allow filtering by Channel Group in GetProgramGuide
      WebFrontend: Support filter by Channel Group in the Guide. Refs #11938
      WebFrontend: Keep the date/time drop-downs in the guide in sync when using the left/right arrows to navigate.
      Webfrontend: Use custom html data attributes to store recording id instead of hidden inputs, easier to access and less HTML meaning faster page loads.
      Revert [4e8010cd]. Display description in detail popup if truncated on-screen. It doesn't work in Chrome or Firefox, which only leaves Opera and since they are switching to webkit anyway, it's not worth keeping. Need to find another, 'not ugly' approach but so far I'm drawing a blank.
      Rename member variables in PreviewGenerator to meet coding standards.
      Allow the preview generator to save in formats other than PNG. Take the format from the file extension.
      Services/WebFrontend: Use JPG for preview images instead of PNG, at these resolutions JPG looks no worse than PNG and smaller file sizes mean faster page loads over a slow network connection.
      Services: Create a rescaled copy of the large default preview image instead of calling the preview generator again.
      WebFrontend: Switch to using an SVG sprite for the recording icons. Not noticably faster with Chrome, but orders of magnitude faster in Opera.
      Fix galeria stretching the preview image. We'd defined an image display area larger than the image we were requesting via the services API. This just increases the size of the requested image to match up which looks a lot better.
      WebFrontend: Add Lazy Loading (jScroll) to Recordings and Upcoming Recordings page.
      Services: Fix an off-by one error when using the StartIndex arg with
      Services: Add GetInputList() endpoint
      Services: Add more ToString() and ToDescription() methods
      WebFrontend: Initial work on schedule editor. (Incomplete)
      Eliminate use of the recgroup string from RecordingRule.
      Change the default value for recgroupid in the record/recorded tables to 1. (Doesn't affect users who have already upgraded to schema 1321+
      Services: Add methods to get Recording Storage Groups and Play Groups which are required to create a recording schedule.
      Services: Add GetRecRuleFilterList() endpoint.
      Services: Add cast information to Program
      Services: Fix a couple of bugs in the Cast commit
      IsRecording() doesn't actually test whether it's a recording ...
      Scripting API: Properly escape values passed as arguments to pages. Disallow any parameter names which aren't valid as ECMA Script property names e.g. Anything beginning with a number, or containing non-word characters except $ or _
      Add -Werror=format-security to the build args
      WebFrontend: Complete schedule editor (Beta)
      Scripting: Add support for php style form arrays (name='foo[a]'). See http://www.php.net/manual/en/faq.html.php#faq.html.arrays
      Web Frontend: Invert schedule StartOffset as it makes more sense to me that a negative value means 'early'
      WebFrontend: Don't display 'Don't Record' option in the rule editor,
      Remove debugging menu entry, left in accidentally in e221ecd2
      Webfrontend: Fix ID mis-match, changed name in one place but not the other
      WebFrontend: Check all required fields are present before submitting schedule editor form
      MythFrontend Schedule Editor: Pre-populate the season/episode of a recording rule if they were defined by the guide data. User-defined values take precedence.
      Fix ordering of Artwork in selection dialogs. Best matches should now appear first, not last.
      Services: Allow upcoming recordings list to be filtered by recording rule
      Services: Allow conflicts list to be filtered by recording rule
      Webfrontend: Show upcoming and conflicting recordings for the
      Services: Include conflicting recordings in the GetUpcomingList()
      Improve rsOtherShowing marking
      Avoid memleak in LoadFromScheduler()
      Squash coverity warning about redundant null pointer check. Coverity 1061552
      Fix coverity warning about unchecked return value. Coverity 1135492
      Initialise signalMonitorCheckCnt in TVRec. Coverity 1135513
      Initialise member variable in GuideGrid. Coverity 1135514
      Services: Allow filtering of the UpcomingList by recording status
      Fix logic of 5cdab223, more coffee required
      Revert "silence some compiler warnings about sign mismatch"
      Add rsOtherShowing support to LoadFromScheduler
      Webfrontend: Add colour coding for more recording states. May be submit to additional tweaking.
      Webfrontend: Fix typo which broke the scheduler link for some rules
      Webfrontend: Show detail popup on upcoming/conflicting showings in Scheduling page.
      Webfrontend: Fix a possible invalid page request when scrolling down Recording/Upcoming lists
      Webfrontend: Disable a debugging error popup
      Match on callsign instead of channum when marking rsOtherShowing. We merge channels with the same callsign in the guide _not_ channels with the same channum.
      Webfrontend: Remove stray comma in css that broken status colour coding of in-progress recordings
      Services: In GetUpcomingList() exclude recordings with an rsOther* state from the default list, only include them when ShowAll is true
      Fix segfault in Schedule Editor. Not all recording rules are
      XMLTV: TotalEpisodes doesn't need incrementing because unlike the other values it's not zero indexed.
      Icon Downloader: Fix 'Re-scan for missing' to check the Channel Icon storage group
      Make the check for an existing icon more robust.
      Fix display for progress dialog in Icon Importer
      Metadata Lookup: We want to use the first (best) result, not the last.
      Copy/paste oops
      Icon Downloader: Check that the existing icon is actually a valid image.
      Silence some cppcheck warnings about const variables not passed by reference.
      Services: Improve channel ordering sql. This works much better with seperators like _ and . used by some, especially in the US.
      Revert "Speed up and reduce temporary space of time search a lot."
      Drop DISTINCT clause from program query, it's not required and slows down queries significantly.
      Some builds of mysql don't accept INT as a castable type, use UNSIGNED instead.
      Exclude hidden channels from GetProgramGuide/LoadFromProgram
      Webfrontend: Fix recordings list paging. An 'optimisation' in 66fbffa2 broke the TotalAvailable count so I've reverted it.
      Scheduler: Allow the sorting column and order to be specified for GetAllScheduled()
      Services: Allow the sort order to be defined for DVR::GetRecordScheduleList()
      Add an 'auto-append year' flag to MythDate::toString(). Only appends the year if it's different from the current year.
      Change Myth::GetFormatDate and Myth::GetFormatTime to use MythDate::toString()
      Services: Add a GetFormatDateTime endpoint, this just covers all the different variations offered by the internal toString() method and reduces code duplication in the WebFrontend.
      WebFrontend: Add a Recording Rules page.
      Services: Expose missing Content endpoints to the Scripting interface
      Remove jquery load from hlstest.qsp, it already loaded and loading it twice causes breakage.
      Fix segfault in MythUIButtonList::GetItemCurrent(). Fixes #12040
      Fix the build after [bb8c246]. Botched hand merging of the patch.
      HLS: Don't allow duplicate streams to be created.
      WebFrontend: Initial implementation of the video player for the WebFrontend. Still a lot of work to be done here. Refs #11938
      WebFrontend: Pass the approximate video duration to JW Player.
      HLS: Add the EXT-X-MEDIA tags to the Master Playlist
      Use HTML 5 for Android and iOS since they support HLS with HTML 5. JW Player seems broken on Android (unable to test iOS).
      WebFrontend: Decrease the video resolution to 720x405 while keeping the bitrate at 800Kbps. This brings it roughly into line with the recommendations for low-end Wifi streaming of HLS. 800 will be too highly for a mobile/celluar network, so I'll add an alternate mobile profile when I figure out exactly how to detect the difference.
      HLS: Bump audio only bitrate to 64Kbps. This is the recommended (apple et al) rate and some would say bare minimum tolerable.
      ServerSideScripting: Pass request headers through to scripts
      Improve objectDebug() formatting
      Replace a few instances of '.length() > 0' with \!isEmpty() which is more efficient.
      WebServer: Give server side scripts access to the client IP address.
      HTTP Server: Remove duplication of the HTTP Server version string.
      ServerSideScripting: Add parameters, request headers and server variables as global objects instead of passing them as arguments.
      WebFrontend: Switch to use the global object copy of request parameters instead of the one passed as an argument.
      Fix inversion of logic in [b3e01c36]
      Services API: Temporarily disable the error if an invalid ChanId is passed to GetChannelInfo. This causes us some problems when accessed via the scripting API.
      WebFRontend: Add a getIntegerArg() method to simplify and improve consistency in behaviour.
      WebFrontend: Fix channel data when accessing the Schedule Editor from Recording Rules
      WebFrontend: Fix removal of filters from recording rules
      HLS: Switch back to a default preset of 'medium' for now until we have managed to do a detailed comparison of the relative quality vs speed gains of the other options.
      Server Side Scripting: Determine the client IP protocol and whether the client is local or remote.
      HTTP Server: Meet HTTP/1.1 requirement that a 400 status code be given if the client failed to send a Host header.
      HTTP Server: Add a method to reconstruct the protocol string from it's component parts.
      WebFrontend: Add a simple page which lists information to aid debugging.
      HTTP Server: RFC 2145 requires the server response version to be HTTP/1.1 even if the client only supports HTTP/1.0
      HTTP Server: Send a 505 status response if the client sends an HTTP version of 2.0
      Replace tab with 4 spaces
      HTTP Server: Add some missing mime types
      WebFrontend: Offer two possible resolutions/bitrates for video, 360p (Mobile) or 720p (WiFi). 360p is the default unless the client IP is local, in which case we use 720p instead. The chosen bitrates are based on Apple best practice guidelines for HLS.
      HLS: Don't scale video beyond it's original resolution, it's a waste of time and will only degrade quality. Since the end client can't know the original resolution of the video it can only request the ideal e.g. 1280x720. So for SD videos we don't alter the resolution and for Full HD we scale down. Ultimately we may scale the bitrate accordingly, but for now it remains unaffected.
      Transcoder: Remove assumption that all 1080 video is 1920 wide which means the buffer size may be incorrect.
      Switch from 'medium' to 'veryfast' preset for HLS. Difficult to measure the speed gain, but quality isn't significantly degraded.
      HLS: Enable deinterlacing for HLS. Web videos must be progressive.
      HLS: Fix audio-only bitrate to 64k per Apple recommendations. This was actually already done at the transcoder end, it seems HTTPLiveStream also needed telling to label the streams correctly.
      Enable smoothing in the HLS Test player to match the WebFrontend player.
      HLS: Include EXT-X-VERSION and EXT-X-ALLOW-CACHE tags in playlist.
      WebFrontend: Reduce bitrates in line with a different Apple doc, not sure which of the two is authoritative but might as well go with the one which allows smoother streaming.
      Improve the logic by which we decide which H.264 profile to use. We should endevour to use the lowest possible profile and baseline allowed by the chosen resolution and bitrate to support the widest variety of playback devices.
      WebFrontend: Disable the 720p video option for now, you need decent hardware to transcode to 720p in realtime. Until we can figure out a way to disable it selectively on systems that can't handle it, it's better not to even offer it as a choice.
      HLS: Decrease segment size from 10 to 4 seconds which should enable playback to start faster.
      UPNP: Fix music streaming following the switch to storage groups
      RemoteFile: Prevent FindFile causing the master backend connecting back to itself and therefore failing to find the file.
      UPNP: Fix upnp albumart after move to storage groups.
      Fix GuideGrid to include rsOtherShowing in the 'will record' highlighting colour. Fixes #12081
      Services API: Ignore 'manual' programmes when building the guide. This are psuedo programmes that don't exist in reality but which are created only for the purpose of manual recording schedules. Ideally we'd still display manual schedule periods in the guide, but that's for another day.
      Tighten the logic when matching up scheduler data against program showings. This should prevent some invalid data when the exact same program, at the exact same time is covered by two different schedules on different channels.
      Fix some confusion over the behaviour/purpose of IsSameProgram
      Revert "Fix GuideGrid to include rsOtherShowing in the 'will record' highlighting colour. Fixes #12081"
      Update doxygen config for current doxygen release.
      Add 23Msys/s to the preset list of possible symbol rates. This one is used for several DVB-S2 multiplexes in the UK.
      Remove some unused key bindings.
      Tidy up the playlist code a little, in particular don't reimplement functionality that QList has built in.
      Fix logic error in HttpWorker::run() spotted by Jonatan Lindblad. Fixes settings pages in backend webserver.
      Webfrontend: Update Galleria plugin to the latest version, hopefully fixes it continuing to run in the background even after we've browsed away from the overview page.
      WebFrontend: Add support to sort the Recording Rules list by the when they will next be recorded.
      Add some probably unnecessary protection around pointers in mpeg2fix.cpp. None of these should cause a problem in normal operation, but the associated ticket appears to show the pointer to MPEG2fixup with a suspicious address which often sugests that it was unintialised. I believe the actual segfault may be due to one of the streams disappearing from the file and that requires more work to fix. Refs #12153
      HTTP Server: Add a mime-type for m4v.
      Change the sorting for 'NextRecording' so that recording rules with no upcoming records are moved to the back of the list instead of the front.
      Add comment explaining [2035013]
      WebFrontend: Don't resize the page content for the menu, instead let the menu overlay it. The effect of resizing didn't work well enough, especially on slower browsers/devices.
      WebFrontend: Bump up the z-index of the menu.
      WebFrontend: Make the guide timebar static.
      Services API: Add GetFrontends endpoint which returns a list of frontends connected to the backend.
      Services API: Return a simple boolean 'OnLine' for the Frontend object instead of the connection count.
      Move ANN logging to VB_NETWORK, replacing it with the more user-friendly logging from BackendContext
      Comment out links to non-existant JS files. These will probably exist eventually, but they don't right now so remove them to prevent browsers complaining.
      WebFrontend: Add frontend status to the overview page, just online/offline for now.
      WebFrontend: Link to the frontend http server from the Backend Overview
      WebFrontend: Merge in a patch fixing a bug in jScroll. https://github.com/gpayer/jscroll/commit/d72f7bb23272ed5d3586fede7727c89c5852c023
      Frontend state tracking improvements including a bug fix and a change to ensure we always update the fronted IP when it reconnects.
      WebFrontend: Fix 'Edit Rec Rule' in the recordings page loading the wrong rule.
      WebFrontend: Fix frontend offline text alignment
      Services API: Remove toUTC() from starttime arg to GetProgramDetails, it should already be UTC.
      Bump binary version following ffmpeg resync.
      Revert "Services API: Remove toUTC() from starttime arg to GetProgramDetails, it should already be UTC."
      WebFrontend: Add option to watch a recording on MythFrontend. All available frontends will be listed, just select the one you want and it will start playback on that machine.
      WebFrontend: Add a link on the recordings screen for a future options menu. Doesn't actually do anything yet.
      HTTPServer: Allow scripts served by master backend to access the Frontend webserver. The Cross Origin Resource Sharing standard.
      Services API: Fix a few endpoints which should have been POST only.
      Replace a few instances of allocation on the heap when the stack would be better.
      WebFrontend: Use POST for Frontend/PlayRecording request.
      Services API: Bump service versions for 3ab388c9 and 40a2a138
      Services API: New Guide/GetProgramList endpoint
      Services API: Complete the implementation of Guide/GetCategoryList and GetStoredSearches endpoints
      Revert "Try to fix corner cases when stopping in-progress recordings."
      Services API: Fix typo in Guide/GetProgramList preventing correct handling of a null EndTime
      WebFronted: The 'for' attribute of <label> can only be used with form elements (yet another stupidity of the HTML spec).
      When Start/Count are defined then limit then add them to the mysql query instead requesting everything then ignoring what we don't want.
      Enable filtering of ChannelUtil::GetChanIDs to include only visible channels.
      Services API: Add option to GetChannelInfoList to ignore hidden channels
      Add a new method for loading a list of ChannelInfos, it should eventually replace the existing methods.
      Services API: Speed up GetChannelInfoList() considerably by not fetching the info one channel at a time. Uses one query instead of (number of channels + 1) queries.
      Services API: Add Details arg for GetChannelInfo endpoint.
      WebFrontend: Change the title to reflect the new name
      Add a toQueryString help which turns a key/value array type into a URI encoded query string.
      Services API: Bump major version of some services following 3ab388c9
      Fix GetChannelInfo when sourceid is specified.
      ChannelUtil::LoadChannels: Support proper sorting of subchannels.
      Bump Database Query logging to LOG_INFO|VB_DATABASE.
      Enable fetching of additional channel information in the Channel Editor
      Services API: Eliminate overlap between ChannelInfo and
      ProgramInfo::LoadFromProgam(): Support return of the total available matches when LIMIT and OFFSET clauses are being used.
      Services API: Update GetProgramList to use the new LoadFromProgram() so that TotalAvailable is correctly set.
      Fix a URL I missed in the Channel Editor. Also fix the broken link to the Channel Icon.
      Enable forward-only cursors with all prepared database connections.
      ProgramInfo::LoadFromProgram: Move the query 'fixups' out of FromProgramQuery
      Services API: Remove useless GROUP BY clauses from GetProgramList and GetProgramGuide. This speeds them up, significantly in the case of GetProgramList.
      Add the approximate query execution time to the database query logging.
      Show the 'Frontend Connected' messages when a known frontend reconnects.
      Fix copy/paste error in [88a6a8d]
      Use the system hostname in the temporary Time Zone check connection. There's no reason to use a false hostname here and it makes tracking client connections harder, especially if multiple slaves/frontends connect at the same time.
      Ensure the CLIENT_CONNECTED/CLIENT_DISCONNECTED are sent only once for each frontend
      Serialise access to QScriptEngine. It's not thread safe. Refs #12178
      Fix guide scroll window not being sized correctly after altering a recording schedule
      Services API: Return an empty list if an invalid Type is passed to GetStoredSearches
      Services API: Ignore empty category when building the list for GetCategoryList
      Add method which returns the number of parameters passed to WebFrontend page
      WebFrontend: Fix minor bug in Upcoming and RecRule pages when no results are available.
      Fix timezone check for slave backends. I broke it, I'm sorry, I'm an idiot.
      Sync minilzo from 2.03 to 2.07.
      Move minilzo to external. Hopefully this won't break any builds ...
      Missed some files in [0540f58]
      Libmythminilzo is a static lib, not a shared lib.
      Fix build of mythtranscode
      MythUI: Add depends support for buttonlists.
      Bump the ABI version just in case, it's been a month since it was last bumped and there have been a lot of commits to libs since then.
      Try to fix builds where either Xv or D3D are enabled.
      Have mytharchive link libmythtv for MythAVCopy. Fix plugin compilation?
      Update MiniLZO to 2.08. LZO pushed out an updated miniLZO to fix some endian build issues.
      MythMusic: Read/Set an annonymous POPM tag in ID3 tags. Let's us update the playcount/rating in MythTV and have that change reflected in Amarok and other applications that look for an anonymous POPM tag.
      MythMusic: Save the last play date/time in the ID3 tag as a custom frame.
      MythMusic: If the 'global' POPM tag playcount was zero before then insert the total mythtv playcount, don't just increment it.
      Avoid possibly decrementing the playcount in the global tag.
      Fix typo/unfinished thought.
      Set timespec to UTC for lastplay so 'Z' is appended to the string in the ID3 tag.
      UPnP: Add the fraction of a second component to the 'Duration' attribute for music.
      UPnP: Ensure resource URIs are properly encoded and formatted.
      UPnP: Ensure that all the values in the CDS Object XML are properly encoded.
      UPnP: Expose more metadata to UPnP clients
      UPnP: Try to use more specific containers where possible.
      UPnP: Correctly sort tracks in the album container by track number.
      UPnP: Properly sort the video genre list alphabetically
      Fix indentation in devicemaster.xml
      UPnP: Add icons for the UPnP device
      Remove kde directory config that slipped into my last commit
      Add .directory folders to gitignore
      UPnP: Set sane defaults for the required properties of the Storage* containers
      UPnP: Make sure that if no extensions handle sub-classed containers that we fall back to creating the parent container instead.
      UPnP: Have the video extension create movieGenre containers
      UPnP: Fix the service IDs for CDS and CMGR which were both incorrect.
      Break the dependence of MythGenericTree on MythUIButtonList, this should never have happened as GenericTree was supposed to be exactly that, generic.
      UPnP: Fix repeated error in mime/dlna profile strings, JPG should be JPEG. Refs #12202
      Revert [47fe99a14b] as it broke part of mythmusic, may retry this at a later date. This keeps the header changes to the gallery code as those were still necessary.
      Fix some signed/unsigned comparison warnings in MPEG2fixup
      UPnP: Fix copy/paste error spotted by Coverity (1228783).
      Fix potential null pointer derefence in PBB metadata lookup. Coverity 1228784
      Fix null pointer derefence in protocol error handling. Coverity 1228785
      Remove empty destructor for AudioOutputGraph's Buffer class. It is derived from QByteArray which doesn't have a virtual destructor, so Buffer's destructor could never be called. Coverity 1228788
      Move audiooutputgraph.* into audio/ where they belong.
      Whitespace fixes for mythnotification.h
      Initialise m_id in MythNotification. Coverity 1228786
      MetaGrabberScript: Fix initialisation issue if the specified Metadata grabber script fails to run or result a result. Coverity 1228787
      Fix a number of theoretical memory leaks in MythStreamHandler.
      Move replex into an external subdirectory.
      Fix possible out of bounds array access in mythfilerecorder. Coverity 1213716
      Comment out a 'throw' in SoundTouch::setChannels() to silence some Coverity warnings. This throw is also commented out in the latest upstream of SoundTouch. We should resync and move this to external.
      Move libmythsoundtouch to external
      MythUI: Tidy up the 'disabled' state fallback for MythUIButtonList. Fixes coverity 1213714
      MythUI: Move the missing buttonlist state warnings to VB_GUI as they are a little annoying.
      Initialise m_Count in TitleInfo. Fixes coverity 1192762
      Remove unused and uninitialised member var in ChannelScanSM. Coverity 1192761
      Variable naming fixes in ChannelScanSM
      Initialise m_programNumber in IPTVChannelFetcher. Coverity 1192760
      Initialize cleartimeonpause to false in NuppelVideoRecorder. Coverity 1025911
      Initialise structs in MPEG2frame (C++03). Coverity 700950.
      Fix possible null pointer dereference in mythframe.h. Cppcheck.
      Initialise members in RecordingQuality. Cppcheck
      Initialise m_parent in one of the MythNotification constructors. Cppcheck
      Fix potential null pointer derefence in BonjourCallback(). Cppcheck.
      Fix potential null pointer derefence in PrivateDecoderVDA::Init(). Cppcheck
      Fix potential null pointer dereference in MythWebPage::extension()
      Initialise m_hitLimit in ParentalLevel copy constructor. Cppcheck
      Initialise several members and connect up a signal/slot in MythNotificationScreen copy constructor. Cppcheck
      Fix a couple more unintialised members in MythNotificationScreen
      Fix builds using Bonjour
      Fix incorrect comparison in recTypeFromString(). Cppcheck
      Fix a potential array out of bounds in AudioOutputJACK::GetOutputSettings()
      Add a destructor to BDOverlay and remove the static DeleteOverlay method.
      Remove mcodecs.h/cpp. They were only used for base64 encoding strings and QT offers that natively.
      Remove useless assignments to NULL in MythDownloadManager. Cppcheck
      Fix several issues reported by cppcheck in AudioOutputPulse.
      Brace position fixes in mpeg2fix.cpp
      Silence an unused variable warning in BufferedSocketDevice::Flush()
      mmap returns MAP_FAILED in the event of a failure, so test for that, not a value less than zero.
      Check reply is not null before dereferencing. Cppcheck
      Ensure layout is deleted before reuse. Cppcheck.
      Remove unused code, probable copy/paste error when importing scans on the commandline with mythtv-setup. Cppcheck
      Fix redeclaration of member in derived class (VorbisEncoder) hiding declaration in base class (Encoder). Cppcheck
      Guard against assignment to self in MythNotificationScreen::operator=(). Cppcheck
      Fix unused variable warning in AudioSetupWizard by using it. Cppcheck
      Restore getrawframes when exiting AVFD::DoFastForward() early. Cppcheck
      Check that malloc didn't fail in MythSystemLegacyUnix. Coverity 1028695
      Fix coverity 1196567. Wrapper object use after free.
      Fix coverity 1025906 (again). Leak of hls on return (exit). Original fix missed a return point.
      Fix coverity 1061552. Dereference after null check.
      Don't ignore the return value of fcntl in ExternalIO (External Stream Handler). Coverity 1213709
      Remove unused member from PBB. Coverity 1023904
      Fix coverity 1025906 (and again). Leak of hls on return (exit).
      Fix a typo which forced the MusicAutoShowPlayer on no matter what the user chose. Coverity 1229292
      Dividing an int by an int produces an int, making round() redundant. So cast to double first. Coverity 1229300 and 1229301
      Services: 'if' can/should be 'else if'
      Pre-increment iterator in AutoDeleteDeque. Cppcheck.
      Remove definition of m_pHttpServer from MediaRenderer and use the one in the base class, UPnP
      Alter UPnP 'register' comments to use the actual service names.
      Check whether a joystick config exists before trying to open it. Failing to find a joystick config is not an error, finding it but failing to open it is.
      Mythweather: Re-classify some logging
      AudioOutputAlsa: Re-classify some logging. It's expected that this will fail on many systems and it's not required that it succeed, so move from ERR to WARNING
      UPnP: Construct the supported protocolInfo lists from the list of support mimetypes
      UPnP: Have the UPnP server use ServerPool::DefaultListen()
      UPnP: Music: Add some information derived from the mimetype to the fourth field of the ProtocolInfo attribute.
      UPnP: Remove extraneous colon which slipped into the previous commit
      Remove using namespace std declarations from headers (Part One)
      Fix segfaults in MythUIType::UpdateDependState() following 640da5a9
      Set the VID_AVC flag where applicable recordings by inspecting the video codec during recording.
      Remove a header that ended up not being used.
      Fix some DB queries in ProfileGroupEditor which weren't using bound values.
      Fix some DB queries in ChannelUtil which weren't using bound values.
      Fix a slew of errors in the previous commit.
      UK EIT fixup. Set category_type to movie where the event category starts with 'Movie' or 'Film'
      UPnP: Refactor various parts of the code
      UPnP: Disable the mixing of genres and videos in the Video 'Movie' view. Not sure it really works and there's a bug in the totals count anyway.
      Alter the schema of the unused recordedfile table. Use recordedid instead of chanid/starttime, change the names of two columns for clarity.
      Disable code which used recordedfile for now until it can be ported to use recordedid instead of chanid/startime.
      UPnP: Complete support for BrowseMetadata mode. (Untested)
      Avoid calling QFile::exists() on an empty string.
      UPnP: Fix filter support.
      UPnP: Pushed 3bbab402 too early before I'd finished testing.
      UPnP: Expand on the comments about UPnP filtering as it's useful to have this information inline with the code where it's put into practice.
      Fix errors when loading music album art.
      Fix FindFile/FindFileLists using SendRecieveStringList() when accessed on Master Backend
      More accurate error message when an IP is passed to GetBackendServerIP() instead of a hostname
      Fix more IP vs hostname confusion in myth:// urls
      UPnP: Add support for GetFeatureList() and GetServiceResetToken().
      UPnP: Implement the CONTAINER_SHORTCUT feature.
      Rework the way extensions register shortcuts without using a callback to the CDSObject
      UPnP: Revert an unintended change which incorrectly encoded xml in response to GetFeatureList()
      UPnP: Fix copy/paste error affecting ConnectionManager's GetFeatureList()
      MythMusic: Fix smart playlists uses lastplay or date_entered.
      MythMusic: Fix sql error in SmartPlaylist editor when adding a new playlist.
      MythMusic: Fix NULL insert into NOT NULL column in SmartPlaylist editor.
      MythMusic: Allow smart playlist to be saved even if it produces no matches. The nature of smart playlists means that it may match tracks in the future.
      MythMusic: Fix another NULL insert into NOT NULL column in SmartPlaylist editor.
      UPnP: MPEG_TS_HD_EU_ISO isn't a valid profile, assume AVC_TS_EU_ISO instead.
      DVB: Rename the class/enum value associated with the Logical Channel Descriptor for clarity.
      Services API: Allow the use of RecordedId for all Recording endpoints
      WebFrontend: Comment out an uncommitted script.
      Services API: Enable use of RecordedId with GetRecordSchedule to return the rule which created that recording and using the metadata associated with that recording.
      WebFrontend: Tweak the behaviour of the schedule editor depending on whether it's called for an upcoming recording, an existing recording or a recording rule. This isn't exactly ideal, but I didn't want to change the behaviour of the Services API GetRecordSchedule to achieve what we want, at least not at this stage.
      Convert the http server to use QTcpSocket. There are some bug fixes and minor improvements included.
      Reword log string, comma was in the wrong place.
      Include missing header in upnpsubscription.cpp
      Fix file streaming.
      UPnP: Add DLNA profile info to the supported protocols returned by the media server. This is a bit of a hack for now but it may resolve some DLNA clients not listing the MythTV server.
      WebFrontend: Fix displaying the link to the deleted recgroup when there are deleted recordings.
      WebFrontend: Connect to services.mythtv.org via https
      Convert the http server to use QTcpSocket. There are some bug fixes and minor improvements included.
      Reword log string, comma was in the wrong place.
      Include missing header in upnpsubscription.cpp
      Fix file streaming.
      Cleanup dead code
      Initial SSL server support
      Merge branch 'devel/http_ssl' of code.mythtv.org:mythtv into http_ssl
      WebFrontend: Don't start the SSL server if QT SSL support isn't available.
      WebFrontend: Fix <label> references, they need to point to the element id, not it's name.
      Don't abort setting up the http server in the event that we fail to listen on the SSL port (currently 6554)
      Fix coverity 1238723 and 1238718, missing break statements in switch()
      Fix various coverity warnings about using endl without using the std namespace
      Fix coverity 1238746. Unintialised scaler variable.
      Fix coverity 1238740. Unintialised scaler variable.
      Fix coverity 1238734. Unintialised scaler variable.
      Add mimetypes for pem and crt.
      UPnP: Avoid announcing localhost addresses
      Silence signed/unsigned warning in proglist.cpp
      UPnP: Don't add albumart urls for music items if no albumart exists.
      Check that the socket is still valid before reading or writing to it. There seems to be a window where the client can prematurely close the connection before we've finished reading or writing. This is harmless, but it causes potentially confusing errors in the logs.
      Add a new class to manage recording file data
      Move stream data debugging to LOG_DEBUG
      Start to store information in RecordedFile
      Update recordedfile information with non-null values as soon as possible. These values may not be entirely correct (best values will be determined when recording finishes), but some information is better than none when it comes to streaming in-progress recordings.
      Recreate the RecordingFile object in the RecordingInfo assignment operator
      UPnP: Use codec, resolution and framerate info from RecordedFile.
      Fix a backend segfault in LiveTV following the addition of RecordingFile. Seems that on at least one code path RecordingFile can end up being NULL.
      UPnP: Remove a stray comma which broke the recordings query.
      UPnP: Start to add MPEG-2 PS profile support. For now make a best guess based on the transcoded flag. Future commits will store the container info in the database alongside the codec.
      Add new constructor to RecordingInfo for loading by recording id. Deprecate the chanid/starttime constructor.
      Migrate information from recorded and recordedmarkup to recordedfile.
      Services: Exclude recordings from results which are pending delete.
      WebFrontend: A number of performance improvements for the index page, menu and overview.
      WebFrontend: Don't use onMouseOut() for now, the behaviour is ... odd
      Bump schema version in the bindings
      Services: Update GetMusic() to use the storage groups
      UPnP: Add MPEG_PS_PAL and MPEG_PS_NTSC to the list of supported DLNA protocols. Refs #12284
      WebFrontend: More animation performance improvements, and other tweaking
      UPnP: Try a different mimetype for AVI in the hope that it stops Samsung TVs crashing
      UPnP: Remove the contentFeatures header and add a transferMode header.
      UPnP: Request header should have been transferMode, not getTransferMode.
      HTTP: Remove a stray comma which crept into the 'Server' header
      UPnP: Split the DLNA protocol string creation out into it's own method
      Add destructor to RecordingProfile. Speculative fix for arm build failure
      Revert [ab8667337e17d74d4f6c0649bde83aae5c16c651] and part of [d013e5426fac8c654159cfb12467da55106b5e4b]. Move the filtering by recordid into the services class instead. The archaic scheduler code is a minefield and fragile, safer just to avoid modifying it and in future work on implementing a simpler, cleaner and documented interface. Fixes #12285.
      Arm build fix part 2. Add a virtual destructor for RecordingProfileEditor()
      Http Server: Allow server extensions to define the keep alive timeout
      HTTP: Simplify and tidy the SSL handling. We can pass the key/certs through as part of the configuration object
      HTTP Server: Avoid some warnings if the client closes the connection while we are in the middle of reading or writing to the socket.
      Fix the ability to disable the frontend idle timer
      Fix memory corruption issue in mythtranscode. Refs #12228
      Fix a number of mis-uses of AVPacket in mythtranscode
      Treat the failure to create the database object as a fatal error.
      More lossless mythtranscode fixes
      UPnP: Fix silly mistake picked up by cppcheck
      UPnP: Prevent infinite recursion when season is zero.
      UPnP: Improve object/container ID creation.
      Add additional indexes to the music tables.
      UPnP: Fix startingIndex for Search() requests. We don't actually support searching yet, but spotted this while looking at another issue.
      HTTP: Fix the socket being closed before all bytes were read by client
      HTTP: Timeout waiting for the client to read from the socket after a period determined by the server extension.
      Http: Fix the server reading an entire video or recording into memory
      Add a new VB_HTTP verbose mask to logging
      Http: Move some logging to give more accurate output
      Http: Include the socket number in the 'Waiting for x bytes' logging
      Http: Don't log socket timeout errors when using Keep-Alive. It's normal to end the connection after a preset timeout.
      UPnP: Specify correct XSD and namespace for the feature list
      Switch over to the new Schedules Direct URL. That's it folks, painless wasn't it?
      HTTP: Only use TLS for secure connections, SSL v1-3 are insecure
      Http: Weed out insecure ciphers and disable insecure client renegotiation
      Fix windows build.
      UPnP: Samsung TVs use an incorrect command, X_GetFeatureList instead of GetFeatureList.
      UPnP: Add a Samsung specific header, remove an unnecessary header, adding some additional logging.
      Http: Fix logic error affecting logging.
      Drop binary version from User-Agent sent to Schedules Direct. No-one cares about the binary version, only the release version.
      UPnP: Not all samsung TVs include 'Samsung' in the user agent
      UPnP: Make the matching of the Samsung header case-insensitive
      UPnP: Handle the TIMEOUT header for subscription requests.
      Disable warning about use of ProgramInfo::GetFilesize() for now. It's not a priority.
      UPnP: Appears that Samsung TVs are inconsistent in supplying the user-agent, the same TV will include it for some requests and not others
      Security: Disallow SSDP device discovery from non-local addresses.
      WebFrontend: Commit what I've got so far for the 'search list' feature. It's not yet finished, so there is no menu entry for it yet
      Coverity: Fix overflow before assignment. ID 1229294
      Coverity: Fix potential memory leaks on error (and false positives) in mythtranscode
      Coverity: Fix tiny leak if gif is not animated. ID 1248082
      MythArchive: Move pxsup2data.* into an external/ subfolder to exclude it from Static Analysis checks
      Fix compilation of mythfilerecorder with QT5.
      HTTP: Enable TCP keep alive on the socket.
      Add support for explicitly recognising QAM-256 with DVB-T2. This _may_ help with scanning on devices that don't support 'auto' modulation detection.
      Missed a change in [864d985]. Thanks to Karl Dietz for spotting the mistake.
      SSDP: Check that the peer address is available before doing the local network check.
      SSDP: Disable reflection attack mitigation for now, it's triggering false positives.
      SSDP: Missed changes when reverting [52cb0b5]
      Copy m_added and m_created in the MythNotificationScreen copy operator instead of initialising them to false. May fix some reported issues with performance during playback and duplicate popups.
      Move the warning about using LIMIT and OFFSET with LoadFromProgram() to where they should be.
      WebFrontend: Change colour of airdate and subtitle to differentiate
      OSX: Silence runtime warning about dynamic casts from a class whose symbols are hidden.
      Fix missing include
      Fix PCR packets being stripped from transport stream following [0f0e6787]
      Audio: Don't print the number of audio channels for every single audio packet, only when it changes
      UPnP: Rename the shortcut class
      Null pointer check in MainServer::customEvent.
      Revert "Fix compilation optimisations"
      UPnP: When browsing by recording title, sort recorded episodes in season/episode order, falling back to ascending date order.
      Icon Downloader: Fix improper escaping of search string that broke proper matching and sorting with some searches
      WebFrontend: Add a restrictive Content-Security-Policy header
      CppCheck: Fix warning about duplicate declaration of inherited member in HtmlServerExtension.
      HTTP: Reword connection closure log message
      WebFrontend: Add a robots.txt
      WebFrontend: Show current frontend state info on the overview page.
      Services API: Fix GetAlbumArt() when called without width or height args.
      Services API: Add frontend 'status' port to info returned by GetFrontends
      WebFrontend: Use the frontend port returned by GetFrontends instead of hardcoding
      Http: Register the html server as a normal extension.
      Services: Add name and version information to Frontend/GetStatus
      HTTP: Split the frontend status page out of the code and into html/
      Fix compilation warnings. A copy/paste error in the default return value argument to the SCRIPT_CATCH_EXCEPTIONmacro
      SSL: Remove redundant code
      SSL: Don't hardcode the ssl port in HTTPRequest
      Header fixup in httpserver.cpp
      Initial websocket implementation
      WebSocket: Fix debugging page
      WebSocket: Attempt to fix windows build
      In TVPlay::PxPSwap check that the array index isn't negative before use. Coverity 1266409
      Streamer::SendBytes() - Fix use of uninitialised integer in LOG macro. Coverity 1238751
      TV::DoEditSchedule() Fix another instance where a negative index could be supplied to an array. Coverity 1266408
      Logging cleanup in tvplay. Added function name to LOC and moved some stuff to LOG_DEBUG
      Replace tabs with spaces in compat.h
      Define __func__ (C99 & C++11) for Visual Studio which isn't compliant with either spec.
      __func__ is now defined in compat for MSVC so remove the ifdef from autooutputgraph
      Coverity: Cddb - Calling empty() without checking the result is pointless. I strongly suspect the intent here was instead to call .clear() instead, before adding search results to the vector, so I've made that change.
      Compat: Don't include files unnecessarily on platforms where they aren't required. Possible build breaker.
      Fix CLIENT_CONNECTED system event.
      Improve usage of LOC macro in MythCoreContext
      WebFrontend: Add a MythEvent handler using websockets. Only implementation so far is to toggle frontend status on the overview screen as they connect and disconnect.
      Fix LOC macro in mythcorecontext. Not sure what happened here, may have forgotten to save changes before committing.
      WebFrontend: As an added precaution, check the number of tokens in the event.
      WebSocket: Strip SYSTEM_EVENT from events, it adds no useful information and means we have to check more of the message before we can perform filtering.
      WebFrontend: Reload the guide when a schedule change event is received from the backend.
      HtmlServer: Allow frame content to be loaded in Content Security Policy
      WebFrontend: Refactoring
      WebFrontend: Missed a file from an earlier commit.
      Update the ProgramInfoUpdater to use recordedid
      Fix copy/paste error in documentation.
      WebFrontend: Partial fix for issue in the guide caused by programmes with overlapping timeslots.
      WebFrontend: Don't try to display channel icon if it doesn't exist
      WebFrontend: Add the lazyload attribute to preview/channel icon img tags
      WebFrontend: Few html fixes
      WebFrontend: Fixes for video gallery
      WebFrontend: Add auto-reconnection to the websocket handler
      WebFrontend: Don't try to load channel icon if it doesn't exist
      WebFrontend: Refresh upcoming list when a schedule change occurs
      WebFrontend: Fix schedule editor. Typo'd the object names
      WebFrontend: Flesh out the recording event handler stubs a bit
      WebFrontend: Fix detail popups for upcoming/conflict list in Schedule Editor.
      WebSocket: Split the MythEvent functionality into an extension
      Perl Bindings: Fix the protocol version number. Refs #12365
      WebFrontend: Fix HLS test page
      WebFrontend: Fix references to recording list change handlers
      Playbackbox: Convert to use recordingid in place of chanid/starttime
      Ensure m_overall_score is initialised. Coverity 1229298
      Fix coverity 1213730 'Untrusted loop bound'
      Fix coverity 1213731 'Untrusted loop bound'
      Fix coverity 1266415 'Useless call'
      Fix coverity 1266411 'Negative array index read'
      Fix Coverity 66410 'Pointer to local outside scope'
      WebFrontend: Refresh the recording list when a new recording starts
      Revert "Fix Coverity 66410 'Pointer to local outside scope'"
      Protocol: Explicitly distinguish between frontends and other clients with 'ANN Frontend'
      WebFrontend: Escape program title, subtitle and description on Overview page
      Webfrontend: Re-enable jScroll for the Rec Rules page, can't remember why it was disabled in the first place
      Fix MSVC build
      Missed a file from previous commit
      Services: Fix filtering of GetConflictList by recording rule ID
      It's redundant to replace an empty string with an empty string
      Fix the value of the starting channel when no channels have been defined.
      PlaybackSocket: Initialise m_frontend to false.
      WebFrontend: Enable program search page, not functionally complete but working
      Expand the Server variables to include more of RFC 3875
      HTTP: Allow server side scripts to set response headers.
      WebFrontend: Add m3u8 and asx playlist (stream) links for recordings. Much requested.
      Revert configure change, this wasn't an intended part of the commit
      WebFrontend: Fix guide navigation (animation) in FireFox
      WebFrontend: Add an encoding param to the ASX playlist
      WebFrontend: Add support for XSPF playlist format (More metadata than m3u8 and asx)
      Use qjsonwrapper to fix crash with QT5 while enabling compilation against QT4
      Fix typo in libmythbase.pro
      Try to unbreak build follow jsonwrapper addition
      Make qjsonwrapper work with the version of qjson we are using under QT4
      WebFrontend: Add content encoding for stream playlists and escape xml characters in metadata
      Fix DVB-S2 tuning
      Revert "Fix DVB-S2 tuning"
      WebFrontent: Add a Content-Security-Policy nonce
      WebFrontend: Temporary fix for the enum/string issue
      WebFrontend: Encode uri components for jScroll page links
      Fix translation of string for rsMissedFuture.
      WebFrontend: Temporary fix for recording status class in non-English environments
      Change the default file extension for recordings from .mpg to .ts
      Save the recording container type to recordedfile
      The lossless mythtranscode can optionally output TS streams, so account for this
      Have lossless transcode use larger buffers when replexing HD video
      Fix mythtranscode segfault
      Fix multiple issues in mythtranscode cleanup
      Fix cleanup of all preview files, when recording is deleted
      UPnP: Use the container information stored at recording time in determining the correct DLNA profile
      HTTP: Use correct mimetypes for MPEG2 PS/TS
      HTTP: Send a Content-Range header in response to an invalid range request. RFC 7233
      HTTP: Send a Content-Language header, because we can
      HTTP: Fix date header compliance with RFC 822
      Services: Add check for missing ChanId arg
      HTTP: Ensure filename in content disposition header is properly encoded
      Load the translation in the backend, required for translation of the WebFrontend
      Remove some dead code from menu.js
      Fix build, QString doesn't like QByteArray in arg()
      Fix const char* comparison to string literal. Coverity 1270231, 1270232
      Correct 'Full TS Stream' help text.
      Move the logging about forcing the FFmpeg demuxer into VB_GENERAL, this is pretty important information since it doesn't support a number of things that our demuxer does.
      Services: Split GetSetting into GetSettingList, and GetSetting which
      WebFrontend: Update for new GetSetting behaviour
      Revert the change made in Oct 2013 to lower case ALL query string parameters, but leave the case-insensitive comparison of services API params.
      WebFrontend: Add a page to manage WebFrontend settings.
      Allow animations to be disabled in the WebFrontend
      Fix program search results lazy loading
      WebFronted: Fix the animation setting widget always being set to 'on'
      WebFrontend: Don't highlight disabled widgets on mouseover
      Fix segfault in QScriptEngine
      Don't remove the original file for HLS transcodes. Fixes #12385
      Add a prototype scan config file for Freesat
      Ignore themes which have invalid or missing themeinfo.xml
      Add digest authentication support
      Add skeletal user login and session management class
      WebFrontend: Fix some case-sensitivity issues. Fixes #12390
      Fix QT5 build.
      Fix the plugin build
      Silence a very pedantic compiler warning about a const declaration which has no effect.
      WebFrontend: Add X-Content-Type-Options header with a value of 'nosniff'
      WebFrontend: Expose some session information (username etc) to scripts.
      Revert "Fix metadata fanart selection."
      WebFrontend: Allow user to logout
      HTTP: Throw a 501 or 405 error if we receive an unknown http method
      Whitespace fix in UPnpCDS
      HTTP: Add partial handling of OPTIONS and framework for 405 errors
      Don't try to listen on addresses which are no longer available.
      Add missing plugin configure option to help text (--enable-libcdio)
      Fix mythweather build under QT5
      When using --disable-all with plugins configure, don't disable the optional linked libs
      Fix mythnews build under QT5
      Fix mythnetvision build under QT5
      Fix mythgame build under QT5
      Fix mytharchive build under QT5
      Fix mythbrowser build under QT5
      Fix dcrawplugin build under QT5 (plugin needs porting to work)
      Fix mythzoneminder build under QT5
      Replace all remaining instances of qVariantValue() macro
      Replace all instances of toAscii() with toLatin1(). The former is obsolete
      Replace qSort, which is deprecated, with std::sort
      QSslCertificate::isValid() is not valid in QT5 (ironic)
      Replace qSort with std::sort for QT5
      QT5: Remove unneeded defines
      Fix a segfault in the EIT cache
      Fix digest auth bug when request url contains parameters
      Wrap RecStatusType enum in a class so we can expose it to the Services API via Q_ENUM
      Partial fix for crash with editor under QT5. Refs #12394
      libmyth doesn't depend on libmythservicecontracts
      WebFrontend: Improve back button navigation
      WebFrontend: Fix invalid match count if total is less than the page limit
      WebFrontend: Allow one-click scheduling from the programme search results
      Header cleanup (Part 1)
      Header Cleanup (Part 2)
      QT5: Enable qt opengl module for libmythui.
      Header Cleanup (Part 3)
      Fix BSD build?
      Fix BSD build (Part 2)
      Fix CentOS build
      Fix metadata unit test. A proper fix which decouples the ui code from the video scanner is in the works.
      Fix BSD build (Part 3)
      WebFrontend: Limit length of the programme description in the guide
      Header Cleanup (Part 4)
      Fix builds with AirPlay enabled
      QtNumeric is QT5 only, use the QT4 name
      MythGallery: Fix uninitialised members, Coverity 1288746
      MythMainWindow: Fix unchecked dynamic_cast. Coverity 1271751
      MythZM: Fix uninitialised member variables. Coverity 1266413
      NVR: Initialise all members. Coverity 1025911
      Services API: Minor guide optimisations
      ChannelUtil::GetInputID() is unused, pointless and a duplicate of CardUtil::GetInputID()
      Services API: Reduce the number of queries needed to compile guide data from 1 + [2 * number of channels] to 2
      Services API: Get the list of scheduled recordings directly from the scheduler, it's considerably faster
      Services API: Bypass LoadFromScheduler() in more places
      Services API: Fix a logical issue with GetProgramGuide
      Services API: Clean up GetProgramGuide() following changes
      Move FileTransfer logging to VB_NETWORK where it belongs
      Change minimum required QT version to 5.2
      HTTP: Add support for If-Modified-Since request header
      HTTP: Date format should use zero-prefixed day of month
      HTTP: Ensure dates are always in UTC
      UPnP: Fix urls with QT5
      UPnP: Fix artwork URLs with QT5
      UPnP: Fix album browsing. This is VERY odd, since it should never have worked, but it did until I moved to QT5
      HTTP: Fix range header handling under QT5
      Services: Move filename, filesize and hostname from Program to RecordingInfo
      Apply fix from 878234f1e to plugins configure. Potentially fixes 32bit builds with QT5
      MythUIButtonList: Fix a segfault when a button is remove from the list.
      Until the filesize is removed from ProgramInfo, make sure it's kept up to date. There may be bits of code still looking there instead. Refs #12290
      Ensure RecordingFile object is loaded when we call RI::GetFilesize()
      HACK fix for build. Refs #12290
      Fix segfault when undeleting a recording. PBHEventHandler was popping two entries off the array when there is now only one.
      Fix build. QT5 in particular doesn't like implicit conversion from uint to QString, although QT4 would also complain about it.
      WebFrontend: Add option to download a recording from the Recordings page
      Add key event fixup for XF86AudioPause
      Repeat key fixup for TV window
      Expose OpenGL2 painter option in settings. It's already the default on Darwin and when supported on systems using 'Auto', until now it just wasn't possible to select it manually from the settings.

TV Front (1):
      Add 'watched status' update feature for recordings and videos. Closes #11500

Thierry Fauck (1):
      ppc: Fix compilation for ppc64le (ELFv2)

Tim Phipps (1):
      Add a system event to handle CEC commands

Timothy Gu (25):
      doc/filters: fix width/height typo in crop filter.
      doc/encoders: Add documentation for libmp3lame
      doc/encoders: add documentation for libtwolame (cherry picked from commit ea038b996d5662702b2247a6aa919dee1cebc0be)
      doc/encoders: Add libvo-aacenc doc
      doc/encoders: Add libvo-amrwbenc doc
      doc/general: Make the license status of the Android libraries clearer
      doc/decoders: Document libcelt
      doc/encoders: Add libopencore-amrnb doc
      doc/decoders: Document libgsm decoder
      doc/decoders: Document libilbc decoder
      doc/decoders: Document libopencore-amrnb decoder
      doc/decoders: Add libopencore-amrwb decoder doc
      doc/encoders: alphabetically list the encoders
      doc/decoders: document libopus decoder
      doc/muxers: Add AIFF doc
      doc/encoders: add libopus encoder doc
      doc/encoders: partially rewrite and reformat libx264 docs
      doc/encoders: add libxvid doc
      doc/encoders: reformat libmp3lame doc
      doc/encoders: reformat and add some clarification in libtwolame doc
      doc/encoders: Remove options that were not there when branch was cut from master
      doc/ffmpeg-formats: Add documentation for 3 parameters that have been missing
      doc/encoders: improve libvo-aacenc doc
      doc/encoders: add doc for AAC encoder
      configure: use pkg-config to detect libbluray

Timothy Pearson (1):
      libmythtv: Fix build failure on GCC versions less than 4.8

Toilal (1):
      Registered and uploaded on PyPI. Fix #31

Walter Cheuk (9):
      Updated Chinese (Taiwan) locale file
      Updated Chinese HK MythFrontend, Mytharchive and MythBrowser translation
      Updated Chinese HK translation from Walter Cheuk
      Update Chinese (HK) locale file from Walter Cheuk
      Updated Chinese (HK) locale file from Walter Cheuk
      Updated Chinese (TW) locale file from Walter Cheuk
      Updated Chinese (TW) locale file from Walter Cheuk
      Updated Chinese (HK) translation from Walter Cheuk
      Updated Chinese (HK) translation from Walter Cheuk

Warpme (1):
      Speed-up HLS transcode by specifying the x264 preset and tune

Warren Falk (1):
      fix SSDP thread using 100% CPU on zero byte datagrams

William L. DeRieux IV (1):
      update twit.tv.pl script to latest version

Xavier Hervy (1):
      Optionally display the current channel group when browsing LiveTV

Yianni Vidalis (12):
      Updated Greek MythFrontend and MythGame translation
      Updated Greek MythFrontend and MythMusic translation
      Updated Greek MythFrontend translation from Yianni Vidalis
      New Greek/Greece locale file
      Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythMusic and MythBrowser translation
      New virtual Greek keyboard from Yianni Vidalis
      Update Greek MythFrontend, MythMusic, MythNetvision and MythZoneMinder translation
      Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythMusic and MythGallery translation
      Updated Greek  MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythMusic and MythZoneMinder translation
      Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythMusic and MythNetvision
      Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythGallery, MythMusic and MythNetvision
      Updated Greek MythFrontend, MythMusic, MythNetVision and MythZoneMinder

angelaschmid (9):
      detect cropped HD (720p) content
      Add year to ProgramInfo for video.
      MythMusic: fix seek problem with restart playback.
      MythMusic: Release audio decoder when music paused and tv playback wanted.
      MythMusic: Save volume on exiting the music player
      EPG: Fix selecting current channellist item in the Guide
      Python binding - call Socket.send with non-unicode string
      Fixes #12260. Fix python bindings after the change to recordedid being the primary key
      MythGallery: add *.mkv to the movies filter

dev-team (1):
      Fixes #11905 - HttpRequest parsing fails on parameters containing encoded & character

faginbagin (9):
      MythArchive: Fix problem playing created DVD's with no intro
      Captions: Delete *all* cc708 windows in CC708Reader::Reset().
      DTVRecorder: Fix 32 to 64 bit integer arithmetic in FindPSKeyFrames()
      MythCenter: Improve consistency with MythCenter-wide
      Mythcommflag assumed that the number of bytes per scan line for the luma
      Many years before the lowres option was added to improve performance, a
      The CommDetectBorder? setting did dual duty, as it was also used to limit
      Logo detection required a minimum number of pixels in a mask found by
      Mythcommflag assumed that video can be either normal, letter-boxed or

hpx (1):
      Refs #12453. Adds a LIVETV_ENDED system event.

janbar (2):
      Services API - Get cut list and comm break for recorded
      Use RecordingInfo instead ProgramInfo as recommended

lomion (1):
      New locle file for Austria from lomion at aon.at

ludvik.tesar at gmail.com (1):
      UPnP - add different groupings for content in video

mrlika (1):
      lavd/v4l2: do not fail when VIDIOC_ENUMSTD returns EINVAL without a valid match

pHr34kY (1):
      MythMusic: Add visualization support for 24 and 32bit audio (mono and stereo)

pjokinen (1):
      Add mplexid to dummy entries when scheduling around live TV.

rkrishna1 (1):
      Prevent spurious packets from corrupting the time stamp informaion.

robbak (5):
      Allow for /usr/X11R6 directory or symlink
      Support /usr/X11R6 directory or symlink
      Move $$POSTINC append to the end.
      Add code to move standard includes to end.
      Add code to move standard includes to end.

skd5aner (1):
      Add ChannelIcons to the list of "special" storage groups.

slackerlinux85 (1):
      MythThemedMenu: Add dependsexec option to the main menu

t0mahawk-jb (1):
      WebFrontend Video Gallery Implementation

unknown (3):
      Fix Qt 4.8 compile issues
      Committed correct version of file this time.
      enable compatibility to Qt4

wagnerrp (2):
      Merge pull request #30 from Toilal/master
      Merge pull request #32 from Toilal/master

warpme (1):
      Update Polish MythBrowser, MythGallery, MythGame, MythMusic, MythNetvision,



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