[mythtv-commits] Ticket #11207: fixes/0.26 LiveTV does not move recordings.

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Wed Oct 31 16:57:33 UTC 2012

#11207: fixes/0.26 LiveTV does not move recordings.
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    Component:  MythTV - Recording    |    Version:  0.26-fixes
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 commit [e3087dda66175a6b7308ad5a5e80a35ff7d72fd3]
 Running a detached master backend with lite front end.

 Both are running the above commit on fixes/0.26.

 Howdy folks.  I moved to 0.26 because of all the trouble I was having on
 0.25 with live tv.  I moved to 0.25 from 0.24 because of the native HD
 Homerun Prime support.

 However I'm still experiencing some issues with the liveTV.

 - Allow live TV to move recordings where possible is set on the frontend
 - The back end is currently running 3 tuners from the HD Homerun Prime.

 Use Case:
 1. While watching the monday night football game live (yeah in the US),
 myth wants to record some recurring prime time show.
 2. 30 seconds before recording starts, I am prompted that Myth wants the
 tuner and asked if I a] want to watch it while it records, b] want to let
 it record and return to the main menu, b] want to cancel the recording and
 watch livetv.
 3. There are 2 other recording resources for it to select from.  So
 clearly the liveTV moving recordings does NOT work currently.
 4. Selecting option a] from above will record the the show into the livetv
 storage group.  For speed purposes this storage group is small by
 comparison the my NAS.  So, I have recordings hanging around on my smaller
 livetv drive.  Slowly but surely it will fill up and cause problems.

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