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#12499: Diseqc LNB 2 can no longer be configured for use in mythtv-setup
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Comment (by paulh):

 Replying to [comment:3 gigem]:
 > 1. I understand that it showed up in mythtv-setup after configuring the
 first tuner, but does it also show up in the virtual, device filesystem at
 that point too.  In other words, after you configure the first tuner in
 mythtv-setup, switch to a terminal window and see if 'ls
 /dev/dvb/adaptor2' shows both frontend0 and frontend1 devices.

 No it doesn't show as another device. If you have a one tuner card you
 only see one device even if you are using diseqc..

 In this case you have a tuner with a single cable connected to it which
 runs to a switch with one output which connects to the tuner and two
 inputs which connect to two LNB's.

 What diseqc does is send a signal down the cable to tell the switch which
 input to use.

 This example is a really simple setup but diseqc devices can be
 addressable and cascaded which is why we in Myth we the diseqc tree to
 configure the diseqc devices which simply walks the tree and tells the DVB
 driver to send the correct commands before every channel change.

 While I use a 4 port diseqc switch myself I've never used it with Myth
 only with standalone receivers so not sure how it's supposed to work with
 Myth. I would guess each LNB would show up as a separate card since you
 can only use one LNB at a time.

 I would also check the diseqc_tree table is being populated properly after
 using mythtv-setup to set up diseqc devices.

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