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#12680: ThemeUpdateChecker accesses Videos storage group
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Comment (by mdean):

 This needs to be changed at a very specific level, rather than through a
 global change.  Much of the code in MythTV is dependent upon the very
 fallback structure that was coded into the Storage Groups.

 Therefore, if you want to "fix" this--i.e. to make an exception to the
 designed-in SG fallback--then it needs to be done through the addition of
 a new method(s) to search only the specified group without fallback, or at
 the least, a new parameter that disables the fallback.  Specifically
 (since this allowFallback functionality already exists in StorageGroup),
 you'd need to add code to RemoteFile::Exists() to allow searching for the
 file without fallback--i.e. creating the StorageGroup with allowFallback
 set to false at:


 (which means adding parameters to all the methods preceding that call as
 well as coming up with some mechanism by which to specify no fallback via
 the MythTV RemoteFile URL).

 There's no concept, at this point, of Storage Group types, so we shouldn't
 even assume that we should only search SGs of some type or purpose in any
 situation.  The closest thing we have to SG types is the built-in SGs,
 which are generally used to define locations for specific data, but there
 is no guarantee (or requirement) that those group directories contain only
 that specific data--the user could put any MythTV files in any of those
 group directories--and, in truth, we've never previously required that the
 user put that data only in the specified group directories.  Therefore, we
 need task-specific (and specifically requested) overrides of the fallback
 functionality rather than global changes to the coded SG behavior or
 assumptions that the coded SG behavior should be ignored.

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