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Thu Aug 6 03:45:08 UTC 2015

#12486: IPTV Recorder HLS AES-128 Problem
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 I am unable to get the IPTV recorder to work with HLS AES-128 encrypted TS
 streams (such as this one:
 playertest.longtailvideo.com/adaptive/oceans_aes/oceans_aes.m3u8).  The
 IPTV recorder works fine with unencrypted HLS streams.

 I have compiled with the "USING_LIBCRYPTO" option and have libcrypto
 installed.  Additional debugging shows that in HLSReader.cpp, the
 statement on line 1297 "if (segment.HasKeyPath())" is returning false even
 though the stream has the #EXT-KEY-KEY manifest entry that was
 successfully parsed by myth (and logged as an AES stream in

 Debugging backend logs also shows that the ts segments are downloading
 fine, but there is no attempt to download the AES keys.

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