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#12499: Diseqc LNB 2 can no longer be configured for use in mythtv-setup
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 Unable to select Port 2 of any Diseqc. This is in mythtv-setup, in build
 2:0.28.0~master.20150828.4a81075-0ubuntu0mythbuntu3. Port 1 is OK, but
 cannot even set up Port 2.

 The first card I have is a dual DVB-T2 tuner. This is working correctly.

 The second card I have is a dual DVB-S2 tuner. The input to each tuner is
 connected to a mini diseqc. Port 1 in each diseqc is connected to an LNB
 pointing to 28.2E, port 2 is connected to a LNB pointing to 13E.

 Up until the changes which gave rise to #12945, this setup all worked ok.

 In mythtv-setup, I would configure:

 Video sources - Freeview EIT, Freesat EIT, and Hotbird EIT.

 Capture cards - /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 and
 /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0 for the TBS 62x0 card.

 Capture cards - /dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend0 and
 /dev/dvb/adapter3/frontend0 for the TBS6982SE.

 For these last two, I use the DiSEqC options to set up a mini diseqc, and
 two LNBs. I have Switch 1, with Switch 1 LNB 1 and Switch 1 LNB 2, and
 Switch 2 with Switch 2 LNB 1 and Switch 2 LNB 2.

 Input connections - all is fine for /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 and
 /dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0. These have and Input name of "DVBInput",
 Display names of Freeview 1 and Freeview 2 respectively, and both use the
 Video source Freeview EIT. This is and has always been fine.

 Input connections. When selecting /dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend0, you are
 presented with an intermediate screen entitled "DTV Device Configuration",
 with "Switch 1:", and a disabled drop-down for "Port 1 (Switch 1 LNB 1)".

 Selecting Next at this point gives you an Input name which you can change
 from "(None)", "DVBInput !#1", or "DVBInput !#2". I use "DBVInput !#1",
 Display name "Freesat 1", Video source "Freesat EIT". Once I've finished
 setting this one up, the list of video connections should now display a
 brand new "/dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend1".

 It does not.

 If I go through exactly the same sequence for /dev/dvb/adapter3/frontend0,
 I do not get an option to set up a new "dev/dvb/adapter3/frontend1".

 (As an aside, since long before the changes resulting in #12945, I could
 bizarrely continue setting up /dev/dev/adapter2/frontend2,
 /dev/dvb/adapter2/frontend3, etc... beyond the limits of the diseqc tree!
 Same for /dev/dvb/adapter3/ as well.)

 As such, LNB 2 cannot be selected, so I can't tune it.

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