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#12827: Raspberry Pi: Digital Audio does not work
 Reporter:  pbennett              |          Owner:  pbennett
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Comment (by pbennett):

 I have my fix ready. I am using option 4 above. Average over 60 frames if
 OpenMAX Audio with AC-3 passthru is specified.

 The code is using setting "AVSyncAveraging" for the averaging number. It
 defaults to 4 as in existing code, and to 60 when using OMX audio with
 AC-3 passthru. If you override AVSyncAveraging on the command line it will
 use the override value for every playback.

 I added a setting "!PlayerMaxDiverge" to replace the #define MAXDIVERGE
 3.0f. I also removed the #define DIVERGELIMIT 30.0f because that was
 having no effect on processing except limiting the divergence value
 reported in the log.

 The AVSync code should work identically to what it did before when not
 using OpenMAX with AC-3. Some things that were hardcoded constants are now
 member variables calculated against the avsync_averaging value and will
 come to the old hardcoded values when avsync_averaging defaults to 4.

 Another change that was necessary was removing the spdif container in the
 case of OpenMAX passthru. The bitstream is passed to OMX without the spdif

 I am deleting an unused and untested class AudioDecoderOMX. This supports
 a hardware audio decoder which cannot be used for licensing reasons and
 the code is not tested.


 The change is not yet committed to MythTV repo. See the below commits in
 my repository to review the changes before I commit them to MythTV.

 Delete unused and untested class AudioDecoderOMX (see line 764)\\

 AVSync changes\\

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