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Wed Apr 27 20:35:07 UTC 2016

#12749: add minimal cutlist support for ASX streaming
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 Writing down old research that I never got to implement due to missing
 pieces of knowledge. (how do I access the cut list efficiently from server
 side scripts?)

 The ASX format provides support for marking in and out points on top of a
 recording. https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms910265.aspx
 It would be nice to provide cut-from-start and cut-to-end for recordings
 with many minutes of start-early and/or end-late but without breaks.

 The first cut goes into the STARTTIME element.

 The second cut is signaled implicit by adjusting the DURATION element to
 account for the duration of start-to-first-cut and of last-cut-to-end.

 The ASX file is generated at

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