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#12845: mythtranscode deleting original recording with -o option
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 In 0.27 I used the following procedure to process some OTA TV recordings I
 wanted to save on a NAS:

 1. using mythfrontend, I'd edit the recording using the detected
 commercial list and fix any issues and save the edited list to the

 2. I'd run the command:

 mythtranscode --chanid 1111 --starttime 20160805000000 --mpeg2
 --honorcutlist -o new-output-file.mpg

 3. use handbrake to convert the .mpg file and put if on my NAS

 Using this method I still had the original file within Mythtv.

 In version 0.28 mythtranscode will create 'new-output-file.mpg' but it
 deletes the original and now mythfrontend can't find it and gets an error.

 If I do not use the -o option it behaves correctly and mythfrontend finds
 the same program and plays it but the cutlist has been applied and

 BTW, using the extension .ts instead of .mpg doesn't change the behavior.

 I see nothing in the 0.28 information that says the intent of
 mythtranscode changed from 0.27 to 0.28.

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