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#11115: MythTV unable to play this video with vdpau
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Component:  MythTV - Video Playback  |        Version:  Master Head
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Comment (by kenni):

 Ok, it turns out that the issue is not limited to the Danish channel
 "Kanal 4". The SD-versions of "Kanal 5" and "6'eren" are also affected by
 the issue. This makes sense, since all three channels originates from the
 same TV station, SBS TV.

 Furthermore, I've just found out that the default player on my Mac,
 Quicktime Player v10.2, fails to play the video as well. Instead of
 showing artifacts, Quicktime shows a green screen every few seconds.

 So apparently the broadcaster uses some encoding settings which works for
 almost all players, just not the VDPAU implementation in MythTV and the
 Quicktime Player on Mac OS X.

 In case someone wants to take a stab at improving the VDPAU playback-
 compatibility in MythTV, here's another larger sample (87MB), this time
 from Kanal 5:[[BR]]

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