[mythtv-commits] Ticket #12404: Mythfrontend segfaults due to libQtGui.so.4 with Qt 5.4

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Sun Mar 8 16:26:29 UTC 2015

#12404: Mythfrontend segfaults due to libQtGui.so.4 with Qt 5.4
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Comment (by yiannividalis@…):

 Ok, after some digging I realised that it's the "qmake mythplugins.pro"
 command included in the built script I use that was building the plugins
 against the qt4 libraries. I'm sorry I didn't look earlier but I've been
 using it for years.
 Also, the command is in the installation instructions for the mythplugins
 in github. Maybe it should be changed to avoid similar problems by others?

 I can now build the plugins and run mythtv without problem, so please
 close this ticket as fixed.

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