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Mon Mar 14 17:29:09 UTC 2016

#9726: Unicable / Satellite Channel Router / DIN EN 50494
 Reporter:  twoof7@…         |          Owner:  dekarl
     Type:  Patch - Feature  |         Status:  closed
 Priority:  minor            |      Milestone:  0.28
Component:  MythTV - DVB     |        Version:  Master Head
 Severity:  medium           |     Resolution:  fixed
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Comment (by tilman.wagner@…):

 In Myth-Backend-Setup the section "Capture Cards" appears to only allow to
 connect to either a switch or probably a unicable LNB, not a unicable
 I have two universal LNB connected to a multiswitch. When receive the
 signal from a single multiswitch output MythTV works fine.

 However, when physically adding a unicable multiswitch (Spaun SUS 21 F) by
 connecting it to two outputs of the same primary multiswitch then within
 "DiSEqC (Switch-, LNB-, and Rotor-Configuration)" I can select Unicable,
 then the multiswitch in front of it with two sources, each of which I
 select as Universal LNB:



 But when trying to save this it resets the DiSEqC Configuration to

 I have installed this unicable patch in MythTV 0.27 under Ubuntu 14.04

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