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Wed Oct 21 03:23:32 UTC 2015

#12408: mythtv fails to compile with Gentoo gcc 4.9
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Comment (by mike.desimone@…):

 Well, under the caveat that what I changed was a cheat... I can't work up
 an actual diff right now, but all I did was add the lines in the `OBJS =`
 block that start with `../libs/libmythtv`. So `grep` should show you
 exactly what I did. Which was literally the mods described in the OP. If
 this isn't good enough, I can probably cough up a diff tomorrow night.

 That said, it's basically feeding the linker two copies of the same thing
 (one in the object file, another in `libmythtv`) so while it builds, I
 can't say for sure it works. IMHO `-fno-devirtualization` or `-flto` are
 better workarounds.

 Over in embedded land, I've seen a lot of things "break" in 4.9 and later
 that worked in 4.7 or earlier. One of them was even a bug that just
 happened to work close enough to right to escape detection. (Note: be
 careful when porting libraries from C-only developers.)

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