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Fri Apr 25 10:19:31 UTC 2014

#11230: mythlogserver high cpu usage
 Reporter:  cleanrock@…             |          Owner:  beirdo
     Type:  Bug Report - General    |         Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                   |      Milestone:  0.27
Component:  MythTV - Mythlogserver  |        Version:  0.26
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Comment (by Ville Aakko <ville.aakko@…>):

 Hi mdean,

 Thanks for your comment. I've found out the discussion in the mailing list
 and know the suspected culprit.

 However on my system 1) mythtv logging seems to be working without
 problems AFAICT (into /var/log/mythtv, which is writeable by 'mythtv', and
 the logs do appear there) and 2) the problems surfaces every now and them,
 sporadically, without any intervention from the user, 1-7 times in a week
 (if I'm lucky, it will work for a week, and if I'm not, it will re-occur
 in 24hours after a restart). This makes it difficult to debug for sure,
 since I have no idea what triggers it.

 I'm using Gentoo with the distributions initscripts. Mythbackend and all
 related processes should be running as user 'mythtv' specifically made for
 the purpose (I just checked, and they are according to 'htop'). Only the
 frontend is run as a different user (on the same machine in my case, 99%
 of the time), and even sometimes I don't use the mythfrontend but XBMC.

 However, for the time being, I have disabled the mythlogserver altogether.
 I will see if I have time, and I will double check the permission problems
 described here. Also, given that I'm using the distribution provided
 ebuilds, I wouldn't rule out a downstream problem in my case - but I
 presume others with this problem are using some other distributions.

 Finally, I have to add that in the case this appears to be a permission
 problem after all (or some other misconfiguration), I disagree that it's
 OK for a software to spawn more processes each eating the CPU IMHO. There
 should be sanity checks for (write) permissions and a sane way to handle
 the error, since a permission error is not that rare thing to occur - and
 will occur, eventually, on someones setup. OK, you can't do sanity checks
 for all kinds of misconfigurations, but file permissions should be
 handled. But this is just my opinion.

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