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Sat Mar 14 06:20:14 UTC 2015

#12412: Build Problem Qt5.4.1 on Fedora 17
 Reporter:  Bruce Taber <b.taber@…>  |          Owner:
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Component:  Qt5 issues               |        Version:  Master Head
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Comment (by Gary Buhrmaster <gary.buhrmaster@…>):

 I have this vague recollection that there were various libicu linking
 issues with Qt5 even as far back as the original beta.  I thought that
 they had (mostly) been resolved, but then again, F17 is so old and
 unsupported that there may very well be bugs with Qt 5.4.1 on F17 (and I
 know the Fedora community would not care (F17 is EoL), and I doubt the Qt
 community will care (F17 is EoL)).

 Off hand, it sort of looks like the link path is not complete (should be
 /opt/Qt5.4.1/5.4/gcc_64/lib ?)  You might try an explicit CXXFLAGS to
 configure to see if you can work around it (or figure out where the path
 is passed along wrong)

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