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Thu Aug 4 15:05:44 UTC 2016

#12782: backend SegFault
 Reporter:  Eric Fontaine <ericrfontaine@…>  |          Owner:  bmeek
     Type:  Bug Report - Crash               |         Status:  infoneeded
 Priority:  minor                            |      Milestone:  0.28.1
Component:  MythTV - General                 |        Version:  0.28.0
 Severity:  medium                           |     Resolution:
 Keywords:                                   |  Ticket locked:  0

Comment (by Bill Meek <bmeek@…>):

 In [changeset:"38de43efa92603e2ac524b9a72951c15caf2af4e/mythtv"]:
 #!CommitTicketReference repository="mythtv"
 Serialization Implementation for XML: gcc6/Qt5.{6,7} SEGVs

 This isn't a MythTV bug, rather an issue with Qt5.{6,7,??}
 and gcc version 6. This will get Arch users with the above
 combinations working until a proper solution is developed.

 In XmlSerializer::GetContentName when pMetaObject is NULL,
 a SEGV fires rather that getting a -1 return from

 Examples: <be>:6544/Myth/version and <be>:6544/Myth/GetHostName.
 Both fail on Arch linux with the above combinations.

 Thanks for the research on: bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1631996,
 testing on the ticket, and the reference to:

 Refs #12782

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