[mythtv-commits] Ticket #12489: masking images delays mythfrontend startup

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Tue Aug 18 11:25:49 UTC 2015

#12489: masking images delays mythfrontend startup
 Reporter:  lomion@…              |          Owner:  stuartm
     Type:  Bug Report - General  |         Status:  accepted
 Priority:  minor                 |      Milestone:  0.27.6
Component:  MythTV - General      |        Version:  0.27.4
 Severity:  medium                |     Resolution:
 Keywords:                        |  Ticket locked:  0

Comment (by lomion@…):

 starta: Correct, the last change in mythuitext.cpp is not related to this
 When using a theme with scrolling text the CPU usage goes to 100%! That's
 another bug I guess. I don't understand the code well enough to fix this
 bug so I tried to disable scrolling whenever the screensafer is active to
 safe some CPU cycles (and power).  As a result mythfrontend went down to
 30% but X11 went up to 70% :-P
 Maybe somebody might want to look into it ... in the meantime I switch to
 a screen without scrolling ;-)

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