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#12339: 708decoder crashes on specific data:
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 Hi guys, i recently found a problem in EIA708 decoder implementation,
 causing my programm to crash, please take a look at source code.

 cc708decoder.cpp line 503
 static int handle_cc_c2(CC708Reader* cc, uint service_num, int i)
     const int blk_size = cc->buf_size[service_num];
     const int code = cc->buf[service_num][i+1];

 so it accessing buffer at position i+1, while that function used as

 cc708decoder.cpp line 330
  // C2 code -- nothing in EIA-708-A
 i = handle_cc_c2(cc, service_num, i+1);

 For example handle_cc_c3 works fine, there is no extra i+1 in callee

 This looks like off by one issue, in my environment array was out of
 bound, cinse i've used stl vector instead of c++ arrays, probably dueto
 way of allocation buffer there never a crash in original code, but rather
 some inconsistence.

 I'm attaching 708 data file that consist of 3*X bytes of CEA708 data. You
 can use it to check issue, if to feed decoder with type byte right shifted
 by 3

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