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#12402: mythfrontend freezes on exit
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         Type:  Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock  |     Status:  new
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 i am new to this and got here from the mythtv forums but i have an issue i
 cannot solve. i have mythbackend and frontend on one computer and the
 frontend only on another computer. when connect via the frontend only
 machine, i have no issues. when i use the frontend on the same machine as
 the backend, if i basically watch any recorded video and a lot of times
 when i delete videos, it says everything is fine but when i go to exit, it
 completely locks the computer to the point that i have to hard restart the
 pc in order to get it back to functioning. or, i should say, it does not
 lock everythign, the frontend will NOT for any reason exit and killall
 mythfrontend does nothing nor does killing the process manually via ps.

 it was for a while functioning well but i got some updates and was stupid
 enough to apply them and since it does this constantly to the point that
 it is nearing unusable.

 i am using fedora 20, on both computers. the backend, the recording drive
 is xfs formatted and i did following the optimization instructions from
 mysql because that was a possible solution. i am searched and searched for
 several months trying to solve this and cannot.

 on the advice from the mythtv forums, i ran strace after the last lock-up
 and attached the output.

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