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#12420: Android Support
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Comment (by markspieth):

 From Readme.md for those who download the apk.

 = Setting up the Options =

 1. Select country/language
 2. Add DB details.
   * Note: Un check ping server otherwise it wont work. There is no ping
 3. In Setup (you can only go back with Qt painter painter but video doesnt
 work with Qt theme Painter)
   * select Theme first
   * set key bindings for your back key and menu key
   * Menu to Global.Menu
   * Back to TV Playback.Back
   * Finally in Appearance set painter to OpenGL
     * After this, setup wont work properly, but playing video will
     * if you want to do intensive setup work, switch back to Qt painter

 = Playback Usage =

 There are click zones in the playback window. The window is divided into a
 3x3 grid with the
 following hard coded actions.

 PAUSE         |   UP   | VOLUMEUP
 LEFT          | SELECT | RIGHT

 Note: volume does not currently work but you can use the side buttons.
 This will probably change to a 4x3 grid to add commercial skip buttons

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