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Wed Mar 12 18:30:14 UTC 2014

#11949: IPTV don't work with freebox TV (france)
 Reporter:  snouf@…                        |          Owner:  dekarl
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Component:  MythTV - Recording             |        Version:  0.27-fixes
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 Keywords:  freeboxtv, iptv, rtp, rtcp rr  |  Ticket locked:  0

Comment (by Jonas <snouf@…>):

 > The contained playlist is very interesting, too. There appear up to four
 copies of the same channel, but with different properties. Nothing wrong
 with that, but they all share the same channel number. e.g. the first

 I confirm they are different quality depending on the quality of the
 connection (some users do not have enough speed to play the HD streams)
 sd + ld: 720x576 @ 25fps (I do not know the differance between the two)
 hd + auto (for me): 1440x1080 @ 25fps

 Note that when mythtv scan retain only the last channel. This is not a
 problem for most users ("auto" is kept) but sometimes it is necessary to
 purge the playlist where writing
 http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Freeiptv_m3u.py by a contributor). If you want
 I create a bug for this problem but it seems to me a special case and a
 problem for the playlist (not for mythtv).

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