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Mon Mar 9 19:03:08 UTC 2015

#12409: x86_64 plugins built only after I removed qt4 devel libs on opensuse
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 Hi, in ref to #12399 and #12404, I could not build mythplugins on an
 opensuse atom I have (x86_64). It has the same qt5 packages in number and
 version with the i586 laptop I was struggling before, and I am using the
 "qtmake-qt5 mythplugins.pro" command that I was missing before. I've tried
 distclean, removing the whole mythtv and mythplugins git folders and "git
 reset --hard", removing all the /usr/{include,lib,share}/mythtv folders
 without success.

 The plugins refuse to build, they crash at mytharchive.
 The only way I managed to build them was by first removing two qt4 devel
 packages, more specifically libqt4-devel and libQtWebKit-devel.

 I'm afraid I didn't keep the failure messages, but they **looked** similar
 to those mentioned in https://code.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/12399#comment:14

 Maybe the problem is distro specific, because afterwards I experimented by
 reinstalling those two packages, removing all the folders (git and
 installation) and rebuilding both mythtv and plugins *with* success. So I
 can no longer reproduce the problem. I will try tomorrow with two more
 opensuse frontends to confirm.

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