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#12827: Raspberry Pi: Digital Audio does not work
 Reporter:  pbennett              |          Owner:  pbennett
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Comment (by markspieth):

 * the omxdecoder is only active if its in a list of choices, like audio
 devices. remove it from said list :-)
 * audio rate Im talking about is the output sample rate. If this cant be
 measured due to lack of api, then there is no choice. This is what the
 rest of the audio devices do. By this I mean that the current number of
 audio samples in the output audio buffer is measured. The absorption rate
 of this output buffer is what I meant by block processing of this output
 buffer. This input/source bitrate is not a factor. The input/source frame
 rate is however useful, and each encoding has a duration for each frame.
 This can be used as a substitute for the output buffer contents if its all
 you have but it is more complex. This block processing is where averaging
 is of benefit.
 * Diverge limit you are correct.
 * I will defer to other opinions as to the dissociation of audio device
 specific parameters/config to the audio device. IMO it decouples better
 there esp. from a unit testing perspective (e.g. with a mocked audio
 device). What is done in each is not critical wrt multiple configs or

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