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#12680: ThemeUpdateChecker accesses Videos storage group
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Comment (by mdean):

 allowFallback defaults to true


 Therefore, unless disabling fallback is explicitly requested, MythTV will
 always fall back to searching through all SGs.

 So, since ThemeUpdateChecker::checkForUpdate() uses RemoteFile::Exists():


 which creates a StorageGroup without specifying allowFallback:


 and RemoteFile::Exists() sends a QUERY_FILE_EXISTS, which is handled by
 MainServer::HandleQueryFileExists() which creates a StorageGroup without
 specifying allowFallback:


 the ThemeUpdateChecker (and, actually, any use of RemoteFile) will always
 use allowFallback = true.

 Modifying RemoteFile to allow MythTV URLs that specify allowFallback (or
 even the quick and dirty approach of creating a new method for RemoteFile
 that doesn't do fallback--though this would still require modifying the
 QUERY_FILE_EXISTS backend protocol command to permit specifying
 allowFallback since adding a new backend protocol command would be
 extremely dirty) would allow code that doesn't desire fallback to do a
 quick check of only the specified SG's directories.

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