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#11884: Auto expire fails on non-case sensitive file systems
     Reporter:  doug@…                |      Owner:  mdean
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    Component:  MythTV - Housekeeper  |    Version:  0.27-fixes
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 On a system with a non-case sensitive file system if the storage path
 string is set using a different case to the actual underlying file system,
 programs will record but they will never be expired.

 The auto expire process will appear to be working in the logs, except
 never actually deleting the file.

 I think the error ultimately occurs at the 'contains' test here in

 592                     if (dirList.contains(p->GetHostname() + ':' +

 One of the  values being compared will be the returned value from the file
 system, the other will be based on the string in the settings, so they
 won't match.

 Noticed this on my OSX frontend & backend system.

 Workaround: store path strings in lower-case

 In my case the storage path was originally set to
 This failed for auto expire

 Auto expire worked again when the path was changed to

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