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#12729: Feature patch: Update tables related to program tables
     Reporter:  Gary Buhrmaster                  |      Owner:  dekarl
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         Type:  Patch - Feature                  |     Status:  new
     Priority:  minor                            |  Milestone:  unknown
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 Feature patch: Update tables related to program tables

 In the case that a program is deleted or moved, insure that related rating
 and genres rows are also deleted/moved.  Not doing so can, in theory,
 leave "stale" data to be misinterpreted for some future program that
 occupies the same channel and start time.  The added code (essentially)
 duplicates the previous lines of code dealing with the credits table.

 The code segments updated (delete_program and change_program) appear to
 only be called from EIT related processing, and from a perusal of the
 codes, there does not appear to be any usual path that EIT will fill in
 these tables, so the only situation where this code might have impact
 would be someone using a mixture of xmltv source data and EIT (or,
 perhaps, moving from xmltv to EIT sources).  While mixing sources of guide
 data is often a bad idea, that does not mean it can not occur.  In any
 case, there appears to be no downside of just doing the right thing and
 updating the related tables when deleting/moving a program.

 It should be noted that mythutil --cleareit clears out the programgenres
 and programrating tables, so this patch is consistent with the code of
 that program.

 This patch has only been (lightly) tested by manual database manipulation
 as no (known to me) source will fill in all the tables at this time for
 real life testing.  Perhaps the dev that eventually reviews this patch
 will have better luck with test cases.

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