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Sat Mar 21 23:18:31 UTC 2015

#12420: Android Patches
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 This is the first release for android packaging of mythtv, specifically
 It is without any plugins or features.

 It does work with some quirks.
 * Gesture support had to be added to tv playback otherwise the OSD * was
 * Dir support was changed.
 * opengl was fixed (sort of)

 git clone git at github.com:mspieth/packaging.git
 cd packaging/android
 git clone git at github.com:mspieth/mythtv.git

 There is a Readme.md in the android dir. If you find any missed steps or
 ambiguities, let me know.

 Tested on my S4 (and nothing else) which is android 4.2.2 (sdk 17)

 The apk is built with master as of the labelled date with a minimum of
 android 4.2.2 supported.
 It is a debug release so no proper signature.

 I'll leave it for others to backport if its even possible.

 Ill set up a pull request too.

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