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Tue Aug 2 21:55:42 UTC 2016

#12840: OSD Text Squashed with Anamorphic Content
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Component:  MythTV - Video/OSD Rendering  |        Version:  0.28.0
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Comment (by tom@…):

 It does happen with the opengl renderer, yes - that's what I was using
 when I first upgraded.

 I've attached couple of test videos - a 1280x720 original that has a
 natural 16:9 aspect ratio and a rescaled 544x576 version that declares a
 16:9 display aspect so that it has to be stretched.

 Having said all that I have discovered what in my setup is triggering it,
 and how to fix it...

 I had my GUI resolution set to 1912x1080 so that it wasn't quite full HD
 size. I think that was because I used to have issues with losing a bit of
 the menus at the side or something. Changing that to 1920x1080 resolves
 the problem.

 It's still a very dramatic effect for an eight pixel difference though,
 and 0.27 didn't do it.

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