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#12078: recording doesn't show in media library
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Comment (by pegrego@…):

 I think I've found out what is happening, at least in many cases.
 The problem arises when a program is watched live just before the program
 that is to be recorded, and is on the same channel.  For example, my wife
 watched "Hawaii 5-0" live and had "Blue Bloods" set up to record.  "Hawaii
 5-0" is on just before "Blue Bloods", and is on the same channel.  "Blue
 Bloods" did not show in the Recorded Programs list.  However, I did find
 it on MythWeb under Recorded Programs in the Live TV group.  The file for
 the program was in the Media Library the day after the program was on the
 air, but a few days later it is gone - Myth apparently deleted it as an
 old Live TV file.

 There is some overlap between the live showing and the scheduled recording
 that follows, since I have Myth set to start recording 2 minutes before
 the start of the program.  It appears that in this case Myth mistakenly
 tags the recording as Live TV, even though it was set up to record.  Is
 there a setting to force a recording even if there is an overlap with a
 live TV on the same channel?

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